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DVD.NS_KCS_Mexico_MO.jpg DVD - NS and KCS around Mexico, MO
The small town of Mexico in northern Missouri, not quite half way between St. Louis and Kansas City, is a neat railroad center with two class I railroad running next to each other through the center of town. Between Mexico and Centralia for 14 miles, NS St. Louis district between St. Louis to Moberly, and KCS line between St. Louis and Kansas CIty run side by side. This DVD shows three days and one night of action on the NS/KCS lines around Mexico, MO including the unique Schneider Nations trains on KCS in June 2011.

61 minutes, DVD-R

Big "E" Productions

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14CY $30.95
DVD.611_SuperTape_Vol_3.jpg DVD- 611 Super Tape Vol. 3
This video covers parts of seven different trips from March 16 to April 16 1983, all in Virginia. Running all on the old N&W, across VA, there are steep grades, curves, tunnels, bridges and rugged mountain scenery! Scenes in and on top of the cab at speed! Shaffers crossing roundhouse and more!
60 minutes, DVD-R
Main Line Motion Pictures 2009
SKU# 136.14CA $29.95
DVD.611_SuperTape_Vol_4.jpg DVD- 611 Super Tape Vol. 4
In the summer 1992, we caught several ferry moves of the Mighty J, Manassas, VA to Roanoke to Bristol (Glade Springs), Roanoke to Bluefield and on to Kenova, WV. This has got to be one of the most beautiful tapes of the Mighty 611 you will ever see!! Running mostly on the N&W across Virginia and West Virginia, there are a lot of steep grades, curves, tunnels, bridges and rugged mountain scenery!! Shots taken in and on the cab. This tape was filmed in "Opsisound" stereo for some of the very best hi-fi stereo you will ever hear!! This is a great one!! There won't be many more 611 tapes in the future so make sure you have this one!!

This video covers 611s moves, Manassas to Bristol April 27 & 28, plus Roanoke to Bluefield and Bluefield to Kenova May 11 & 12, 1992. All moves were ferry moves, some with school kids.

60 minutes, DVD-R
Main Line Motion Pictures 2003
SKU# 136.14CB $29.95
DVD.611_SuperTape_Vol_5.jpg DVD- 611 Super Tape Vol. 5
We sat on this footage for five years, and finally got around to editing it out Nov-'99. Great scenes of 611 dragging her all tuscan red train over Linden hill amidst thunder, lightning, and sheets of pouring rain! Also includes the famous wheelslipping sequence at Rectortown, VA! Don't miss this one. Filmed with the same equipment as "611 Vol-4, has some great STEREO sound!

Spring of 1993 N&W #611 runs Lynchburg, VA to Norfolk, then Norfolk to Petersburg, roundtrip. Also May 16, 1993 Manassas to Front Royal.

60 minutes, DVD-R
Main Line Motion Pictures 2003
SKU# 136.14CC $29.95
DVD.1218_on_coal_trains.jpg DVD- 1218 On Coal Trains
May 4, 1987 N&W 2-6-6-4 Number 1218 Hauled 100 coal hoppers, Norfolk to Crewe, VA! Hard startups! Pouring Rain! Thundering Skies! We thought 1218 would lumber along with this train. We were wrong! She blasted West, We almost couldn't keep up! This is the most exciting 1218 video ever made. We were the only ones filming this even. Has our best stereo sound. Will (((SHAKE))) your house, gaurenteed!!
30 minutes, DVD-R
Main Line Motion Pictures 1987, 2003
SKU# 136.14BZ $29.95
DVD.611_Accross_the_Mountains.jpg DVD- 611 Across the Mountains
Steam in the East Series

The streamlined bullet nose 'J' Class 4-8-4 engine #611 steps out on one of her rare trips across the summits of the N&W mainline between Roanoke and Portsmouth. Helicopter footage tracks the engine and passenger train into the the Allegheny Mountains to places far beyond the beaten path: steaming into tunnels beneath vertical cliffs and blazing across isolate bridges. Jim Bistline, general manager of steam operations describes the trials of keeping the history of steam alive.

30 Minutes

Sunday River Productions

SKU# 136.14DH $29.95
DVD.Articulates_in_Appalachia.jpg DVD- Articulateds in Appalachia
Steam in the East Series
This file is a fascinating look at the monsters that ruled the rails in Eastern America for almost a generation. It opens with scenes from Sunday River's "B&O Steam" and closes with Archies Julian's "Battle for the Blue Ridge." It features - in spectacular sync sound - the last and most efficient main line articulates built in America, the B&O 2-8-8-4 "Yellowstone" locomotives. See the C&O 2-6-6-6 Allegheny as well as the President Class 4-6-2s on the B&O limiteds. C&O streamlined Hudsons haul "The Sportsman" and "The George Washington".
Sunday River Productions

Limited quantity!
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DVD.Atlanta_Terminal.TW,cover.jpg DVD- Atlanta Terminal
NS and CSX jointly operate approximately three miles of trackage through midtown and downtown Atlanta. The joint trackage begins at Howell Wye, at the signal known as King Plow, on the NS side and winds its way through Atlanta. We set up on the West Marietta Street overpass to catch a large volume of NS intermodal and CSX freight trains entering Howell Wye. NS's South District receives several BNSF coal trains from Wyoming's Powerder River Basin to feed Georgia Power's Schere Plant, the largest caol-fires power plant in the world. For sheer volume it is hard to beat the Atlanta terminal.

