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CD_Time_Freight_Link.1.jpg CD- Link Time Freight
O. Winston Link Audio recording!

Between 1956 and 1960 Link made recordings on the N&Ws mainline from Roanoke to Williamson, north on the Shenandoah Valley line, the Abingdon Branch, and on the Blue Ridge Grade a few miles east of Roanoke. Very late in his recording effort, he desired to make on-train recordings of N&Ws Class A 2-6-6-4s in time freight service east of Roanoke. Arrangements were made with the N&W and recordings completed just after New Years in 1959. By this time, steam in any kind of service east of Roanoke was rare. The assignment of a Class A to time freight service was even more infrequent.

This recording documents a round trip of Time Freights 84 (eastbound) and 85 (westbound) in regular service from Roanoke to Crewe and return. The field tapes for this CD were recorded from 12/26/58 to 12/30/58.

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