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BK.A_Trip_Shenandoah_Valley_B&O.jpg A Trip by Rail in the Shenandoah Valley
Written by NWHS member Bob Cohen, this book covers the B&O and Southern Railway line in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley: from Brunswick to Harpers Ferry on the mainline and then all the way up the Valley, 163 more miles in all, to Lexington, Virginia, via Strasburg and Harrisonburg.

Each station and its community is included with a basic history along with individual passenger station data. Every passenger station along that right-of-way is covered and nearly all have photographs, most from “way back when.”

Coverage is also included for other railroads that crossed or interchanged with the B&O and Southern at various points along the main line. This is the case at Charlestown, Winchester, Strasburg, Harrisonburg, Staunton and Lexington where the N&W, Pennsylvania RR, Winchester & Western, and C&O receive noteworthy attention.

Profusely illustrated with over 100 images, nine different maps, each strategically placed throughout the narrative, all help guide the reader through a region that has received far too little historical coverage up to the present.

Hardcover 160 pages, b/w and color images

by Bob Cohen

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138.201.jpg Altoona and the Pennsylvania Railroad Between a Roar and a Whimper
This 100 page, color/black, perfect bound, reinforced soft cover publication contains 228 photos, 3 full paintings, 2 multi-page maps and a chart of Altoona towers with additional text by John Denny, JR., Bill Strassner and Peter Barton. Features include the PRR in Altoona, the men and women of the PRR, Altoona’s trolleys and prominent buildings, and the Horseshoe Curve.

Altoona and the Pennsylvania Railroad...tells the story of Altoona's birth, the place chosen by the PRR to begin its operations. In this wilderness appeared makeshift shops and ribbons of steel rails. Men, hungry for work, rushed to the scene. Families followed. Up sprang houses, schools and churches along both sides of the tracks. In words and pictures, this book traces the growth of the railroad until Altoona housed the largest car shops in the world. Together, the city and the PRR became famous. The fame was due in part to the dedication of the men who spent most of their lives with the railroad; also the women who shouldered the men's jobs during times of war. Nothing--not rigid work rules, dangerous and demanding jobs, low pay, or few benefits dampened the devotion they held for the Pennsy.

Authored by Altoonan Betty Loeb
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Baldwin-Felts_Detective Agency.jpg Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency
The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency

In a time when state and national police agencies had not yet been formed, William Gibboney Baldwin and Thomas Lee Felts created a firm of private detectives that became widely known and respected among law abiding citizens, and despised and feared by criminals and rabble rousers of all sorts.

The hundreds of men in the Baldwin-Felts Agency were thorough and fearless. Ready to go on a moments notice, they responded instantly whenever a train was robbed, a coal mine strike erupted into violence, or a murderer fled the scene of a crime. More often than not, they conducted their investigation, got their man, and protected him from angry mobs until a jury delivered its verdict.


by John A. Velke III

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BK.Billion_Dollar_Coalfield.jpg Billion Dollar Coalfield
Follow the N&W’s main line, branch lines, and spurs as the railway hauls coal from West Virginia’s McDowell County, – the heart of the “Billion Dollar Coalfield”

NWHS member, Alex Schust, tells the story of the first 100 years of the industrialization of McDowell County by following the N&W as it tunneled through Coaldale Mountain to reach the mining operations on Elkhorn Creek in 1888, through the construction of the last major mining operation at Munson, WV in 1947.

Hardcover, 640 pages, 516 B/W photographs

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coalwood.jpg Coalwood
Coalwood spans the history of the Carter Coal Company and the three communities built in the wilderness of McDowell County. The Coalwood narrative weaves historical information with the personal accounts of the people who lived and worked in the communities.

by Alex P. Schust

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pending.jpg Last Train to Dunlow

History from the Hollows of Wayne County, West Virginia and the coming of the N&W R/R 1870-1940.

Hardcover, 194 pages

By Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson

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BK.Murder_Along_the_Tracks.jpg Murder Along the Tracks

Violent Deaths along the Norfolk & Western in Wayne and Mingo Counties, West Virginia

Hardcover, 308 pages

By Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson

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BK.NW_Clinch_Valley_Line.jpg N&W Clinch Valley Line
Detailed history documents construction and operation of the N&W’s scenic line through the Clinch Valley area of southwest Virginia between Bluefield (Graham) and Norton. Coverage highlights include development of the towns and villages along the route, construction photographs of the rugged area between Pounding Mill and Cedar Bluff and between St. Paul and Coeburn, passenger service, freight service and the early years after the formation of Norfolk Southern and the assimilation of the former Interstate Railroad and the Southern Railway’s St. Charles Branch into the Clinch Valley District as the Clinch Valley Extension. Hard cover with color cover, 432 pages includes 48 page color section; includes 750+ photographs/sketches, 80+ maps/track charts and 75+ timetable entries plus miscellaneous tables, charts and sketches.