1 hour 35 minutes

T&W Productions

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14DF $30.95
DVD.NS_Christiansburg_District_Autumn_Tour.jpg DVD- Christiansburg Autumn Tour

Tour NS Christiansburg District from west of Roanoke to Blake, WV. Stop along the way to some of the great location hotspots. Catch heavy coal trains and freights, and intermodals in some beautiful autumn scenery.

60 Minutes

T&W Productions, 2012

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14DI $29.95
multimedia/mm_hoot_130.jpg DVD- Hooters on the Blue Ridge
Travel back in time when hooter whistles ricocheted off the mountains of Blue Ridge and A's, Y's, the Jawn Henry, and J's handled their consists up the grade. Presented entirely in real-time stereo sound! 45 minutes, plus a 20 minute 'slide show' of classic steam color photos.
SKU# 136.14AA $39.95
DVD.Horses_Horns_Hoppers.jpg DVD- Horses, Horns and Hoppers!
This program features Norfolk Southern in 1990. Coverage includes plenty of moves around Roanoke, along with action on the west end of the Christiansburg district into Bluefield, WV. We also visit the Pokey on its south end with its heavy mountain railroading. N&W steam class A 1218 is also a star, and is shown on several excursions in and around Roanoke. A great variety of unique ex N&W and Southern diesel power is seen!

2 1/2 Hours on two discs!

Broken Knuckle Video Productions, 2012

SKU# 136.14DA $34.95
dvd.HotSpots_4_Bellevue.jpg DVD- Hotspots 4 Bellevue
Bellevue, Ohio is one of NS's busiest yards, with three major routes converging at the west end of the yard. We taped the action on a frigid February 2000 day, with some glorious late afternoon light. All kinds of NS power, with a little Conrail, CN and leased units, and visits from the Wheeling and Lake Erie.

85 minutes in length

Highball Productions, 2000

SKU# 136.14DM $24.95
DVD.Kenova_Catlettsburg_Hotspot.jpg DVD- Kenova/Catlettsburg Hotspot!
Kenova, WV is where the NS Pocahontas division mainline crosses the CSX mainline. The two railroads often run as many as 60 trains through town in a 24 hour period! In fact at the time this was filmed, more coal passed through the town of Kenova than any other place in the United States! Just one town west is Catlettsburg KY. This is where CSX's Big Sandy Sub joins the mainline, forming a triple-track railroad, and making it one of CSX's busiest locations.

90 minutes

Broken Knuckle Video Productions, 2009

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14DB $19.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.Legends_of_BlueRidge.jpg DVD- Legends of the Blue Ridge
Mighty N&W steam in an all new presentation! Original footage of 4-8-0's, 4-8-2's, 4-8-4's, 2-6-6-2's, and 2-6-6-4's in the Petersburg area, on Blue Ridge Summit, in Crewe and Christiansburg, as well as around Schaffers Crossing. Included: BONUS: B&W Footage produced by the N&W! 75 minutes, color and B&W.
SKU# 136.14AU $29.95
multimedia/mm_mem_of_611.jpg DVD- Memories of Norfolk Western 611
Norfolk Southern terminated the steam excursion program at the end of 1994, and 4-8-4 number 611 may never operate again. However, our program will document many of the last runs of this magnificent locomotive as it steams through Ohio between 1992 and 1994. Great steam action abounds throughout this collectors edition which will provide a lifetime of pleasure and "Memories of Norfolk & Western 611". 74 Minutes.
SKU# 136.14AF $29.95
DVD.NW_611_The_Early_Years.jpg DVD- N&W 611 The Early Years

Enjoy the first two years of operation of N&W Class J 4-8-4 number 611 as it begins its second tour of duty after its 1980's restoration in Birmingham, Alabama. Enjoy the first run to Roanoke along the Southern Mainline, the first trip to Norfolk up Blue Ridge Grade, plus more trips in 1982 and 1983 including freights and special excursions. Shot on sound movie film this has been expertly transferred for your pleasure. These are from the private collection of Greg Scholl before he was in the video business.

You Tube Video preview

80 Minutes

Greg Scholl Video Productions

SKU# 136.14DS $29.95
DVD.N&W_A_1218_JMJ.jpg DVD- N&W A 1218 (JMJ)
N&W A 1218, the giant 2-6-6-4 articulated steam locomotive which spent many years idly on display at the old Roanoke Transportation Museum, was towed to the NS Birmingham Steam Shops in 1985. Almost 2 years of effort paid off handsomely as 1218 emerged for her first major run on April 21, 1987.

1218 traveled from Birmingham to Roanoke on April 21, 22 and 23, and our crew was with her all the way, taping what we believe are the best shots along the route.

We taped April 25th, as she pulled her first revenue trip to Bluefield and back, and on the 26th as she powered two runs out of Roanoke. That morning it was a round trip to Lynchburg, followed by a turnaround to the wye west of Vicker. Without a reset, 1218 was ferried to Norfolk on the 27th, and once again we were there.

All this, plus vintage film footage of other A's and several other N&W steam classes, add up to a steam show we think cannot be topped.

88 minutes. JMJ Productions 1987 & 2008

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14CI $29.95
DVD.NW_in_Transition.jpg DVD- N&W in Transition

Enjoy the transition from the end of the steam era on the N&W mostly around Batavia, Ohio and a few other selected spots where steam soldiered on. In addition to steam we see some early diesels on locals and freights. Enjoy the last steam-powered "Powhatan Arrow", rare scenes of a wreck, final days of Steam at Portsmouth, Ohio and Williamson.

Includes video from the July 1959 Roanoke-Bluefield-Cedar Bluff excursion with Class A 1240, and Class Y6b 2174. Also see April 1960 at Williamson with 0-8-0 in steam.

