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N&W Six-Eleven Revised N&W Six-Eleven 3 Times a Lady Revised

While technically not a “new” book, this edition has been significantly revised to consider it as new. This book was originally released in late 2015 and sold out in less than a year. Now, totally revised to bring it up to 2021 adding 32 pages and reformatted to a new vertical format publication. Foreword by Preston Claytor.

128 page expanded edition, updated to 2021, this is the complete story of world-famous Norfolk and Western Class J, No. 611. 128 detailed pages give background on Norfolk and Western motive power development, the arrival of the Class J and their service through the end of 1959.

A detailed history of the 611 itself, to retirement, follows with the effort to save her from the scrapper’s torch and the first resurrection in 1982-1994, and her third charmed return in 2015 as an excursion locomotive. This edition has over 200 illustrations, drawing on the vast N&W Historical Society Archives collection, of both mechanical drawings and excellent photos. The book is color throughout with both color and black and white images to illustrate the text.

Limited edition produced by Pocahontas Productions in conjunction with the Norfolk and Western Historical Society. This is a signed numbered edition and once it is gone, it is gone. Orders will be provided numbered copies, based on the time stamp of their order. So the earlier your order, the lower the number!

Super Special Members only pre-publication price is $44.95 for orders received through midnight on October 9, 2021. After that the book will go to full list price of $54.95

By Timothy R. Hensley and Kenneth L. Miller

  N&W Six-Eleven 3 Times a Lady Revised SKU# 138.94A $54.95  
138.100 The Steam Locomotive Energy Story
Brand new landmark book regarding American steam locomotive history and technology, Walter Simpson’s hardbound, 144-page The Steam Locomotive Energy Story: How These Locomotives Used Energy and What Was Done to Make Them More Efficient. Using original sources from a variety of railroads, such as the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, the Norfolk and Western Railway, and the Pennsylvania Railroad, as well as other authoritative books and articles by the mechanical engineers who worked to make the steam locomotive more effective, Mr. Simpson has produced a work that is both a scholarly review and a highly-readable, understandable discussion that readers with all levels of expertise can readily appreciate and enjoy. Visually pleasing and authoritative, the hardbound book is well illustrated with great photos in both B&W and color showing all types of steam locomotives at work. Precise diagrams compliment this work throughout its pages, creating a steam locomotive reference that will enrich the reader’s library for years to come.

The Steam Locomotive Energy Story has already been receiving high praise from reviewers who have seen the finished work. Speaking about this publication, Thomas W. Dixon, Jr., of the C&O Historical Society, stated that, “[this book is] the best discussion of steam locomotive efficiency ever done. Simpson understands and documents how the steam engine builders and railroads worked to increase efficiency, yet the very design of the machine prevented much increase in capability, even in the much-heralded ‘Super Power’ locomotives post-1925.” Mr. Dixon added that The Steam Locomotive Energy Story is a scholarly review, fully footnoted with an extensive bibliography, and it should assume an important place in the literature of locomotive steam power in the United States.

In his work, Mr. Simpson concludes that a good steam locomotive could convert 7% of its fuel to mechanical energy, and most locomotives did not reach that level, while the very best only reached the range of 8% efficiency. A typical diesel-electric locomotive, by contrast, produces around 30-35% efficiency. And, for further comparison, an electric generating plant is 33% efficient, and an automobile about 25%.

Walter Simpson was energy officer for the State University of New York at Buffalo for 26 years and holds master degrees in philosophy and environmental studies. With this education, experience, and background, he was able to approach this subject from an entirely different perspective from other railroad authors. Mr. Simpson has also published Diesel-Electric Locomotives with Simmons-Boardman and Turbine Power (available from the Commissary) with the publisher Kalmbach. The latter has been hailed as the best treatment thus far of how railroads (including the N&W Railway and C&O Railway) tried to use steam-turbine locomotives as an alternative to advancing diesel technology.