Hardcover 432 pages

by Ed Wolfe, Charles Wilson Jr., Paul Mandelkern

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NW-PowerInColor.V1.jpg Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 1
Switchers, Slugs, E's, F', & Electrics

Featuring switchers, E-units, F-units, slugs and former Virginian electrics. The N&W's miniscule switcher fleet grew rapidly with the 1964 expansion that included the Nickel Plate Road, the Wabash, and other railroads. Join us with a colorful look at N&W's switchers and slugs, the E's and F's acquired through the 1964 growth, and the electrics of the former Virginian Railway.

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

  Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 1 SKU# 138.219 $69.95  
NW-PowerInColor.V2.jpg Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 2
First-Generation Roadswitchers

Author Stephen Timko continues his all color series on N&W Power, this time focusing on first generation road switchers GP9s, RS3s, and other models built by Alco, Baldwin, EMD, FM acquired new or via mergers with the Virginian, Nickle Plate and Wabash are all featured! Some acquired units are shown in their original paint. Morning Sun books are known for their quality images and reproduction, so for an N&W-fan, this is an easy choice!

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

  Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 2 SKU# 138.221 $69.95  
NW-PowerInColor.V3.jpg Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 3
Second-Generation Roadswitchers & Newer Power

The final volume in this series features over 335 full color images of N& W’s 2nd-gen roadswitchers and newer power! Coverage includes former Nickel Plate GP30s, the lone GP35 and Alco C-420, ex-Wabash U25Bs, GP35s, and C-424s, as well as N&W-ordered power from the 1960s onward. GP’s, U-Boats, Centuries, and other models are featured. Illinois Terminal rare SD39s also appear!

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

September 1, 2019 Release!

  Norfolk & Western Power In Color Volume 3 SKU# 138.222 $69.95  
BK.N&W_Connellsville_District.jpg Norfolk & Western Railway Connellsville District

Pictorial book starting with the early 1962 99 year lease between the N&W and the P&WV., ending May 1990 when it was included in the new W&LE.

Hardbound with dust jacket, 144 B/W pages By Gene P. Schaeffer

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BK.NW_Steam_The_Last_30_Years.jpg Norfolk & Western Steam The Last 30 Years
N&W perfected its operation of steam locomotives in the 1930s-40s and was so efficient with them that it resisted dieselization longer than any other railroad. This book gives an overview of N&W steam locomotives operating in the period 1930-1960 with emphasis on the three classes that were the backbone of the fleet in that era: J-class 4-8-4s, A-Class simple articulated 2-6-6-4s, and the many Y-classes of 2-8-8-2 compound articulated.

Hardcover, 112 pages, TLC Publishing

by Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.

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NS_Loco_Directory_2015-2016.jpg Norfolk Southern Locomotive Directory 2015-2016
Directory of NS motive power for 2015-2016. Details complete roster, slugs, rebuilds, dispositions and spotting details. Includes photos of the various models. Includes the 20 unit heritage fleet, Veteran's unit, 911 and other unique NS locomotives! All locomotive photos in color!

Softcover, 208 pages

By Paul K. Withers

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138.208.jpg Pennsylvania Railroad Advertising Art 1859-1968
by Chuck Blardone and featuring the Ed Lied collection with an overview by Chis Baer, Hagley Museum &Archives

Printed in the USA
Includes posters, booklets, flyers, timetables,original artwork and various ephemeria
Hardbound, 284 pages, all-color, 11" x 9", 492 Images
All images restored to new or near-new condition
SKU# 138.208 $50.00
138.207.jpg Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas Revenue & Work Equipment, 1869 - 1968
by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood 2011

A 156 page book includes an Introduction covering an overview of freight cars and gondolas; PRR Gondolas from GA to G44, gondolas in Work Equipment service and an Epilog.

