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NW_Coffee_web.jpg N&W Coffee

Brand New!

Never Before Offered. N&W Coffee!

Start your day with a cup of the original 1920s roast of N&W Coffee. Period ads touted the coffee as “the best that is made”. This coffee mix was thought to have been lost to time. The N&W used this coffee up to the late 1940s and switched to another brand for a time, then another change to a Roanoke based coffee company which remained in service through May 1, 1971, we hope at some point to bring that coffee for sale at some point in the future.

The original instructions have been found in the files of the Dining Car Superintendents association files. The N&W Coffee has been carefully recreated as micro-roast to match the original, with the flavors being described as “creamy cocoa, sweet toffee and rich dried fruits, this blend is enjoyed equally well with or without milk.”

This coffee is produced using the finest beans to produce the coffee in small batches, choose either decaf or regular in 12 oz vacuum sealed bags. Enjoy a 12 oz of Ground 100% Arabica Coffee Micro-roasted and fresh.

  N&W Coffee - Regular SKU# 143.52 $12.00  
  N&W Coffee - Decaf SKU# 143.52D $12.00  
NW_In_WestVirginia.jpg The N&W in West Virginia 1881 - 1959
Alex Schust has used his usual detailed and complete research to complete his newest book. The Norfolk & Western in West Virginia ~ 1881 - 1959, is a hard-cover, 9 X 12 book using 496 black/white pages, 120 maps, 300 pictures and sketches, 100 N&W drawings and plans, and 75 charts and tables to tell the story of the 201 miles of main line railroad operating from near Glen Lyn, Virginia to Kenova, West Virginia, and the approximate 150 smaller branch lines and spurs off of that main line. (Note: The Bluestone, North Fork, Tug Fork, Dry Fork, and Buchanan Branches are not covered in this book, but Potts Valley Branch is.) The book actually starts in 1872 with the New River Railroad, Mining and Manufacturing Company and its plans to reach the Flat-Top Coalfield and goes to 1959, just prior to the N&W-Virginian merger.

The book uses period correspondence, construction records, track charts, ICC Valuation records, newspaper articles and the Norfolk and Western Magazine to tell the who, why, what, when, where and how of the construction of the railroad from Glen Lyn to Kenova by both the Big Sandy and Twelve Pole routes. It also tells about the reconstruction of the railroad from a curvy, low-speed mountain railroad into a double tracked, high speed, low curvature main line. It discusses decisions made and not made and the reasons for the decisions. It discusses the building of the Bluefield, Eckman, Vivian, Williamson and Kenova Yards. It also discusses how the N&W became one of the biggest coal land owners in West Virginia.

The first six chapters discuss the building and the re-building of the main line. Chapter 7 discusses the Potts Valley Branch. Chapters 8 through 11 discuss how the railroad conquered the last frontier of southern West Virginia as it opened Mercer County, McDowell County, Mingo County and Wayne County to industrial development. Appendix 1 discusses the fight over the Guyandot River Valley in Wyoming County between the N&W, Virginian and C&O that started in 1902 and wasn’t settled until 1928. The book includes charts on mile post locations, surveys, bridge types and locations and constructions costs. It also includes an 11-page index that lists the branch lines and spurs, the contractors who graded the railroad, built the masonry, dug the tunnels and built the bridges and buildings for the N&W. It also includes the coal companies found in the Pocahontas, Tug River, Thacker and Kenova coalfields that were served by the N&W.

496 page hardcover 9x12 inch book

By Alex Schust

  The N&W in West Virginia 1881 - 1959 SKU# 138.213 $60.00  
NW-PowerInColor.V1.jpg Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 1
Switchers, Slugs, E's, F', & Electrics

Featuring switchers, E-units, F-units, slugs and former Virginian electrics. The N&W's miniscule switcher fleet grew rapidly with the 1964 expansion that included the Nickel Plate Road, the Wabash, and other railroads. Join us with a colorful look at N&W's switchers and slugs, the E's and F's acquired through the 1964 growth, and the electrics of the former Virginian Railway.

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

  Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 1 SKU# 138.219 $69.95  
NW-PowerInColor.V2.jpg Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 2
First-Generation Roadswitchers

Author Stephen Timko continues his all color series on N&W Power, this time focusing on first generation road switchers GP9s, RS3s, and other models built by Alco, Baldwin, EMD, FM acquired new or via mergers with the Virginian, Nickle Plate and Wabash are all featured! Some acquired units are shown in their original paint. Morning Sun books are known for their quality images and reproduction, so for an N&W-fan, this is an easy choice!