By Walter Simpson

  The Steam Locomotive Energy Story SKU# 138.100 $38.95  
134.58.1 Model: Scale Trains HO N&W EMD SD-45
Scale Trains HO Scale Rivet Counter N&W EMD SD-45
Those folks who know Scale Trains products do not have to be told of the amazing quality of these models. Brand new, N&W and Southern both ordered the high-nose models and Scale Trains has brought the N&W version to life. Model and era specific details, if you model N&W from 1966 on, you should have some of these beauties on your layout. Available in both DCC with Sound and DCC Ready versions. Offered are six different numbers, five in as-delivered Pevler Blue and the sixth is the 1776 in Bicentennial paint, now preserved at Virginia Museum of Transportation. If you loved that distinctive flared radiator on the SD45, you should have these in your collection!
    HO Scale
  • Road numbers 1771, 1776, 1782, and 1812
  • Limited Quantities
  HO Scale EMD SD-45 Locomotive #1776 Bicentennial with Sound and DCC SKU# 134.58A $289.99  
  HO Scale  EMD SD-45 Locomotive #1771 Pevler Blue with Sound and DCC SKU# 134.58B $289.99  
  HO Scale  EMD SD-45 Locomotive #1812 Pevler Blue with Sound and DCC SKU# 134.58F $289.99  
Something that the market has been missing for years. The correct style and design of station name lettering to paint on the ends of depots, in HO scale. This was produced after years of research and study and make a perfect companion to your N&W second class depot. There are a large number of alphabet characters if you wish to piece your own together, plus some pre-made ones for several locations on each division. Each set consists of two full sheets.

HO Scale!

Two sheets!

  [NWHS] HO Scale Depot End Lettering SKU# 135.103 $11.00  
136.14AB.jpg Audio CD - Riding the N&W Clinch Valley Local
Ride on Clinch Valley local No. 5 in its last months of steam power! This Audio CD featured No. 578 the only surviving N&W Pacific. Sounds recorded from the train as the 578 tackles grades, traverses tunnels, rolls across tall bridges and sprints between stations on this daily, 21 stop run between Bluefield, WV and Norton, VA on June 5, 1958.

CD Audio, 67 minutes

Herron Rail Video

SKU# 136.14AB $19.99
138.103 The Roanoke Valley in the 1940s
The history of the Roanoke Valley during the 1940s has largely been unexplored until now. The Class J locomotives, Woodrum Field, Victory Stadium, Carvins Cove, the Roanoke Star, the end of streetcars, and the advent of drive-in theaters among much more marked the decade. Local historian Nelson Harris provides a detailed account of this dynamic decade along with 300 archival photographs. This book is intended to be a continuation of the long out of print Raymond Barnes “History of the City of Roanoke”. Barnes’ history only covered in depth the years through 1940, as that was his primary interest. This volume picks up in depth coverage of that decade.

Limited stock

662 pages, hardcover 6" x 9" format

By Nelson Harris

  The Roanoke Valley in the 1940s SKU# 138.103 $74.95  
150.157.jpg Hotel Roanoke - The Grand Old Lady on the Hill
Please Note: This book is awaiting a reprint, and we do not know exactly when it will be available. We will hold your order and let you know as soon as it becomes available.

The Hotel Roanoke is as old as the city of Roanoke itself. It opened in 1882, when the city became the headquarters for the Norfolk & Western Railway, and signaled the city’s progress. The Hotel was owned by the N&W and is a subject close to the heart of many N&W fans. This revised and updated version of Donlan Piedmont’s Peanut Soup and Spoonbread: An Informal History of the Hotel Roanoke captures the amazing history of not only a hotel but also the personalities and stories that have made the Hotel Roanoke what it is today—a remarkable blend of century-old tradition and state-of-the-art hospitality.

176 pages, softcover with many photos. NOTE: This book is awaiting a reprint as it sold out before our order was processed.

By Donlan Piedmont, Nelson Harris, Lisa Fenderson & Anne Piedmont

  Hotel Roanoke - The Grand Old Lady on the Hill SKU# 150.157 $29.99  
133.51.jpg Model: N&W 2-story Section Foreman’s House (HO SCALE)
In 2017 we introduced the 1 story section foreman’s house to rave reviews. A totally new laser-cut kit that filled a true missing link in the N&W heritage. Now in 2020, we have yet another new N&W structure. Carefully crafted from original plans from our Archives is the 2 story section foreman’s house.

The section foreman’s house was a common structure along the N&W in many places, and the single story version may be slightly more common, but the all new kit features the 2-story variety that was also common. Every N&W layout should have at least one of these structures, if not more, make a few varieties, customize them for your era and layout. There are varieties of these buildings, and if nothing else, use them as regular residences on your railroad. What a true way to get an N&W flavor to your railroad. Shipping very soon, unexpected shipping delays have been encountered!

