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multimedia/mm_ns_steam_freights_excu.jpg DVD- Norfolk Southern Steam Freights w/ Excursion Locos
Featuring N&W 1218, N&W 611, NKP 587 and L&N 152.

Norfolk Southern Steam Freights is a very unusual video because steam power on freight trains of any kind are very rare today. In this video we take you to: Roanoke, Virginia; Lynchburg, Virginia; Portsmouth, Ohio; Stearns, Kentucky and Birmingham, Alabama to see four different engines on five different consists. These runs were seldom covered on video because most of these trains ran during the week and were instances when the engines had to be moved without the regular passenger car fleet. You'll see everything from mixed freights to a short caboose hop to a look at a 50-car hopper train from Roanoke on the grade to Christiansburg. This interesting video was shot between 1987 and 1989 and captures some of the most unusual trips on Norfolk Southern trackage with a variety of NS locomotives. You'll see good closeups of each engine, plus the best locations on each line for your viewing pleasure in this fast-paced video.

60 minutes

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DVD.NS-New_Castle_District.2006.jpg DVD- NS New Castle District 2006
This DVD shows the trains and operations for a day and a half on the north end of NS New Castle district in north-eastern Indiana between Muncie and Fort Wayne in May of 2006. The formation of NS from the merger of the N&W and Southern systems in 19982 led to the transformation of this once light traveled former Lake Erie and Western and Nickel Plate branch line into a high speed, CTC equipped main line that hosts a wide variety of NS trains between Chicago and Cincinnati.
This DVD was videotaped in DV25, and digitally edited and mastered at Big "E" Productions. This DVD has menus and chapters and the option of being watched with or without narration. As is usual with all Big "E" DVD's the complete train is shown and all trains are id'ed by symbol and destination.
70 minutes, DVD-R
Big "E" Productions

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multimedia/DVD/DVD.NS_at_Spencer.jpg DVD- NS at Spencer
The former Southern Railway Washington, D.C. to Atlanta main line around Spencer, NC, is both fascinating and quite busy. Spencer, a long time operating hub of the Southern Railway, lies 45 miles northeast of Charlotte in central North Carolina, roughly midway between Washington and Atlanta on the former Southern Railway main line. This DVD shows 24 hours of NS & Amtrak action on the double track mainline between Linwood and Salisbury in the spring of 1995, with most trains seen tackling tough Yadkin Hill in Spencer.
DVD-R, 90 minutes
Big "E" Productions

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N&W Caboose, 1963-'66, White Lettering
Vendor: Model Railroad Services

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  [MRS 260-02] N&W Caboose, 1963-'66, White Lettering SKU# 135.01 $5.00  
multimedia/mm_NS_NCarolina.jpg DVD- NS on North Carolina Rails, Vol. 1
NORFOLK SOUTHERN ON NORTH CAROLINA RAILS shows Norfolk Southern running in North Carolina. You'll see run-through power with NS trains, maintenance of way cleaning the ballast at Salisbury N.C. We'll also show you the Ringling Bros. and Barum & Bailey Circus train that runs through N.C. every year. We'll take a ride on mixed freight 135 on the Asheville-Salisbury line from Connelly Springs N.C. to Valdese N.C. on SD70 2511.

Watch for more volumes of this series coming soon.

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multimedia/DVD/DVD.NS_Diesels_The_Sequel_PT.1_NW.jpg DVD- NS Diesel/The N&W
Scenes of older N&W motive power are followed by broadcast quality video in-depth coverage of the original N&W. Long freights and coal drags are seen west of Roanoke in Virginia and West Virginia, as well as on the Blue Ridge. N&W Lines are covered in depth, with a tremendous variety of diesel units shown.
62 minutes, 100% color
JMJ Productions

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DVD.N&W_A_1218_JMJ.jpg DVD- N&W A 1218 (JMJ)
N&W A 1218, the giant 2-6-6-4 articulated steam locomotive which spent many years idly on display at the old Roanoke Transportation Museum, was towed to the NS Birmingham Steam Shops in 1985. Almost 2 years of effort paid off handsomely as 1218 emerged for her first major run on April 21, 1987.

1218 traveled from Birmingham to Roanoke on April 21, 22 and 23, and our crew was with her all the way, taping what we believe are the best shots along the route.

We taped April 25th, as she pulled her first revenue trip to Bluefield and back, and on the 26th as she powered two runs out of Roanoke. That morning it was a round trip to Lynchburg, followed by a turnaround to the wye west of Vicker. Without a reset, 1218 was ferried to Norfolk on the 27th, and once again we were there.

All this, plus vintage film footage of other A's and several other N&W steam classes, add up to a steam show we think cannot be topped.

88 minutes. JMJ Productions 1987 & 2008

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DVD.Atlanta_Terminal.TW,cover.jpg DVD- Atlanta Terminal
NS and CSX jointly operate approximately three miles of trackage through midtown and downtown Atlanta. The joint trackage begins at Howell Wye, at the signal known as King Plow, on the NS side and winds its way through Atlanta. We set up on the West Marietta Street overpass to catch a large volume of NS intermodal and CSX freight trains entering Howell Wye. NS's South District receives several BNSF coal trains from Wyoming's Powerder River Basin to feed Georgia Power's Schere Plant, the largest caol-fires power plant in the world. For sheer volume it is hard to beat the Atlanta terminal.

1 hour 35 minutes

T&W Productions

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DVD.NW_Steam_in_the_EastSunday_River.jpg DVD- Norfolk and Western, Steam in the East
Steam in the East Series

It's hard to believe that such a film could exist - capturing the largest fleet of articulated ever built, operating on their original tracks, in this case, the western slope of the N&W mainline between Bluefield and Portsmouth, Ohio. See the agile A class with high speed manifest or rolling long strings of heavyweight cars at 70 MPH. The huge Y class sluggers carry their enormous low pressure cylinders like overloaded grocery bags under each arm. Listen while the slow-moving giants shake the Appalachians to their very roots on the heavy grades and the tortuous curves of the Tug Form. More than 100 run pasts from the bygone age of real railroading.

Sunday River Productions

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