From original 8mm files from relatives of the late Donald Jamieson.

You Tube Video preview

67 Minutes

Greg Scholl Video Productions

SKU# 136.14DR $29.95
DVD.N&W_J_611_JMJ.jpg DVD- N&W J 611 (JMJ)
Norfolk & Western Class J Steam locomotive Number 611 sat on display for many years before her 1982 resurrection.

In August of that year, she was ferried back to her birthplace of Roanoke with an executive train in tow, and our crew covered the run in its entirety.

Following that trip, in September '82, she ran two passenger excursions from Roanoke to Norfolk, and Roanoke to Alexandria. Once again, we were there to document and record these first revenue runs.

Beautiful sunny weather resulted in crisp, sharp video, with sensational color and sound.

Runbys, pacing, loco details, Lambert's Point yard and much more all add up to a great show.

75 minutes. JMJ Productions 1982 & 2008

SKU# 136.14CJ $29.95
multimedia/mm_NW_steamfreights.jpg DVD- N&W Steam Freights
Amazing video of the last days of N&W steam! 8mm film by Warren W. Scholl shot between 1954 and 1960, mostly on the western end of the road, but with some coverage in Iaeger and Williamson. There's Y's, A's, K's, and even 0-8-0 switchers, in scenes taken literally days before their fires were dropped! A still photo section is included with about 50 images. Silent, with music and narration, 1 Hour.
SKU# 136.14E $29.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.NW_Steam_in_50s_Vol1.jpg DVD- N&W Steam in the 1950s Vol. 1
The 8mm films of former railroad workers Lee Avis, John Lischke and William F. Spillan from the years 1953 thru 1958, documenting the last days of steam. The quality of the transfer from 8mm to digital video is amazing.! Most shots are as clear and crisp as if they were shot directly to video mere months ago. Most amazing of all, video is included that shows the wreck of the Pocahontas, with 611 and her train scattered on the banks of the Tug River! 1 hour.
SKU# 136.14Y $34.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.NW_Steam_in_50s_Vol2.jpg DVD- N&W Steam in the 1950s Vol. 2
An amazing 2nd volumn of digitally restored 8mm movies. This one covers N&W's "Punkin' Vine" to Winston Salem. There's every conceivable shot of trains 11 and 12, with their usual consist of one baggage, one coach, and one sleeper, pulled by a streamlined Class K-2a 4-8-2. Also... VPI football specials powered by double-headed Class M's, a scene of J-611's "last" run (they thought) in 1959, and scenes of one of those beautiful Y-class engines being cut up for scrap. Silent, with music track added.
SKU# 136.14Z $34.95
DVD.NW_Steam_in_the_EastSunday_River.jpg DVD- Norfolk and Western, Steam in the East
Steam in the East Series

It's hard to believe that such a film could exist - capturing the largest fleet of articulated ever built, operating on their original tracks, in this case, the western slope of the N&W mainline between Bluefield and Portsmouth, Ohio. See the agile A class with high speed manifest or rolling long strings of heavyweight cars at 70 MPH. The huge Y class sluggers carry their enormous low pressure cylinders like overloaded grocery bags under each arm. Listen while the slow-moving giants shake the Appalachians to their very roots on the heavy grades and the tortuous curves of the Tug Form. More than 100 run pasts from the bygone age of real railroading.

Sunday River Productions

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14BS $34.95
DVD.Norfolk_Southern_on_NC_Rails_Vol_2.jpg DVD- Norfolk Southern on NC Rails Vol. 2
Grab a seat and join us as we take another look at the Norfolk Southern running in North Carolina. Our great coverage starts where Vol. 1 ended of showing long and heavy NS trains all over the line with some run-through power of other railroads. We'll show you a derailment that took place in Longview, NC on the Asheville-Salisbury line. Watch NS get this major line back in service before trains start backing up. If you loved Vol 1, then Norfolk Southern on NC Rails Vol. 2 is a must!!!
DVD, 60 minutes
T&W Productions
SKU# 136.14BW $29.95
multimedia/mm_ns_steam_freights_excu.jpg DVD- Norfolk Southern Steam Freights w/ Excursion Locos
Featuring N&W 1218, N&W 611, NKP 587 and L&N 152.

Norfolk Southern Steam Freights is a very unusual video because steam power on freight trains of any kind are very rare today. In this video we take you to: Roanoke, Virginia; Lynchburg, Virginia; Portsmouth, Ohio; Stearns, Kentucky and Birmingham, Alabama to see four different engines on five different consists. These runs were seldom covered on video because most of these trains ran during the week and were instances when the engines had to be moved without the regular passenger car fleet. You'll see everything from mixed freights to a short caboose hop to a look at a 50-car hopper train from Roanoke on the grade to Christiansburg. This interesting video was shot between 1987 and 1989 and captures some of the most unusual trips on Norfolk Southern trackage with a variety of NS locomotives. You'll see good closeups of each engine, plus the best locations on each line for your viewing pleasure in this fast-paced video.

60 minutes

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14AE $29.95
multimedia/mm_ns_steam_freights2.jpg DVD- Norfolk Southern Steam Freights- Volume II
Norfolk Southern Steam Volume 2 contains a wide variety of steam action on the Norfolk Southern Railroad. N&W Class J 4-8-4 #611, N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 #1218 Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 #587 and Louisville & Nashville 4-6-2 #152 all share the spotlight. Shot between 1987 and 1989, several interesting trips are highlighted including the 1989 doubleheader with 587 and 611 from Bellevue, Ohio to Roanoke, Virginia. Then a few weeks later 1218 joins those two for a very rare TRIPLEHEADER with 611 and 587 over Blue Ridge Grade out of Roanoke. A 1987 trip with the 152 in the Rathole between Lexington and Stearns, Kentucky makes for a rare meet with N&W 611. You'll also see other highlights of 1218 and 611 on the Cincinnati to Portsmouth line as we do location comparisons with both N&W engines. This is unmatched action that is hard to beat for any steam fan!

