Tug Fork - N&W Branch Line

Tug Fork - Norfolk & Western Branch Line, 148 pages contains 186 pictures and 81 maps and charts that take the reader over the 35 miles of branch lines that ran from Welch, through Gary and Wilcoe, to end points at Filbert, Leckie, Jenkinjones and Munson. Tug Fork Branch went operational in 1903 and some parts of the branch and its 42 miles of siding track are still operating in 2012. The branch line served 26 commercial mines, 3 coal preparation plants and hauled over 410 million tons of coal to points east and west by 1988 when the large underground mines closed. “Tug Fork”, the third in the NWHS Branch Line series of books is similar in format to “Bluestone” and “North Fork.” Separate chapters cover Welch to Gary, Sand Lick Branch, Gary to Leckie, North Fork Branch (Anawalt to Jenkinjones) and South Fork Branch (Black Wolf to Munson) and Passenger Service and a complete Index. The book includes ICC Valuation photographs, siding maps, track charts, construction records, Field Book notes and much more. It is a must for any railfan exploring the “Tug Fork” and anyone interested in N&W history.

By Alex Schust, Mason Cooper

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