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

  Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 2 SKU# 138.221 $69.95  
NW-PowerInColor.V3.jpg Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 3
Second-Generation Roadswitchers & Newer Power

The final volume in this series features over 335 full color images of N& W’s 2nd-gen roadswitchers and newer power! Coverage includes former Nickel Plate GP30s, the lone GP35 and Alco C-420, ex-Wabash U25Bs, GP35s, and C-424s, as well as N&W-ordered power from the 1960s onward. GP’s, U-Boats, Centuries, and other models are featured. Illinois Terminal rare SD39s also appear!

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

September 1, 2019 Release!

  Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 3 SKU# 138.222 $69.95  
WabashPower.In.Color.Diesel.Era.jpg Wabash Power in Color: The Diesel Era
Diesel power is covered in full from a single, small General Electric switcher, to the monster FM Train Masters. Includes an in-depth look at the Canadian F’s, and the second-generation orders from Alco, EMD, and GE—including units ordered by the Wabash but delivered as Norfolk & Western.

Shipping early February

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

  Wabash Power in Color: The Diesel Era SKU# 138.220 $69.95  
SectionForemanHouse.jpg Model: N&W Section Foreman House
In the days prior to mechanization, track gangs would maintain a specific section, usually 10-15 miles long. Each section was lead by a section foreman. The foreman had to be on call all the time, and the company provided a home along the right of way, near his section for he and his family to live in.
  • Laser cut wood kit
  • N&WHS Exclusive!
  • Never previously released!
  • Photo of actual model!
  • HO Scale shipping now
  • N Scale Coming soon!
  Model: N&W Section Foreman House (HO SCALE) SKU# 133.49 $45.00  
  Model: N&W Section Foreman House (N SCALE) SKU# 133.50 $38.00  
Mahone_1.r.jpg Model: Mahone-style Square Station
Depots are the most distinctive identity for your model railroad beyond your motive power. The Atlantic Mississippi and Ohio originated several “standard” designs for depots during its short life from 1871 to 1881. These designs were probably built on into the first decade of the N&W Railroad. No depot is totally “standard”, virtually every structure was built slightly different depending on the carpenter crew building it, the specific needs for the locality and modifications over the years. That being said, there were several standard designs for the AM&O. A towered design, best represented today by Rural Retreat and this square design. The square design was most prevalent between Roanoke and Norfolk, but was built at other locations as well.

This brand new kit is similar to depots at Vinton, Ivor, Shawsville and Wilson, there were other locations, but our documentation is limited. These beautiful kits will fit most any N&W layout, as some lasted well into the diesel era. At this writing, we know of at least one still surviving intact.

Brand New kit! Never previously offered!

  Model: Mahone-style Square Station (HO Scale) SKU# 134.49 $89.00  
  Model: Mahone-style Square Station (N Scale) SKU# 134.50 $62.50  
Clinchfield_Santa_Train.jpg The Clinchfield Santa Train
The 75th Anniversary of the Santa Train in November of 2017 was a truly special event that was the talk of the rail fan world. A beautifully restored FP7 cab unit painted as Clinchfield 800 was the lead power for this special trip trailed by a SD45 in Clinchfield colors. Samuel Phillips had exclusive access to shoot much of the trip and recorded some truly magnificent images. Beautifully reproduced in full color, this book is also Samuel’s tribute to one of his favorite railroads; the Clinchfield. Samuel is an outstanding young photographer who’s work has been featured in many places including Trains Magazine, the Railroad Explorer and many others. This is an outstanding photographic record of a truly special train. For those readers who do not know, the Santa Train on the former Clinchfield has been running for 75 years and brings Santa to the remote and beautiful area of Southwestern Virginia and Kentucky, Santa distributes candy and gifts to many families in this economically depressed area.

48 page softcover 11 x 8.5 inch book. All-color.

By Samuel Phillips

  The Clinchfield Santa Train SKU# 139.212 $21.00  
BK.NW_as_I_knew_it.jpg The Norfolk and Western... As I Knew It!