60 minutes

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14AD $29.95
multimedia/mm_NS_aartery.jpg DVD- Norfolk Southern's Automotive Artery
Norfolk Southern's main line from Detroit to Kansas City today handles more autos and auto parts than almost any other rail line. Shows all trains for 24 hours between Sidney and Catlin, just west of Danville, Ill in late July opf 1999, just two months after NS took over their share of Conrail. 1 Hour, 40 minutes.

Limited quantity!
SKU# 136.14AJ $34.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.NS_Columbus_District.jpg DVD- Norfolk Southern's Columbus District
This program shows over a day of action on NS' Columbus District between Chillicothe and Portsmouth, OH in the beautiful and pristine Scioto Valley where it slices through the northern edge of the Appalachian plateau in May of 2006.
62 minutes
Big "E" Productions
SKU# 136.14AQ $24.95
DVD.NorfolkSouthernPeavine_2.jpg DVD- Norfolk Southern's Peavine 2
Norfolk Southern's Peavine Volume 2 is an interesting follow-up, which essentially turns out to be the last major years this line was operating through trains between Cincinnati and Portsmouth. In this video we show you new material shot after the first one was made, including the 2003 last run of L51 from Portsmouth. In addition we included a segment with additional shots we did not use in Volume one, some are the same locations, but different days and trains. There is also a neat snow segment with some good heavy action, and a coal train doubling a grade. Shot on our Betacam SP with digital editing, and chapter menus on the DVD.This is not narrated, but has scene descriptions(graphics) on the video to keep you informed as to date and other information.

82 minutes.

Greg Scholl Video Production

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14CT $24.95
multimedia/mm_Fostoria1.jpg DVD- NS & CSX Fostoria Oh. Part 1 and 2 (4 disks)
"Part I -Dawn to Dusk" shows all of the incredible action at Fostoria for twelve continuous daylight hours in May of 2000. Fostoria is in northern Ohio, 30 miles south of Toledo. The three main lines of CSX and Norfolk Southern that cross in a triangle on the southeast side of Fostoria handle more trains today than anytime since at least World War II. CSX's former Chesapeake and Ohio, Detroit and Toledo to Columbus main line runs north-south through Fostoria, crossing the former Baltimore and Ohio, now CSX, main line between the East Coast and Chicago, and the original Nickel Plate main line between Buffalo and Chicago, now part of Norfolk Southern. "Part II - Dusk to Dawn" covers the busy evening and nighttime action next to the Amtrak station in Fostoria and a second night of action north of Fostoria to catch CSX trains that didn't pass by the Amtrak station. These two parts provide over five hours of action!

Limited quantity!
SKU# 136.14AM $59.95
DVD.NS_30th_Anniversary_Heritage_Locomotives.TW.cover.jpg DVD- NS 30th Anniversary Heritage Locomotives
A family portrait at the N.C. Transportation Museum

Norfolk Southern has honored its predecessor railroads during 2012, its anniversary year, by painting 20 new locomotives in commemorative schemes that reflect the heritage of those predecessors. Since the 1820s hundreds of railroad companies were built, merged, reorganized and consolidated into what eventually became today's Norfolk Southern, itself created from the consolidation of Norfolk and Western Railway and Southern Railway in 1982. The heritage locomotives represent most of the railroads that played significant roles in Norfolk Southern's history.

2 hours (2 DVD discs!)

T&W Productions

SKU# 136.14DE $30.95
DVD.NS-Asheville.Yard.jpg DVD- NS at Asheville Yard
T&W Productions takes you to Asheville, NC where Norfolk Southern's small but efficient yard connects freight and coal from the west to the east and south. Watch heavy trains roll their way in and out of the yard pulling heavy tonage. Locomotives from the new to the old can be seen with a lot of run-through power from other railroads. If you like heavy yard action, then you'll love Asheville.

Runtime: 60 min.

SKU# 136.14BP $29.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Asheville_Salisbury.jpg DVD- NS at Ashville-Salisbury, NC Line
This program shows Norfolk Southern running on the S-line with some great run-through power in every train. You'll see these trains all over different parts of the line plus gorgeous scenes on the old Southern Loops. So come along and watch Norfolk Southern from the mid 90's to the present day with run-through power.

Runtime: 60 min.

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14BD $29.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Austell.jpg DVD- NS at Austell, GA.
40 to 50 Norfolk Southern trains make their presence through Austell, GA each day. Trains carrying intermodal traffic for Austell's Whitaker Yard for Ford Motor Company's huge facility in Hapeville, GA, just south of Atlanta. BNSF coal trains bring Powder River coal through town to the Georgia Power Plant Scherer North of Macon, GA. Heavy NS freights round out the traffic that you'll see polishing the rails through this great railfanning town of Austell.

Runtime: 52 min.

SKU# 136.14BB $29.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Salisbury1.jpg DVD- NS at Salisbury, NC, Vol.1
Full action on 12/30/97, 10/2/99, and 9/4/99. Filmed at Salisbury, NC and south of Linwood yard. See long trains climbing up Yadkin Hill with run-through power of Union Pacific, MPI, BN, CNW, and other wide variety of motive power with Norfolk Southern units. If you like heavy tonnage and a lot of horsepower to boot, the Norfolk Southern at Salisbury is for you!!!

