The "A" (Revised Edition)

Because of his personal association with the N&W and the men who designed, maintained and ran those magnificent transportation machines, Ed King has produced a wonderfully complete account of the N&W's finest locomotives. The details-from necessity, to design and construction, through operations, thence to their inexplicably sudden demise are all there in a fascinating word-picture. ... If anyone has any doubt about the A's status among the nations's best steam power, it will be shattered...From the foreword by Robert A. Le Massena.

The background to the A history includes a short history of the N&W's Roanoke Machine Works, later simply Roanoke Shops, and locomotive designs preceding and leading to the A. The class A locomotives are then followed throughout their service lives with major and minor modifications notes, and comparisons made with other well-known steam locomotives considered of superior design. The rebirth of the A 1218 is also covered in words and photos.

Over 200 black & white and 27 color photos, drawings and index. Introduction by Bill Withuhn.

Hardcover with dust cover, 212 pages

By Ed King

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