A photographic pilgrimage to preserve the images of N&W steam power

From rail photographer August A. Thieme, this coffee table size volume features over 150 B&W images of steam trains in operation from Norfolk to Bluefield and beyond during the 40's and 50's. See the A, J, and Y class locomotives at their absolute peak... along with E, K, M and Z classes. Electrics in operation between Bluefield and Iaeger. Includes Shenandoah division, Abingdon Branch, Blacksburg Branch!

Hard cover with dust jacket, 11"x14" format 175 pages

by August A. Thieme

Published by Norfolk and Western Historical Society!

Reduced Price!

SKU# 139.10 $45.00
ScaleTrains_NW_SD40-2.1.jpg Model: Scale Trains HO N&W EMD SD40-2
Scale Trains HO Scale Rivet Counter N&W EMD SD40-2
  • HO Scale
  • Road number 6107
  • ESU LokSound Equipped with DCC
  • Only six in inventory!
  • Member Price: $219.99 Non-Member Price: $224.99
  Model: Scale Trains HO N&W EMD SD40-2 6107 w/DCC SKU# 134.52D $224.99  
NW.RS-3.306.1.jpg Model: Bowser HO RS-3 Locomotive
Bowser N&W Alco RS-3 in HO scale.
  • Road numbers 300, 306 and 307
  • Road number 307 is exclusive to NWHS!
  • Available with DCC/sound OR DCC ready
  • Expected Delivery: May 2019
  • Pre-order Deadline: August 13, 2018
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #300 SKU# 134.54A2 $169.96  
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #300 w/DCC SKU# 134.54A1 $239.96  
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #306 SKU# 134.54.B2 $169.96  
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #306 w/DCC SKU# 134.54.B1 $239.96  
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #307 SKU# 134.54C2 $169.96  
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #307 w/DCC SKU# 134.54C1 $239.96  
Rapido.RS11.AsDelivered.309.1.jpg Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 As Delivered
Rapido HO Scale N&W RS-11
  • Road numbers 309 and 323
  • N&W "As Delivered" paint scheme
  • DCC/Sound or DCC Ready
  • Expected Delivery: July 2019
  • Pre-order Deadline: September 24, 2018
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #309 SKU# 134.55A2 $180.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #309 w/DCC SKU# 134.55A1 $270.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #323 SKU# 134.55B2 $180.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #323 w/DCC SKU# 134.55B1 $270.00  
Rapido.RS11.blue.354.1.jpg Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 blue hamburger
Rapido HO Scale N&W RS-11
  • Road numbers 354, 360, 365 and 367
  • N&W blue paint scheme with hamburger logo
  • DCC/Sound or DCC Ready
  • Expected Delivery: July 2019
  • Pre-order Deadline: September 24, 2018
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #354 SKU# 134.55C2 $180.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #354 w/DCC SKU# 134.55C1 $270.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #360 SKU# 134.55D2 $180.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #360 w/DCC SKU# 134.55D1 $270.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #365 SKU# 134.55E2 $180.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #365 w/DCC SKU# 134.55E1 $270.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #367 SKU# 134.55F2 $180.00  
  Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 #367 w/DCC SKU# 134.55F1 $270.00  
Rapido.RS11.NW.Undecorated.1.jpg Model: Rapido HO N&W RS-11 Undecorated
Rapido HO Scale N&W RS-11
  • Undecorated
  • N&W "with filters"
  • DCC/Sound or DCC Ready
  • Expected Delivery: July 2019
  • Pre-order Deadline: September 24, 2018
  Model: Rapido HO RS-11 Undecorated SKU# 134.55Z2 $180.00  
  Model: Rapido HO RS-11 Undecorated w/DCC SKU# 134.55Z1 $270.00  
NW_Combo_2.HO.jpg Model: N&W Standard Combo Station #2
Kits produced custom for NWHS!

  • 100 % Laser-cut wood kit
  • Tab & Slot construction with easy-to-construct Bay window
  • Laser-cut glazing
  • Resin Cast Chimneys
  • 10.75" long x 5.5" wide x 2.75" high

HO Scale Kit

SKU# 134.32 $84.95
ClassJ.poster.jpg Class J Poster
This N&W Class J poster is compiled from multiple NWHS archives drawings showing the engineers side view of later J's (such as 611) with tender. The drawings include drivers, nose, rod, oiler, Baker value gear, and other detail drawing inserts as drawn by the N&W draftsmen. Poster size is 24" x 36" on heavy glossy paper stock, perfect for framing and display!

This poster is "fine art" for N&W J locomotive fans!