  • HO Scale
  • Laser cut wood kit
  Model: N&W 2-story Section Foreman’s House (HO SCALE) SKU# 133.51 $70.00  
134.56E.jpg Model: Rapido N&W Lightweight Dining Car
These are truly beautiful models of Pullman-Standard’s lightweight diner, beautifully decorated in the Tuscan red and dulux gold lettering for two N&W cars. While these cars are not exact N&W cars, the most obvious thing is the kitchen windows do not match, nonetheless it makes a fantastic addition to your lightweight fleet. Complete with interior lighting, and decor down to the plates on the tables!
  • HO Scale
  Model: Rapido N&W Lightweight Dining Car #494 Kimball SKU# 134.56E $119.95  
150.53.jpg PREORDER - Memoirs of an Appalachian Railroad Man
At long last a brand new book from the Society by well known steam authority Ed King. This is a different take on your normal railroad book. Ed has written a fictional, but very authentic “memoir” by a man named King, who hired out on the N&W in 1903 and follows his career through May 1950 when he retired. While it may be fictional, it is truly based on reality, using authentic N&W places, locomotives and descriptions. The closest I can come to this style book is the on by a Pennsylvania Engineer “Set Out Running”.

This is a very interesting read, beginning with the young man coming out of Bristol, VA, traveling to Roanoke and hiring out as a fireman on the Radford Division. The tale rings authenticity all the way around, but as Ed said “it is fiction in case I don’t get a place or location or time frame exactly right,” not to mention its not a real person, at least in that time. Regardless, this will be a tremendous addition to your N&W library! As you read, you will forget that this is not an actual story.

We are opening the book up to pre-orders now. In this day and age, books have been selling slowly, and we can only afford to do this if we have enough pre-orders. This will be a nice, hard cover book, 9 x 12 size, 200± pages, with photos and some maps. It will be printed like our other books, glossy, heavyweight paper and color covers. Once we get the orders, the book will be produced, and the press run will be determined by the number of orders in hand, this could be a very limited run.

Our special pre-order price is only good through actual publication of the book, in other words, if your order does not come in before the book is printed, you will be paying more! This price is a members only price, and this will only be available at this price through the Society. This book will be a list price of $64.95 on publication, but the special pre-order members price is $49.95 plus $9 shipping. Due to a several folks pre-ordering items in the recent past, and not paying for their order on arrival, we will charge you a $10 pre-order price, then the remainder on shipment.


200+ pages, hardcover with photos and maps

By Ed King

  PREORDER - Memoirs of an Appalachian Railroad Man SKU# 150.53 $49.95  
143.60.jpg N&W Safety First Mask
With the COVID-19 virus raging across the world, many places are requiring masks in their commercial establishments. Why not show your N&W Safety First mindset with these brand new custom facemasks, available only here! Color choice of black or navy blue with a white imprint of N&W’s Safety First emblem that was stenciled on many facilities in the 1950s, some even lasting up into the 1980s. Carefully recreated from original tracings off the roundhouse wall at Shaffers Crossing, this item is a really unique way of displaying your support of N&WHS and Safety First! Protective face mask, washable and reusable, ear loops, four way stretch, 65% poly/35% cotton with antibacterial treated fabric. Each mask is sealed in a plastic wrap.
  N&W Safety First Mask BLACK SKU# 143.60B $9.95  
  N&W Safety First Mask NAVY SKU# 143.60N $9.95  
NW_Coffee_web.jpg N&W Coffee

Brand New!

Never Before Offered. N&W Coffee!

Start your day with a cup of the original 1920s roast of N&W Coffee. Period ads touted the coffee as “the best that is made”. This coffee mix was thought to have been lost to time. The N&W used this coffee up to the late 1940s and switched to another brand for a time, then another change to a Roanoke based coffee company which remained in service through May 1, 1971, we hope at some point to bring that coffee for sale at some point in the future.

The original instructions have been found in the files of the Dining Car Superintendents association files. The N&W Coffee has been carefully recreated as micro-roast to match the original, with the flavors being described as “creamy cocoa, sweet toffee and rich dried fruits, this blend is enjoyed equally well with or without milk.”

This coffee is produced using the finest beans to produce the coffee in small batches, choose either decaf or regular in 12 oz vacuum sealed bags. Enjoy a 12 oz of Ground 100% Arabica Coffee Micro-roasted and fresh.

NOTE: Due to small profit margins, there are no member discounts on coffee orders.

  N&W Coffee - Regular SKU# 143.52 $13.00  
  N&W Coffee - Decaf SKU# 143.52D $12.00  
  N&W Coffee - Whole Bean SKU# 143.52B $13.00  
VGN_Mug_134.54.jpg VGN mug
Brand New 11 oz. Mug, New Design

Especially for those Virginian Railway Fans!