Runtime: 90 minutes

SKU# 136.14AZ $29.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Salisbury2.jpg DVD- NS at Salisbury, NC, Vol.2
T & W Productions takes you back to one of the best train watching spots in NC, SALISBURY! In this tape you'll see heavy freights and intermodal trains tackling the 2 mile hill out of the south end of Linwood yard. You'll see Conrail units in their original numbers before the take over. See a wide variety of motive power to the old to the new with some run- through power also. Come join us for more NS action at SALISBURY!!!
SKU# 136.14BA $29.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.NS_at_Spencer.jpg DVD- NS at Spencer
The former Southern Railway Washington, D.C. to Atlanta main line around Spencer, NC, is both fascinating and quite busy. Spencer, a long time operating hub of the Southern Railway, lies 45 miles northeast of Charlotte in central North Carolina, roughly midway between Washington and Atlanta on the former Southern Railway main line. This DVD shows 24 hours of NS & Amtrak action on the double track mainline between Linwood and Salisbury in the spring of 1995, with most trains seen tackling tough Yadkin Hill in Spencer.
DVD-R, 90 minutes
Big "E" Productions

Limited quantity!
SKU# 136.14BL $32.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Atlanta_Macon.jpg DVD- NS Atlanta to Macon Main
Norfolk Southern's strategic Atlanta South District between Atlanta and Macon, Georgia serves as NS's gateway between south Georgia and Florida and the rest of their system. The Atlanta South District, part of their Georgia Division, stretches for 94 miles between Inman Yard in Atlanta and Brosnan Yard in Macon. The number of trains on this critical section of track has doubled in the past 30 years. This busy line through the rolling and often wooded countryside south of Atlanta is handling the most trains and tonnage of its one hundred. and twenty year history. This DVD shows the trains and operations for over 24 hours on Norfolk Southern's Atlanta South District in October of 2002.

1 hour and 53 minutes long.

SKU# 136.14AI $34.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Autumn_Pokey.jpg DVD- NS Autumn on the Pokey
Capture some heavy NS action in autumn of 2004 on the Pokey. NS has this old N&W line filled full of coal, freight and intermodal traffic. The program skip around the line to show you a lot of action with run-through power in the consist and in helper service.
60 minutes
T&W Productions
SKU# 136.14BC $29.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Bement.jpg DVD- NS Bement to Decatur
The original Wabash Railway system was like an X with the Buffalo and Detroit to Kansas City, and Chicago to St. Louis lines crossing at Decatur. The twenty miles of double track between Bement and Decatur in central Illinois was the busiest section of track on the former Wabash Railway system. At Bement, 20 miles east of Decatur, the line from Chicago joined the line from Detroit and Buffalo. Just west of Decatur the lines to St. Louis and Kansas City went their separate ways. Traffic on what NS now calls their Lafayette District grew as a result of the Conrail split four years ago, and today this funnel has twice the number of freight trains that it did during Wabash days and is a part of Norfolk Southern's busy automotive artery from Detroit to St. Louis and Kansas City. This DVD shows over twenty four hours of action on Norfolk Southern's Lafayette district, their auto artery, between Bement and Decatur in May of 2003.

98 minutes

SKU# 136.14A $34.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.NS_Bluefield_Yard.jpg DVD- NS Bluefield Yard
T&W Productions visited this old NW yard to concentrate on yard activity. You'll see a lot of movements that came through this busy yard. Watch heavy coal, intermodal, and time freights tackle the grade to the summit into bluefield yard. Catch a variety of units coming in and out on helpers and through freights. Great night shots make this one program you don't want to miss!!!
60 Minutes
T&W Productions
SKU# 136.14BM $30.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Chicago_dist.jpg DVD- NS Chicago District
24 hours of action on one of the busiest segments of track on Norfolk Southern�s system - their Chicago line in northwest Ohio between Butler, just across the border into Indiana and Wauseon, Ohio, in June of 2005. Ten or more trains a day take the connecting track in the southeast quadrant of the interlocking at Butler onto and off of the Chicago Line, making the NS Chicago Line east of Butler one of the busiest line segment on the entire NS system for freight trains. The number of trains on this line, especially the number of intermodal trains, has grown rapidly in the past couple of years, and right now Norfolk Southern's Chicago Line is 'The Show' in the East.

100 min.

SKU# 136.14AK $34.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Chicago_west_Ohio.jpg DVD- NS Chicago Line in Western Ohio
TWO DISK SET! 24 hours on one of the busiest segments of track on the whole Norfolk Southern system - their Chicago line in northwest Ohio between Butler, just across the border into Indiana and Wauseon, Ohio, in June of 2005. Ten or more trains a day take the connecting track in the southeast quadrant of the interlocking at Butler onto and off of the Chicago Line, making the NS Chicago Line east of Butler one of the busiest, if not the busiest line segment on the entire NS system for freight trains. 2 hours 38 minutes.
SKU# 136.14AH $40.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.NS_Diesels_The_Sequel_PT.1_NW.jpg DVD- NS Diesel/The N&W
Scenes of older N&W motive power are followed by broadcast quality video in-depth coverage of the original N&W. Long freights and coal drags are seen west of Roanoke in Virginia and West Virginia, as well as on the Blue Ridge. N&W Lines are covered in depth, with a tremendous variety of diesel units shown.
62 minutes, 100% color
JMJ Productions

Limited quantity!