SKU# 136.04M $24.95
The_A_NW_Mercedes_of_Steam_revised.jpg The "A" (Revised Edition)
Norfolk & Western's Mercedes of Steam

THE history of N&W Class A locomotive has been revised by author Ed King!

The original book about this most productive of locomotives has been greatly expanded to include much information not available to the author at the first writing, plus a foldout featuring side elevation drawings of the locomotive and the various tenders it pulled, plus many more photographs (color & B/W). Appendices covering N&W's tenders and the testing of Pennsy Q2 4-4-6-4 conducted on the Scioto Division in August, 1948.

Hardcover with dust cover, 212 pages

By Ed King

SKU# 139.11 $64.95
NW_Giant_of_Steam_revised.jpg N&W: Giant of Steam (Revised Edition)
The most definitive story of N&W steam ever written has been updated, revised, and re-printed! At the time of its original publication in 1980, this book, authored by Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries, gave us the story of N&W steam as complete as possible and as no other ever had... but as great it was, there were gaps in the information, due simply to the facts not being available at that time.

Hardcover with dust cover, 350 pages

By Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries

SKU# 138.99 $59.95
136.14EJ.jpg Norfolk Southern 21st Century Steam
Come along for full coverage of the Norfolk Southern Steam Program, produced with contributions from the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society. We’ll go through the original Southern Railway and Norfolk Southern Steam Program with over 10 minutes of vintage footage showing all of the major locomotives used. Then, it’s full coverage of the 2011 and 2012 steam seasons with both Southern Railway 630 and Nickel Plate Road 765. It’s a grand tour across nine states, capped off with the 765’s triumphant assault on the famous Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania.

121 Minutes

Blue Ridge Video

  Norfolk Southern 21st Century Steam BluRay SKU# 136.14EK $29.95  
  Norfolk Southern 21st Century Steam DVD SKU# 136.14EJ $24.95  
136.14E.jpg 611: The Return of a Thoroughbred
After twenty years, Norfolk & Western Class J #611 has returned to the mainlines of America. We’ll start at the beginning with the Class Js in regular service, and see the last runs of the 611 in 1959. Then, go back in time for highlights of the Norfolk Southern Steam Program in the 1980s and 1990s. Then, it’s present day, as the 611 is rebuilt for operational service once again. Be there for every move on the mainline in 2015 through North Carolina and Virginia, with both passenger and freight consists. You won’t find a more comprehensive video of Norfolk & Western 611’s return to service in 2015.

85 Minutes

Blue Ridge Video

  611: The Return of a Thoroughbred BluRay SKU# 136.14EM $29.95  
  611: The Return of a Thoroughbred DVD SKU# 136.14EL $24.95  
611_American_Icon_212x300.jpg 611: American Icon
611: American Icon is the story of the most famous steam passenger locomotive in the world. Exclusive restoration footage takes you inside the locomotive's massive boiler and firebox, the cab and the iconic nose. Interviews with the restoration team and historians give you eye-opening insights to 611's superior engineering. Rare historical footage tells the story of the famous Norfolk & Western Shops and how the 611 became an enduring survivor loved by millions around the world.

No. 611's rebirth in 2015 was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a joyous occasion for all of us who love railroads and the American experience. This documentary captures the essence of the restoration, the history and the promise of this legendary locomotive.

You Tube Video Preview

83 minutes. Stereo, Extras: crew commentary and deleted scenes

  611: American Icon BluRay SKU# 136.14DY $33.00  
  611: American Icon DVD SKU# 136.14DX $25.00  
hat_NW_black.jpg HAT: N&W, Black
Black cotton hat with adjustable Velcro closure, one size fits all. Black with N&W logo.
SKU# 143.41 $19.95
NW_HAT_9.blue.jpg HAT: N&W, Blue #9
Dark blue cotton hat with adjustable Velcro closure, one size fits most. Dark blue with yellow N&W "hamburger" logo.
SKU# 143.46 $19.95
hat.NW_logo.yellow.jpg HAT: Small N&W logo #7
Black cotton hat with adjustable Velcro closure, one size fits all. Black with yellow N&W "hamburger" logo.
SKU# 143.44 $19.95
VGN_HAT_3.blue.jpg HAT: VGN, Blue #3
Dark blue cotton hat with adjustable Velcro closure, one size fits most. Dark blue with yellow VGN logo.
SKU# 143.47 $19.95