There are over 350 photos many with cars under load, in addition to numerous car diagrams and information tables. The book is in landscape format, 8½" x 11", on heavy paper, color and B&W.
SKU# 132.207 $25.00
books/book_railsrem2.jpg Rails Remembered - Vol 2
by Louis Newton
Recollections of railroading in the immediate post WWII era. The early chapters include Continental railroading while the author served with U.S. occupation forces in Italy. Later chapters are devoted to railroad operations in Knoxville, TN and other locations in the Southeast. Hard cover
SKU# 138.24 $59.95
books/book_railsrem3.jpg Rails Remembered - Vol 3
by Louis Newton
The author's account working as a special apprentice in the N&W's Mechanical Department from 1950 to March 1953. Describes operations in Shaffers Crossing as well as construction of new steam locomotives in the Roanoke Shops. Also covers trips over the Abingdon and North Carolina branches. Hard cover
SKU# 138.25 $59.95
books/book_railsrem4.jpg Rails Remembered - Vol. 4 -Tale of a Turbine
by Louis Newton
In a continuation of the "Rails Remembered" series, the author gives an amazing account of N&W's last efforts to waylay the arrival of the diesel, with the creation of a steam-turbine electric locomotive. It was given the Class No. TE-1, numbered 2300... but the world knew it as the "Jawn Henry." The experiment was a failure, and the unit existed only 3-1/2 years, being retired in 1957. Mr. Newton was employed by the N&W at the time, and had first-hand knowledge of this amazing machine.
The book includes construction photos, charts, comparative data, and many publicity photos. Hard cover
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Clinchfield_Santa_Train.jpg The Clinchfield Santa Train
The 75th Anniversary of the Santa Train in November of 2017 was a truly special event that was the talk of the rail fan world. A beautifully restored FP7 cab unit painted as Clinchfield 800 was the lead power for this special trip trailed by a SD45 in Clinchfield colors. Samuel Phillips had exclusive access to shoot much of the trip and recorded some truly magnificent images. Beautifully reproduced in full color, this book is also Samuel’s tribute to one of his favorite railroads; the Clinchfield. Samuel is an outstanding young photographer who’s work has been featured in many places including Trains Magazine, the Railroad Explorer and many others. This is an outstanding photographic record of a truly special train. For those readers who do not know, the Santa Train on the former Clinchfield has been running for 75 years and brings Santa to the remote and beautiful area of Southwestern Virginia and Kentucky, Santa distributes candy and gifts to many families in this economically depressed area.

48 page softcover 11 x 8.5 inch book. All-color.

By Samuel Phillips

  The Clinchfield Santa Train SKU# 139.212 $21.00  
NW_In_WestVirginia.jpg The N&W in West Virginia 1881 - 1959
Alex Schust has used his usual detailed and complete research to complete his newest book. The Norfolk & Western in West Virginia ~ 1881 - 1959, is a hard-cover, 9 X 12 book using 496 black/white pages, 120 maps, 300 pictures and sketches, 100 N&W drawings and plans, and 75 charts and tables to tell the story of the 201 miles of main line railroad operating from near Glen Lyn, Virginia to Kenova, West Virginia, and the approximate 150 smaller branch lines and spurs off of that main line. (Note: The Bluestone, North Fork, Tug Fork, Dry Fork, and Buchanan Branches are not covered in this book, but Potts Valley Branch is.) The book actually starts in 1872 with the New River Railroad, Mining and Manufacturing Company and its plans to reach the Flat-Top Coalfield and goes to 1959, just prior to the N&W-Virginian merger.

The book uses period correspondence, construction records, track charts, ICC Valuation records, newspaper articles and the Norfolk and Western Magazine to tell the who, why, what, when, where and how of the construction of the railroad from Glen Lyn to Kenova by both the Big Sandy and Twelve Pole routes. It also tells about the reconstruction of the railroad from a curvy, low-speed mountain railroad into a double tracked, high speed, low curvature main line. It discusses decisions made and not made and the reasons for the decisions. It discusses the building of the Bluefield, Eckman, Vivian, Williamson and Kenova Yards. It also discusses how the N&W became one of the biggest coal land owners in West Virginia.