Remembering the Virginian on the 60th Anniversary of the merger with N&W in December of 1959. Clever new N&WHS Exclusive design features a black mug with a Virginian yellow rim with the Virginian herald in matching yellow. This is a limited edition, order soon to be sure you get one!

Regular coffee is shipped as part of the coffee-combo unless you specify “Decaf” in the notes

NOTE: These mugs are not dishwasher safe and need to be hand washed only!

  VGN black coffee mug SKU# 143.54A $15.00  
  VGN black coffee mug with Coffee SKU# 143.54AC $27.50  
NW-Ceramic-Mugs.6.jpg N&W Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Fantastic new design and mug, never before offered!

These are brand new 13 oz. ceramic campfire mugs. Designed in the style of tin cups with a unique speckled finish. They have a slightly flared top for easier drinking and fewer spills. These custom ceramic mugs also have a c-shaped handle for an easy grip. Design, printed on both sides, features a Norfolk and Western steam locomotive cylinder plate with either a Class J (tuscan mug) or Class M (black mug). These celebrate the reunion of 611 and 475 at the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. The round mugs measure approximately 4 inches tall, 3.43 inches across at the top, tapering down to 3 inches at the bottom.

Regular coffee is shipped as part of the coffee-combo unless you specify “Decaf” in the notes

NOTE: These mugs are not dishwasher safe and need to be hand washed only!

  N&W J Tuscan Ceramic Mug SKU# 143.53A $15.00  
  N&W J Tuscan Ceramic Mug with Coffee SKU# 143.53AC $25.00  
  N&W M Black Ceramic Mug SKU# 143.53B $15.00  
  N&W M Black Ceramic Mug with Coffee SKU# 143.53BC $25.00  
136.14EW.jpg NKP 759 and the Last N&W Pocahontas
On April 24, 1971, Nickle Plate Road No. 759 deadheaded from Hagerstown to Roanoke with a freight train prior to puling the last Pocahontas on Amtrak Day, May 1, 1971 from Roanoke to Norfolk. This DVD features newly transferred film of both events in two parts. Great new DVD. Highly recommended.

Featuring film by Douglas M. Brown and Jim Kreider with original audio by Beatty Brown.

Narrated by Danny Harmon

DVD, 75 Minutes + Previews

Herron Rail Video

SKU# 136.14EW $39.95
136.14EX.jpg Audio CD - Chasing the Pigeon Creek Shifter
On November 28-29, 1958, William H. Bauer followed Y6 No. 2136 and 2151 working the Pigeon Creek Shifter from Naugatuck to Delbarton WV. The majority of recording is on the 29th with the 2136 working hard.

CD Audio, 58 minutes 30 seconds

Herron Rail Video

SKU# 136.14EX $24.95
NW_In_WestVirginia.jpg The N&W in West Virginia 1881 - 1959
Alex Schust has used his usual detailed and complete research to complete his newest book. The Norfolk & Western in West Virginia ~ 1881 - 1959, is a hard-cover, 9 X 12 book using 496 black/white pages, 120 maps, 300 pictures and sketches, 100 N&W drawings and plans, and 75 charts and tables to tell the story of the 201 miles of main line railroad operating from near Glen Lyn, Virginia to Kenova, West Virginia, and the approximate 150 smaller branch lines and spurs off of that main line. (Note: The Bluestone, North Fork, Tug Fork, Dry Fork, and Buchanan Branches are not covered in this book, but Potts Valley Branch is.) The book actually starts in 1872 with the New River Railroad, Mining and Manufacturing Company and its plans to reach the Flat-Top Coalfield and goes to 1959, just prior to the N&W-Virginian merger.

The book uses period correspondence, construction records, track charts, ICC Valuation records, newspaper articles and the Norfolk and Western Magazine to tell the who, why, what, when, where and how of the construction of the railroad from Glen Lyn to Kenova by both the Big Sandy and Twelve Pole routes. It also tells about the reconstruction of the railroad from a curvy, low-speed mountain railroad into a double tracked, high speed, low curvature main line. It discusses decisions made and not made and the reasons for the decisions. It discusses the building of the Bluefield, Eckman, Vivian, Williamson and Kenova Yards. It also discusses how the N&W became one of the biggest coal land owners in West Virginia.

