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ClassJ.poster.jpg Class J Poster
This N&W Class J poster is compiled from multiple NWHS archives drawings showing the engineers side view of later J's (such as 611) with tender. The drawings include drivers, nose, rod, oiler, Baker value gear, and other detail drawing inserts as drawn by the N&W draftsmen. Poster size is 24" x 36" on heavy glossy paper stock, perfect for framing and display!

This poster is "fine art" for N&W J locomotive fans!

SKU# 136.04M $24.95
Stat.Cards.set.JPG Loco Statistics Cards (set)
Package of 12 locomotive statistics cards. Each 4"x10" card contains a builder's photo on the front and locomotive statistics on the back. Includes the following classes: A, E3, GP-9, J (B&W), J (Color), K2, RS-11, S1a, T-6, TE-1 (Jawn Henry), Y6, and Y6b.
SKU# 136.04L $12.95
prints_posters/OWL-Album-covers.3.jpg O. Winston Link- Album cover set
Set of five O. Winston Link LP album covers. New/Original, never used covers (back of cover includes album description, etc.). Includes Sounds of Steam Railroading, The Fading Giant, Thunder on Blue Ridge, 2nd Pigeon and the Mocking Bird and Mainline to Panther.
Each cover measures 12.5" square.

Perfect for framing!!

SKU# 143.25 $39.95
prints_posters/Print_N&W_Memories.jpg Print- Norfolk & Western Memories
Painted by Robert West, the print shows the Powhatan Arrow making it's stop in Petersburg, VA, just as another N&W passenger trains arrives on the adjacent track. In full color, the poster measures 28" x 18".
SKU# 136.04F $29.95
prints_posters/Print_N&W_VGN_Smith.jpg Print- VGN and N&W at Kellysville
This limited print by the late Princeton, WV artist, Carlton L. Smith shows Virginian electrics and N&W J trains at Kellysville, WV. Only 150 prints will be made, and each print will be numbered. Size is 17" x 21"
SKU# 136.04K $29.95
prints_posters/Print_ClassJ611_Flanary.jpg Print- J Locomotive
She was "Queen of the Fleet"... and this beautifully detailed painting of the 611 is available for your train room wall! Lovingly painted in color by Ron Flanary, the print meaures 11" x 18".
SKU# 136.04G $7.95