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nwhs_black_sq.jpg Membership- Regular
Provides all N&WHS benefits for one year, including 4 issues of our magazine "The Arrow".
SKU# 2411.1 $45.00
nwhs_black_sq.jpg Membership- Sustaining
Provides all N&WHS Benefits for one year, and provides additional support for the work of the Society. Any amount over regular membership dues is tax deductible in the USA.
SKU# 2411.3 $70.00
nwhs_black_sq.jpg Membership- International Regular
Provides all N&WHS benefits for one year, and includes the cost of mailing outside the United States.
SKU# 2411.2 $60.00
nwhs_black_sq.jpg Membership- International Sustaining
This option gives our international members the opportunity for additional support.
SKU# 2411.4 $85.00