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NW_Coffee_web.jpg N&W Coffee

Brand New!

Never Before Offered. N&W Coffee!

Start your day with a cup of the original 1920s roast of N&W Coffee. Period ads touted the coffee as “the best that is made”. This coffee mix was thought to have been lost to time. The N&W used this coffee up to the late 1940s and switched to another brand for a time, then another change to a Roanoke based coffee company which remained in service through May 1, 1971, we hope at some point to bring that coffee for sale at some point in the future.

The original instructions have been found in the files of the Dining Car Superintendents association files. The N&W Coffee has been carefully recreated as micro-roast to match the original, with the flavors being described as “creamy cocoa, sweet toffee and rich dried fruits, this blend is enjoyed equally well with or without milk.”

This coffee is produced using the finest beans to produce the coffee in small batches, choose either decaf or regular in 12 oz vacuum sealed bags. Enjoy a 12 oz of Ground 100% Arabica Coffee Micro-roasted and fresh.

NOTE: Due to small profit margins, there are no member discounts on coffee orders.

  N&W Coffee - Regular SKU# 143.52 $14.00  
  N&W Coffee - Decaf SKU# 143.52D $14.00  
VGN_Mug_134.54.jpg VGN mug
Brand New 11 oz. Mug, New Design

Especially for those Virginian Railway Fans!

Remembering the Virginian on the 60th Anniversary of the merger with N&W in December of 1959. Clever new N&WHS Exclusive design features a black mug with a Virginian yellow rim with the Virginian herald in matching yellow. This is a limited edition, order soon to be sure you get one!

Regular coffee is shipped as part of the coffee-combo unless you specify “Decaf” in the notes

NOTE: These mugs are not dishwasher safe and need to be hand washed only!

  VGN black coffee mug SKU# 143.54A $15.00  
  VGN black coffee mug with Coffee SKU# 143.54AC $27.50