SKU# 136.14O $29.95
DVD.NS_Diesels_Vol_1.jpg DVD- NS Diesels Volume One
Heavy grade action on NS's famed Pocahontas Division!! See all of NS's modern diesels locomotives including the SD-70's. Trains pulling at their max upgrade, with four unit sets and four unit pushers really roaring!! Then we go to the Virginia Division and watch trains pulling Christiansburg grade on a day that happened to include N&W Class J 611 on her last trip over the mountain!! (We didn't know that at the time.) Then on to the Eastern Division, now called the Piedmont Division, for freight trains, pig trains, even a road'railer train!!!
60 minutes, DVD-R
Main Line Motion Pictures
SKU# 136.14CD $29.95
multimedia/DVD/DVD.NS_Greenville_to_Atlanta.jpg DVD- NS Greenville to Atlanta Main
This program shows the trains and operations for over 24 hours on the historic Washington to Atlanta main line of the former Southern Railway System around Clemson, South Carolina in October of 2006. Clemson is 119 miles north of Atlanta and thirty miles from Greenville in the Piedmont Region of South Carolina. The Piedmont Region is far from level, and there are few extended straight sections of track in this rolling country between the coastal plain and the Blue Ridge.
DVD-R, 60 minutes in length
Big "E" Productions
SKU# 136.14BK $30.95
DVD.NS_Heritage_Locomotives.I.SEA.jpg DVD- NS Heritage Locomotives Vol I SEA

NS stunned the railfanning community worldwide in early 2012 when they announced they were officially painting twenty Heritage locomotives to help celebrate its 30-year anniversary as a result of the N&W and Southern Railway merger of 1982.

This DVD has NS Heritage units: Central of Georgia, New York Central, Monongahela, Erie, Wabash, Virginian, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Railroad, and Savannah & Atlanta. All captured in nice weather on the "sunny side".

77 Minutes

Southeat Railfanning Video Productions, 2013

SKU# 136.14DN $29.95
multimedia/mm_NS_Greensboro.jpg DVD- NS in Greensboro, NC.
Greensboro is probably one of the busiest NS terminals in North Carolina. It's double stack facility just south of the yard serves Greensboro, Winston Salem and Highpoint. Up to 30 trains a day pass through Greensboro's Pomona yard in a 24 hour period, about half in daylite hours.
60 Minutes
T&W Productions, 2006

Limited quantity!
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DVD.NS-New_Castle_District.2006.jpg DVD- NS New Castle District 2006
This DVD shows the trains and operations for a day and a half on the north end of NS New Castle district in north-eastern Indiana between Muncie and Fort Wayne in May of 2006. The formation of NS from the merger of the N&W and Southern systems in 19982 led to the transformation of this once light traveled former Lake Erie and Western and Nickel Plate branch line into a high speed, CTC equipped main line that hosts a wide variety of NS trains between Chicago and Cincinnati.
This DVD was videotaped in DV25, and digitally edited and mastered at Big "E" Productions. This DVD has menus and chapters and the option of being watched with or without narration. As is usual with all Big "E" DVD's the complete train is shown and all trains are id'ed by symbol and destination.
70 minutes, DVD-R
Big "E" Productions

Limited quantity!
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multimedia/mm_NS_NCarolina.jpg DVD- NS on North Carolina Rails, Vol. 1
NORFOLK SOUTHERN ON NORTH CAROLINA RAILS shows Norfolk Southern running in North Carolina. You'll see run-through power with NS trains, maintenance of way cleaning the ballast at Salisbury N.C. We'll also show you the Ringling Bros. and Barum & Bailey Circus train that runs through N.C. every year. We'll take a ride on mixed freight 135 on the Asheville-Salisbury line from Connelly Springs N.C. to Valdese N.C. on SD70 2511.

Watch for more volumes of this series coming soon.

Limited quantity!

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DVD.NS_Over_Christiansburg_Mountain.jpg DVD- NS over Christiansburg Mountain
Norfolk Southern Over Christiansburg Mountain
Norfolk Southern's Christiansburg and Whitethorne Districts of the New River Division. A rare opportunity to see both eastbounds and westbounds on the normally eastbound Whitethorne District. Coal trains and manifests, and intermodals on the east end of the Christiansburg District.

See traffic between Bluefield and Roanoke on both the N&W and Virginian mainlines. See helper action at Whitethorne, coal trains, hopper trains, single-stacks, double-stacks, even a LORAM railgrinder in action! Video made during Heartland corridor upgrades of Pepper tunnel (now completed). See west bound traffic on the old VGN mainline!

Widescreen Edition, 90 minutes
Features narration on/off & Dolby 2.0 audio
Highball Productions, 2009
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multimedia/mm_NS_Piedmont_main.jpg DVD- NS Piedmont Main
The trains and operations on the historic Washington to Atlanta main line of the former Southern Railway System south of Danville, Virginia, in North Carolina's Piedmont Region. Although not Norfolk Southern's busiest line today, this line is still a busy artery between North and South. 53 min.
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multimedia/mm_NS_Bluefield_weekend.jpg DVD- NS Weekend in Bluefield, WV.
Deep in the heart of the Appalachia mountains in southern West Virginia, the Pocahontas district is full of Norfolk Southern action. This double track main is swarmed with numerous coal trains and time freights everyday. Watch NS battle the stiff grades on this line with helper service on almost every eastbound train.
60 Minutes
T&W Productions
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DVD.Ohio_Rail_Diamonds.jpg DVD- Ohio Rail Diamonds
Northwestern Ohio with Tower F in Fostoria, Attica Junction, and Fostoria depot, Deshler, and Leipsic Junction. Lots of CSX & NS power along with leased power, shot in 2006 (widescreen format). There are also some older segments from September 2005 plus a 1991 visit to Leipsic and Lima!
All shot in live stereo audio, and professionally edited. Narration and live train sounds.
DVD, 82 minutes plus previews
Greg Scholl Video Productions
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DVD.Trains_that_Passed_in_the_Night.jpg DVD- OWL, Trains that passed in the Night
This film is the story of the amazing O. Winston Link's documentation through film and sound of the last days of steam railroading in America.