The first six chapters discuss the building and the re-building of the main line. Chapter 7 discusses the Potts Valley Branch. Chapters 8 through 11 discuss how the railroad conquered the last frontier of southern West Virginia as it opened Mercer County, McDowell County, Mingo County and Wayne County to industrial development. Appendix 1 discusses the fight over the Guyandot River Valley in Wyoming County between the N&W, Virginian and C&O that started in 1902 and wasn’t settled until 1928. The book includes charts on mile post locations, surveys, bridge types and locations and constructions costs. It also includes an 11-page index that lists the branch lines and spurs, the contractors who graded the railroad, built the masonry, dug the tunnels and built the bridges and buildings for the N&W. It also includes the coal companies found in the Pocahontas, Tug River, Thacker and Kenova coalfields that were served by the N&W.

496 page hardcover 9x12 inch book

By Alex Schust

  The N&W in West Virginia 1881 - 1959 SKU# 138.213 $60.00  
138.202.jpg The Pennsylvania Railroad in Cincinnati
Co-authored by Rick Tipton and Keystone editor Chuck Blardone 2004

Before the Civil War, Cincinnati was the biggest town in “The West” - larger than St. Louis, and far larger than Chicago or Cleveland. Once the Pennsylvania Railroad reached Pittsburgh, Cincinnati was the great inland city to which the Railroad had to connect.

This book brings together photos, historical materials, and company records from sources both local and nationwide. It thus combines knowledge and images never before brought together. The book explores yards, stations, interlocking plants, and motive power over the 100 years the Pennsy came into Cincy, and shows that this part of the System was made up of both “standard” and highly nonstandard components. The 160 pages include 305 photos, three paintings, nine sidebars, six maps, and 44 assorted tables, posters, and track diagrams. All color originals are reproduced in color.

The book’s major sections include:
  • notes on the Pennsy’s local history and the Company’s relationship to other railroads in town
  • descriptions and photos of locations listed in employee timetables
  • roster and action shots of PRR steam and diesel in Cincinnati
  • detailed history and consists of the Cincinnati Limited
  • photo section dedicated to sleepers of the Cincinnati Limited
SKU# 138.202 $25.00
138.206.jpg The Pennsylvania Railroad in Columbus, Ohio
by Rick Tipton 2011

Hardbound 8½” x 11” 188 pages with 334 illustrations (the large majority, photos).
Chapter 1, A Short History of Columbus Railroads, PRR Lines into Columbus, Other Lines and Connections at Columbus;
Chapter 2, Columbus Union Depot and its Passenger Trains;
Chapter 3, St. Clair Avenue Enginehouse;
Chapter 4, Pennsy Freight Yards;
Chapter 5, 20th St. Shops;
Chapter 6, The Columbus & Newark (C&N);
Chapter 7, Columbus & Xenia (C&X);
Chapter 8, Chicago Columbus & Indiana Central (CC&IC);
Chapter 9, The Akron Branch (CA&C);
Chapter 10, The Sandusky Branch.

Maps in Rear Pocket: Columbus Railroads, 1893; Columbus Railroad Facilities, 1934; Columbus Railroads and Industries, 1962; Port Columbus to Olentangy, 1958, Yards in Columbus and Bradford, 1928; Alum Creek to “RA,” 1945; The Enginehouse at Spruce Street, c.1950; The Freight House at 4th & Naughten Sts., 1941; St. Clair Enginehouse and its Environs, 1951 and St. Clair Diesel Servicing Facilities, 1956.
SKU# 138.206 $45.00
138.211.jpg The Pennsylvania Railroad's Golden Triangle Main Line Panorama in the Pittsburgh Area
by Ken Kobus and Jack Consoli 1998

Authored by Ken Kobus and Jack Consoli of the PRRT&HS Pittsburgh Chapter, this 92-page perfect-bound, reinforced soft cover publication contains about 270 photographs, several maps, plus a separate foldout 11” x 34” map of the PFW&C between Pittsburgh and Conway ca. 1920s. Released in conjunction with the PRRT&HS 1998 annual meeting in Lancaster, the publication supplements the commemoration of 150 years of the PRR's presence in Pittsburgh, the traffic heart of the railroad's operations, begun with the authors' first book on this subject "The Pennsy in the Steel City.. .", published in 1996.

