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BK.A_Trip_Shenandoah_Valley_B&O.jpg A Trip by Rail in the Shenandoah Valley
Written by NWHS member Bob Cohen, this book covers the B&O and Southern Railway line in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley: from Brunswick to Harpers Ferry on the mainline and then all the way up the Valley, 163 more miles in all, to Lexington, Virginia, via Strasburg and Harrisonburg.

Each station and its community is included with a basic history along with individual passenger station data. Every passenger station along that right-of-way is covered and nearly all have photographs, most from “way back when.”

Coverage is also included for other railroads that crossed or interchanged with the B&O and Southern at various points along the main line. This is the case at Charlestown, Winchester, Strasburg, Harrisonburg, Staunton and Lexington where the N&W, Pennsylvania RR, Winchester & Western, and C&O receive noteworthy attention.

Profusely illustrated with over 100 images, nine different maps, each strategically placed throughout the narrative, all help guide the reader through a region that has received far too little historical coverage up to the present.

Hardcover 160 pages, b/w and color images

by Bob Cohen

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African_American_Railroad_Workers_Roanoke.jpg African American Railroad Workers of Roanoke
The N&W, now the Norfolk Southern Corporation, has been in Roanoke for over a century. Since the company has employed many of the city's African Americans, the two histories are intertwined. The lives of Roanoke's black railroad workers span the generations from Jim Crow segregation to the civil rights era to today's diverse corporate workforce. Older generations toiled through labor-intensive jobs such as janitors and track laborers, paving the way for younger African Americans to become engineers, conductors and executives. Join author Sheree Scarborough as she interviews Roanoke's African American railroad workers and chronicles stories that are a powerful testament of personal adversity, struggle and triumph on the rail.

Softcover, History Press

By Sheree Scarborough

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AC_and_Y_in_Color.jpg Akron, Canton & Youngstown and Akron & Barberton Belt in Color
Photography by Benjamin T. Young

The history and operations of the Akron Canton & Youngstown RR and the Akron & Barberton Belt Line are examined mostly in color in this 128-page hardcover book. Equipment and facilities are also included.

Hardcover, 128 pages, Morning Sun Books

by Robert E. Lucas and the AC&Y Historical Society

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books/BK.Alco_Century_Series.V1.jpg Alco's Century Series - Vol. 1
Hundreds of superb, crisp photographs highlight this exhaustive new work on ALCO's early diesels. The book begins with a gistory of the company, then describes in detail the various models and roads that ran them. Each road has its own section, detailing the numbers of units bought, their use for that road, and their disposition when their lives were finished. The seven C-425 units that the N&W acquired from the wabash, as well as the eight they ordered on their own are included.

Limited quantity!
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books/BK.Alco_Century_Series.V2.jpg Alco's Century Series - Vol. 2
Six-Axle Models - Diesel Era
Includes the various models and road that ran them. Includes N&W model C-628
400 Photos

Limited quantity!
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BK.Appalachian_Coal_Mines_and_Railroads_In_Color_V2.jpg Appalachian Coal Mines and Railroads in Color Volume 2: Virginia
Noted Appalachian-area photographer Everett Young provides coverage of coal mining in the Old Dominion State—officially known as the Commonwealth of Virginia. Featured are the western Virginia coal mines and railroad operations of CSX and Norfolk Southern and their predecessor roads—the Louisville & Nashville, Clinchfield, C&O, N&W, Southern, Interstate and the Haysi Railroad. Over 270 never published photos are included.

Morning Sun

By Stephen M. Timko

SKU# 138.181 $59.95
Baldwin-Felts_Detective Agency.jpg Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency
The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency

In a time when state and national police agencies had not yet been formed, William Gibboney Baldwin and Thomas Lee Felts created a firm of private detectives that became widely known and respected among law abiding citizens, and despised and feared by criminals and rabble rousers of all sorts.

The hundreds of men in the Baldwin-Felts Agency were thorough and fearless. Ready to go on a moments notice, they responded instantly whenever a train was robbed, a coal mine strike erupted into violence, or a murderer fled the scene of a crime. More often than not, they conducted their investigation, got their man, and protected him from angry mobs until a jury delivered its verdict.


by John A. Velke III

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BK.Better_Take_Two_Guns.jpg Better Take Two Guns
The N&W's Special Agents (Railroad Detectives) and their W. Va. Cases.

"If you're goin to Mingo County, youd better take two guns!"
    Unidentified N&W passenger, 1905

This book documents the N&W special agents (railroad detectives) and their cases in a rough timeline from 1899 to the end of 1958 in West Virginia. Book recommended to anyone with an interest in West Virginia, in policing, or in railroads for an intimate portrait of the intersection of all three. Black and white with some photos/illustrations, 212 pages
By Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson
SKU# 138.132 $25.95
BK.Billion_Dollar_Coalfield.jpg Billion Dollar Coalfield
Follow the N&W’s main line, branch lines, and spurs as the railway hauls coal from West Virginia’s McDowell County, – the heart of the “Billion Dollar Coalfield”

NWHS member, Alex Schust, tells the story of the first 100 years of the industrialization of McDowell County by following the N&W as it tunneled through Coaldale Mountain to reach the mining operations on Elkhorn Creek in 1888, through the construction of the last major mining operation at Munson, WV in 1947.