This film follows Mr Link, while in his late 70's, on a reflective trip to some of the scenes where he created his iconic images. Through the film, Mr Link gives an account of his work, which captured more than the end of the steam era, it showed the passing of a way of life in rural America.

Produced in 1990. Includes film footage shot by O. Winston Link himself!

Produced and directed by Paul Yule. 52 minutes.

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DVD.What_a_picture_I_got_OWL.jpg DVD- OWL, What a Picture I got!
Using interviews, narratives and a deep knowledge of the material, Ted Stone of WDBJ7 created this award winning documentary detailing Link's live, love, trials and tribulations. Featuring some of the final interviews made with Link, this documentary shares the passion of the main.

32 Minutes, produced by WDBJ7, 2001

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DVD.Pocahontas_Crisp_Days_of_Fall.1.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Crisp Days of Fall

Come join us on a railfanning trip to the Pocahontas District to capture heavy NS action. See a variety of NS trains as we skip all over the line to catch heavy action in the beautiful Pokey fall scenery.

60 Minutes

T&W Productions, 2013

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DVD.Pocahontas_District_Norfolk_Southern_TandW.jpg DVD- Pocahontas District Norfolk Southern
Shot in November 2010 on NS Pocahontas District. See long heavy freights, intermodal and coal trains. See action at Bluefield, Farm, Bluestone and more!

1 Hour 16 Minutes DVD!

T&W Productions

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DVD.NS_Pocahontas_Fall_2011.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Fall 2011
Big time railroading in the WV mountains on the NS Pocahontas district. Heavy coal, freight and intermodal trains making their way through beautiful scenery with fall foliage! Locations include Iaeger, Sandy Huff, Gordon tunnel, Roderfield tunnel, Farm, Twin Huger Tunnels and Kimball.

38 Minutes

T&W Productions

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multimedia/DVD/DVD.Pocahontas_Glory_V1.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Glory Vol. 1
The Powhatan Arror, Pocahontas, Cavalier and Abingdon mixed passenger trains! All are included in this action video of N&W passenger service in the 1950's! Visit Portsmouth, Columbus, Kenova, Bluefield and the famed Abingdon mixed trains and other locations.
48 Minutes
Herron Rail Video
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multimedia/DVD/DVD.Pocahontas_Glory_V2.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Glory Vol. 2
All Roanoke with Blue Ridge! From Shaffer's Crossing roundhouse to the East End shops, you'll see the heart of the 1950's N&W operations! Roanoke yards with its articulated hump engines and 0-8-0's and the Roanoke passenger station. Then visit famed Blue Ridge grade where Y & A class articulated lift long coal trains over the mountain as passenger trains glide behind J & K class.
48 minutes, DVD-R
Herron Rail Video
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multimedia/DVD/DVD.Pocahontas_Glory_V3.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Glory Vol. 3
Steam along the Shenandoah. In the mid to late 1950's, noted rail cinematographers Harry P. Dodge and Bob Flack visited the Shenandoah Valley to capture on 16mm file the steam finale of the N&W's Shenandoah Valley line. DVD includes mixed trains, time freights, coal drags and yard scenes. Locomotives include Y6, K1, K2, M and S1A.
48 minutes, DVD-R
Herron Rail Video
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multimedia/DVD/DVD.Pocahontas_Glory_V4.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Glory Vol. 4
Tipple to Tidewater! Coal trains from WV mines to Norfolk! This program features Y & A steam power moving long trains of coal past Bluefield, Roanoke, Blue Ridge, Crewe and Norfolk. You'll see doubleheaders, pushers, engine servicing and the coal docks at Lambert's Point.
48 minutes, DVD-R
Herron Rail Video
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multimedia/DVD/DVD.Pocahontas_Glory_V5.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Glory Vol. 5
N&W's greatest passenger trains in the 1950's with J, K, M & E class steam. Powhatan Arrow, Pocahontas, Tennessean, Pelican and the Cavalier. Visit Norfolk, Petersburg, Roanoke, Bluefield, Norton, Blacksburg, New River Valley, and many other locations. All 14 J's are seen! Famed J 611 at 90mph on its 1959 retiredment run!
56 minutes, DVD-R
Herron Rail Video
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multimedia/DVD/DVD.Pocahontas_Glory_V6.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Glory Vol. 6
N&W and Virginian Electrics, plus A & Y mainline steam! All hard at work on coal trains, freight, locals, pushers and hump service. See Norfolk, Petersburg, Roanoke, Bluefield, Princeton and more. Rare film of N&W electrics in 1930's. See Virginian's big electrics in action!
51 minutes, DVD-R
Herron Rail Video
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DVD.Pocahontas_Glory_V7.jpg DVD- Pocahontas Glory Vol. 7
N&W Steam 1956-1958!
  • Cincinnati, Portsmouth in 1956!
  • Class A Breakdown
  • Rainy day at Bonsack, VA in 1956 with live sound including Class A, Y, Jawn Henry, J & K2's!
  • Pigeon Creek Shifter chase with Y6A #2136, November 1958!
All scenes with real N&W audio, much of it recorded when filmed! Featuring film by Donald J. Krofta, Joseph Schmitz, Jack Jennings, William H. Bauer, Dave McNeil and George Leilich. Narrated by Russ Wheeler.
Herron Pocahontas Glory #7 preview Video clip (YouTube)
78 minutes + Previews of Volumes 1-6
Herron Rail Video 2008
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DVD.The_Big_A_1218.Sunday_River.jpg DVD- The Big A 1218
Steam in the East Series