Photographic coverage includes locomotives, trains, stations, yards, bridges, engine houses, towers, and related facilities, from the 1860s to 1968, with a few photos from the early'70s. Maps identify all PRR lines in the Pittsburgh area. Narrative covers PRR Pittsburgh area history. Geographically the book covers from Pennsylvania Station, Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh to Pitcairn on the Main Line, Pittsburgh to Mingo Jct., Ohio on the Panhandle, Mingo Jct., Ohio to Rochester, Pa on the C&P, Pittsburgh to Beaver Falls on the Ft. Wayne , and Rochester, Pa. to New Castle on the PY&A
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books/BK.Trail_Of_Powhatan_Arrow.jpg Trail of the Powhatan Arrow
The N&W's Big Sandy Line
Kenova to Williamson WV.
Timeline roughly from 1902 to July 1958. In 1902 the final survey for the Big Sandy line began, and July 1958 marks the end of steam engines on the Powhatan Arrow.
300 page, hardcover
by Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson
SKU# 138.118 $29.95
VGN_The_Calendar_Years.jpg VGN Railway: The Calendar Years
This book has over 155 classic pictures from private collections showing a variety of Virginian Railway subjects and locations in Virginia / West Virginia from 1906 through the loss of the railroad's identity through merger in 1959. The large, almost full page pictures include employees, passengers, all types of locomotives, all types of rolling stock, structures, wrecks and beautiful scenes with informative, in-depth captions. These are the best from the first 10 years of the Virginian Classic Calendars plus many other photos. Printed in USA on 100lb coated, glossy paper.

Softcover 132 pages

by Aubrey Wiley

SKU# 138.182 $27.95
BK.Virginian_Railway_Heritage_Guide.jpg Virginian Railway Heritage Trail
NWHS member Aubrey Wiley is the man behind the creation of the Virginian Heritage trail and the author of this book. Containing over 175 pictures plus maps, the 90 page, hardback book covers the Virginian from its formation in 1907 to today's role in the Norfolk Southern Railroad. Over three dozen locations are recognized as significant to the operational success of the old Virginian. Bridging from the past to the present, these surviving places are covered in great detail with pictures, information from primary sources and stories from people who actually experienced the Virginian. In establishing the physical, 525 miles long Virginian Railway Heritage Trail (mainline plus three branches), the author developed contacts and new sources for heretofore unknown information and pictures of the Virginian. The operation of C&O passenger trains over the Virginian is just one example.

Hardcover, 90 pages

by Aubrey Wiley

SKU# 138.168 $31.95
Virginian_Railway_Memories.jpg Virginian Railway Memories
The Virginian Railway was built in the first decade of the twentieth century and flourished until being merged in N&W in 1959. With over 400 color and classic black & white pictures, the book tells the story of a most modern, colorful and interesting railroad. It includes 16 well written personal stories by people who worked on the old Virginian, had family who worked on the railroad or lived nearby. A good deal of local history is covered for dozens of cities, towns and communities served by the Virginian from Norfolk, Virginia, across south side Virginia, through the Piedmont, into the mountain foothills and deep in the coalfields of West Virginia. Maps, data and plans are in abundance to support the revelations found in this book.

This book is perfect for railroad historians, railfans, local and regional historians and model railroaders.

Hardcover, 233 pages

by Aubrey Wiley

SKU# 138.193 $49.95
WabashPower.In.Color.Diesel.Era.jpg Wabash Power in Color: The Diesel Era
Diesel power is covered in full from a single, small General Electric switcher, to the monster FM Train Masters. Includes an in-depth look at the Canadian F’s, and the second-generation orders from Alco, EMD, and GE—including units ordered by the Wabash but delivered as Norfolk & Western.

Shipping early February

128 page hardcover

By Stephen M. Timko

  Wabash Power in Color: The Diesel Era SKU# 138.220 $69.95  
138.204.jpg Women’s Aid PRR Cook Book
A reprint by the Society of a 1935 Cook Book 2008

A 120 page, perfect bound exact reprint of the PRR's Women's Aid Society Cookbook of 1935, 6-" x 9-1/8". Similar to a church cookbook, it contains favorite home cooking recipes from wives of PRR employees (including some prominent officers you'll recognize). Editor Chuck Blardone says it’s the most usable PRR cookbook he has ever seen. Your grandmother's recipes! A member wrote saying: “Thought you would like to know that I noticed my wife reading the PRR Cook Book at the kitchen table yesterday. She looked up with a big smile and said "This is a Great Cookbook!"

Everything reproduced exactly, with an added photo of PRR Women's Aid china, Corrections noted in the front and at the recipes affected, and a write up by Chris Baer on who made up the Women's Aid Society, and what it did. (The cover price of 75 cents is for the original, not this reprint.)
SKU# 138.204 $5.00