The first six chapters discuss the building and the re-building of the main line. Chapter 7 discusses the Potts Valley Branch. Chapters 8 through 11 discuss how the railroad conquered the last frontier of southern West Virginia as it opened Mercer County, McDowell County, Mingo County and Wayne County to industrial development. Appendix 1 discusses the fight over the Guyandot River Valley in Wyoming County between the N&W, Virginian and C&O that started in 1902 and wasn’t settled until 1928. The book includes charts on mile post locations, surveys, bridge types and locations and constructions costs. It also includes an 11-page index that lists the branch lines and spurs, the contractors who graded the railroad, built the masonry, dug the tunnels and built the bridges and buildings for the N&W. It also includes the coal companies found in the Pocahontas, Tug River, Thacker and Kenova coalfields that were served by the N&W.

496 page hardcover 9x12 inch book

By Alex Schust

  The N&W in West Virginia 1881 - 1959 SKU# 138.213 $60.00  
BK.NW_as_I_knew_it.jpg The Norfolk and Western... As I Knew It!

A photographic pilgrimage to preserve the images of N&W steam power

From rail photographer August A. Thieme, this coffee table size volume features over 150 B&W images of steam trains in operation from Norfolk to Bluefield and beyond during the 40's and 50's. See the A, J, and Y class locomotives at their absolute peak... along with E, K, M and Z classes. Electrics in operation between Bluefield and Iaeger. Includes Shenandoah division, Abingdon Branch, Blacksburg Branch!

Hard cover with dust jacket, 11"x14" format 175 pages

by August A. Thieme

Published by Norfolk and Western Historical Society!

Reduced Price!

SKU# 139.10 $45.00
ClassJ.poster.jpg Class J Poster
This N&W Class J poster is compiled from multiple NWHS archives drawings showing the engineers side view of later J's (such as 611) with tender. The drawings include drivers, nose, rod, oiler, Baker value gear, and other detail drawing inserts as drawn by the N&W draftsmen. Poster size is 24" x 36" on heavy glossy paper stock, perfect for framing and display!

This poster is "fine art" for N&W J locomotive fans!

SKU# 136.04M $24.95
The_A_NW_Mercedes_of_Steam_revised.jpg The "A" (Revised Edition)
Norfolk & Western's Mercedes of Steam

THE history of N&W Class A locomotive has been revised by author Ed King!

The original book about this most productive of locomotives has been greatly expanded to include much information not available to the author at the first writing, plus a foldout featuring side elevation drawings of the locomotive and the various tenders it pulled, plus many more photographs (color & B/W). Appendices covering N&W's tenders and the testing of Pennsy Q2 4-4-6-4 conducted on the Scioto Division in August, 1948.

Hardcover with dust cover, 212 pages

By Ed King

SKU# 139.11 $64.95
NW_Giant_of_Steam_revised.jpg N&W: Giant of Steam (Revised Edition)
The most definitive story of N&W steam ever written has been updated, revised, and re-printed! At the time of its original publication in 1980, this book, authored by Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries, gave us the story of N&W steam as complete as possible and as no other ever had... but as great it was, there were gaps in the information, due simply to the facts not being available at that time.

Hardcover with dust cover, 350 pages

By Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries

SKU# 138.99 $59.95
BK.Bluestone_Norfolk_and_Western_Branch_Line.jpg Bluestone - N&W Branch Line
Bluestone - Norfolk & Western Branch Line is the first in a series of NWHS publications about major branch lines of the N&W. This 128-page, soft cover book has over 130 black and white pictures plus an additional 70 maps, charts and time tables to take the reader from the first crossing of the Bluestone in 1884 to the last major coal operation on the branch line shutting down in 1984. The book uses the 1927 track chart as a basis for describing the curves, bridges and grades as tracks were laid to serve the 21 major coal operations on the branch. The book also uses the N&W Railroad records to explain how the Flat-Top Extension and its proposed pathway to the Ohio River became the Bluestone Branch.

By Alex Schust, Mason Cooper, Ken Bowen, Buddy French

SKU# 139.14 $27.95
Hat_143.41T.jpg HAT: N&W, Tuscan
Tuscan cotton hat with golden yellow script N&W logo.
SKU# 143.41T $19.95
hat_NW_black.jpg HAT: N&W, Black
Black cotton hat with adjustable Velcro closure, one size fits all. Black with N&W logo.
SKU# 143.41 $19.95
hat.NW_logo.yellow.jpg HAT: N&W Navy Hat Half Moon logo
Navy cotton hat with adjustable Velcro closure, one size fits all. Navy blue with yellow N&W "half-moon" logo.
SKU# 143.44 $19.95
VGN_HAT_3.blue.jpg HAT: VGN, Blue
Dark blue cotton hat with adjustable Velcro closure, one size fits most. Dark blue with yellow VGN logo.
SKU# 143.47 $19.95