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All models are HO scale unless otherwise noted.
Something that the market has been missing for years. The correct style and design of station name lettering to paint on the ends of depots, in HO scale. This was produced after years of research and study and make a perfect companion to your N&W second class depot. There are a large number of alphabet characters if you wish to piece your own together, plus some pre-made ones for several locations on each division. Each set consists of two full sheets.

HO Scale!

Two sheets!

  [NWHS] HO Scale Depot End Lettering SKU# 135.103 $11.00  
133.51.jpg Model: N&W 2-story Section Foreman’s House (HO SCALE)
In 2017 we introduced the 1 story section foreman’s house to rave reviews. A totally new laser-cut kit that filled a true missing link in the N&W heritage. Now in 2020, we have yet another new N&W structure. Carefully crafted from original plans from our Archives is the 2 story section foreman’s house.

The section foreman’s house was a common structure along the N&W in many places, and the single story version may be slightly more common, but the all new kit features the 2-story variety that was also common. Every N&W layout should have at least one of these structures, if not more, make a few varieties, customize them for your era and layout. There are varieties of these buildings, and if nothing else, use them as regular residences on your railroad. What a true way to get an N&W flavor to your railroad. Shipping very soon, unexpected shipping delays have been encountered!

  • HO Scale
  • Laser cut wood kit
  Model: N&W 2-story Section Foreman’s House (HO SCALE) SKU# 133.51 $70.00  
SectionForemanHouse.jpg Model: N&W Section Foreman House
In the days prior to mechanization, track gangs would maintain a specific section, usually 10-15 miles long. Each section was lead by a section foreman. The foreman had to be on call all the time, and the company provided a home along the right of way, near his section for he and his family to live in.
  • Laser cut wood kit
  • N&WHS Exclusive!
  • Never previously released!
  • Photo of actual model!
  • HO Scale shipping now
  • N Scale Coming soon!
  Model: N&W Section Foreman House (HO SCALE) SKU# 133.49 $45.00  
NW.RS-3.306.1.jpg Model: Bowser HO RS-3 Locomotive
Bowser N&W Alco RS-3 in HO scale.
  • Road numbers 300 and 307
  • Road number 307 is exclusive to NWHS!
  • Available as DCC ready
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #300 SKU# 134.54A2 $169.96  
  Model: Bowser HO RS-3 #307 SKU# 134.54C2 $169.96  
Mahone_1.r.jpg Model: Mahone-style Square Station
Depots are the most distinctive identity for your model railroad beyond your motive power. The Atlantic Mississippi and Ohio originated several “standard” designs for depots during its short life from 1871 to 1881. These designs were probably built on into the first decade of the N&W Railroad. No depot is totally “standard”, virtually every structure was built slightly different depending on the carpenter crew building it, the specific needs for the locality and modifications over the years. That being said, there were several standard designs for the AM&O. A towered design, best represented today by Rural Retreat and this square design. The square design was most prevalent between Roanoke and Norfolk, but was built at other locations as well.

This brand new kit is similar to depots at Vinton, Ivor, Shawsville and Wilson, there were other locations, but our documentation is limited. These beautiful kits will fit most any N&W layout, as some lasted well into the diesel era. At this writing, we know of at least one still surviving intact.

Brand New kit! Never previously offered!

  Model: Mahone-style Square Station (HO Scale) SKU# 134.49 $89.00  
  Model: Mahone-style Square Station (N Scale) SKU# 134.50 $62.50  
model.Cullen_station.s.jpg Model: Cullen Station - AMB Kit
Cullen Station is based on a structure once standing at milepost 133.9 on the Virginian Railway’s old Norfolk Division. The multipurpose station had provided the town of Cullen, VA with both a freight and passenger depot. Situated along the trackage running from Victoria to Roanoke, the building housed the agent’s office, a 9’ 4” x 12’ 0” freight room with adjacent loading dock, and an attached open shed “waiting room”. We believe the structure to have been erected before the First World War and photographs suggest it remained in service after the Virginian’s merger in to Norfolk Western in 1959 on through the early 1970s.

HO Scale Kit

SKU# 134.29 $29.95
Cullen_Handcar_Shed.s.jpg Model: Cullen Handcar Shed - AMB Kit
Matched with the Cullen Station Kit is this replica of a standard design VGN two-bay Handcar/Maintenance Shed. The board and batten structure exhibits the usual array of AMB’s laser-cut kit features plus positionable doors with hardware and a dual track setoff.

HO Scale Kit

SKU# 134.30 $18.95