The Big 'A' begins with the first journey of #1218 after rebuild in 1987. Pace 1218's inaugural trip north to Roanoke after two years of reconstruction in Birmingham. Spectacular coverage includes aerials of 1218's first excursions on the Bluefield, Blue Ridge and Christiansburg grades - the only helicopter that we know of on the engine's assaults on the Alleghenies. This DVD includes Archie Julian's "Battle for the Blue Ridge". In footage from the 1950s, the monsters of steam on the N&W (A & Y class) storm the eastern slope of the mainline from Bluefield to Blue Ridge.

63 Minutes

Sunday River Productions

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multimedia/mm_pokey_crown.jpg DVD- The Pokey - Crown Jewel of the East
The "Pokey", Norfolk Southern's Pocahontas Division, runs through the south-west corner of West Virginia. We cover the line from Bluefield to Williamson, through the deep valleys of this scenic line, populated with heavy coal drags, in the spring of 1997. The new wide-cabs are out and about, not only as road power but also as helpers, joining the rest of NS's high-tech new power as they struggle to move the coal over the steep grades and around the stiff curves of "The Pokey".

Color: 115 minutes

Limited quantity!
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dvd.The_Pokey_Elkhorn_Grade.jpg DVD- The Pokey Elkhorn Grade
Norfolk Southern's Pocahontas District has had clearances raised for double stacks as part of the Heartland Project. Elkhorn grade between Bluefield and Iaeger is the steepest part of the Pokey, giving even NS's lastest SD70ACe's a workout with heavy coal trains as they wind through the valleys and small towns of West Virginia. This is helper country with two or three units pushing heavy trains up grade!


105 minutes in length

Highball Productions, 2012

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DVD.The_Tadpole-NS_Kenova_District.jpg DVD- The Tadpole-NS Kenova District
NS's Kenova District between Williamson, WV and Portsmouth, OH has long been known as the Tadpole. This busy line handles a mix of loaded coal trains running in both directions, grain trains, mixed carload manifests, and thanks to the recently completed Heartland Corridor clearance project, double stack container trains. The superbly engineered Kenova District along the Tug Fork, Big Sandy, and Ohio Rivers sees some of the heaviest trains in the U. S. This program shows thirty hours of action between Williamson and Kenova on NS’s Kenova District or Tadpole in April of 2011.

DVD-R, 80 minutes in length

Big "E" Productions 2011

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DVD.Thoroughbreds.jpg DVD- Thoroughbreds
Nothing but Norfolk Southern Locomotives. This DVD has nothing but fast paced action of NS units!! About every unit can be seen that was on the roster in the mid 1990's!
70 minutes
T&W Productions
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DVD.Here_and_There_V2.jpg DVD- Trainwatching Volume 2, NS Here & There
TRAINWATCHING Vol 2, Here and There
Volume 2 takes you here and there to follow Norfolk Southern action. We'll head up to Asheville, NC to see some yard action. Head down to Charlotte, NC to spend a day with the Ringing Bros. and Barnum & Bayley circus train as we watch them unload the animals. Railfan Salisbury, NC with heavy NS action on the Washington-Atlanta mainline. Heavy intermodal train at Bluefield, VA. We saved the best for last, early 90's action on Saluda, NC.
DVD, 63 minutes
T&W Productions
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DVD.The_Pokey_Hot_Days_of_Summer.jpg DVD-The Pokey Hot Days of Summer

Railfan along the Pocahontas district as we catch heavy coal, freight and intermodal trains in the hot days of summer. You will travel to locations to see modern day NS power and some heritage units battling the grades between Farm and Bluefield.

64 Minutes

T&W Productions, 2013

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611.Forever.Sunday.River.cover.jpg DVD- 611 Forever

Pride of the Norfolk & Western: 1950s, 1980s & 2015

History unfolds as 611, the only surviving N&W J class 4-8-4 engine roars down the rails! This action-packed DVD follows 611 pulling famed named trains "The Pocahontas" and "Powhatan Arrow" in the 1950s as well as a tragic wreck that nearly became her undoing. Then in the 1980s stunning aerial photography hovers above cliffs and snakes through hidden holler deep in the mountains tracking 611 through West Virginia and Ohio. Finally in 2015 witness 611 firing back to life once more. See this marvel of precision engineering and striking beauty!

You Tube Video preview

66 Minutes

Sunday River Productions

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Ariticulated.Y.A.in.the.1950s.jpg Articulated Y&A Class in the 1950s

Norfolk & Western Big Steam

It is hard to believe that such a film could exist: capturing the largest fleet of articulateds ever built operating on their original tracks, the N&W main line between Bluefield WV and Portsmouth, OH. Catch these powerful locomotives at their best! Agile A Class 2-6-6-4s pull high speed manifest and roll long strigs of heavyweight cars at 70MPH. Huge Y class 2-8-8-2 sluggers shake the Appalachians to their very roots on the heavy grades and curves of the Tug Fork.

This is a new version of this video refreshed by digital image processing and reorganized by class and location with additional never before seen footage added.

You Tube Video preview

63 Minutes

Sunday River Productions

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