Hardcover, 640 pages, 516 B/W photographs

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BK.Cass_Scenic_Railroad.01.jpg Cass Scenic Railroad
Noted rail historians and authors Bob Withers and Tim Hensley have produced an all-new, detailed history on the Cass Scenic Railroad. This book features many new and previously unpublished photos of the Cass Scenic Railroad and its predecessors. This book will surely be one of the standard references in the future. Any Cass or logging fan will want this book, featuring vintage color and black and white photos of the railroad and town with a colorful, readable text, including anecdotes from long-time Engineer Artie Barkley.

Hardcover, 238 pages with over 500 b/w and color photos and illustrations

by Tim Hensley and Bob Withers with Ken Miller

SKU# 138.173 $59.95
coalwood.jpg Coalwood
Coalwood spans the history of the Carter Coal Company and the three communities built in the wilderness of McDowell County. The Coalwood narrative weaves historical information with the personal accounts of the people who lived and worked in the communities.

by Alex P. Schust

SKU# 138.111 $49.95
DERECO_in_color.jpg DERECO in Color
The N&W Tests the Waters in the Northeast 1968-1972

Dereco was the N&W's attempt to counter the Penn Central merger's possible effects on its freight business. Acquisition of the Delaware and Hudson and Erie Lackawanna allowed the N&W to enter the lucrative Northeast market. However, the PC’s failure and an early season hurricane resulted in dissolution.

Many color pictures of N&W, D&H, EL with history and captions.

Hardcover, 128 pages with dustcover

Morning Sun

by Arthur J. Erdman

SKU# 138.191 $59.95
books/book_emd_sw8.jpg EMD's SW8 Locos
EMD introduced the 800 horsepower SW8 in 1950. Over the next four years, GM built 366 SW8's for 49 U.S. and Canadian customers. Class 1 carriers received 217 units, 97 went to short lines and terminal roads, and 52 to industrial operators, and each owner gave the units their own distinctive look. Some of these units went to the Wabash, which subsequently was merged into the Norfolk and Western. This book details the history of this medium-power unit with more than 250 color and black-and-white photos. 8.5"x11", 80 pages
SKU# 138.69 $19.95
High_Bridge_The_End_of_Our_Fifteen_Months_Labor.jpg High Bridge: The End of Our Fifteen Months Labor
This book, published by Friends of High Bridge Trail State Park commemorates the 100th anniversary of the completion of N&W's "High Bridge" over the Appomattox River in Prince Edward County.

It features historical images created by Willis Vail, Resident Engineer on the construction project in 1913-1914. Learn about the people, equipment, and methods used to build historic High Bridge. View 77 images produced from Vail's glass negatives. Read captions taken from Vail's own descriptions. See a reproduction of the Sep. 1914 Engineering News.

"This book chronicles the construction of one of the most significant bridges on the N&W Railway. Photos of the project by Resident Engineer Willis Vail show each step in the construction of this engineering marvel. The text does a masterful job of describing construction methods and techniques used over 100 years ago without being overly technical." - Ron Davis, President NWHS

Softcover, 96 pages

Edited and annotate by Bob Flippen

SKU# 138.186 $19.95
books/book_big_sandy.jpg Historic Coal Towns of the Big Sandy River Valley
by George D. Torok.

This guidebook presents an overview of the coal mining heritage of the Big Sandy River Valley and its many coal mining towns, including a general history of the valley and the coal book of the earlyi 1900s. There's a photo or two of every town as it exists today, if indeed it exists at all. 350 pages of text with descriptions and directions for getting there. Softcover.

SKU# 138.95 $24.95
BK.Railroads_of_North_Carolina.jpg IMAGES of Rail: Railroads of North Carolina
Since the opening of the first permanent railway in 1833, hundreds of railroad companies have operated in North Carolina. Over the years, North Carolina rail companies have ranged in size from well-engineered giants like the Southern Railway to temporary logging railroads like the Hemlock. This book compiled by rail enthusiast Alan Coleman, this volume used vintage photographs to capture the railroad companies that made their mark on North Carolina. Coleman is a technical writer/illustrator from Hickory, NC and is a member of both the Southern Railway Historical Association and NWHS!
Arcadia Publishing
by Alan Coleman

Limited quantity!
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pending.jpg Last Train to Dunlow

History from the Hollows of Wayne County, West Virginia and the coming of the N&W R/R 1870-1940.

Hardcover, 194 pages

By Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson

SKU# 138.163 $29.95
BK.Lost_at_Thaxton.jpg Lost at Thaxton

A storm like no one had ever seen caused tiny Wolf Creek in Thaxton, Virginia to rage in the darkness of night. An earthen fill that carried the railroad over the creek could not hold, and N&W passenger train Number Two plummeted into a hole in the earth that July 1889 night.

Written and extensively researched by the great-great grandson of the railroad section master at Thaxton, Lost at Thaxton tells the forgotten story of one of the worst railroad accidents in the history of Virginia, and the people that lived and died that night.

Softcover with black/white images, 216 pages

by Michael E. Jones

SKU# 138.171 $19.95
BK.Murder_Along_the_Tracks.jpg Murder Along the Tracks

Violent Deaths along the Norfolk & Western in Wayne and Mingo Counties, West Virginia

Hardcover, 308 pages

By Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson

SKU# 138.161 $29.95
NW_611.3_times_a_lady.jpg N&W 611 - Three times a Lady
This book covers the N&W Class J story and 611's own history, as well as her first excursion career and coverage of her 2014-2015 restoration. Numerous color and B/W photos and illustrations. Foreword by Preston Claytor.

Pocahontas Productions, Hardcover, 96 pages

by Tim Hensley and Ken Miller

Limited edition!

Shipping November 1 2015!!

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BK.NW_Clinch_Valley_Line.jpg N&W Clinch Valley Line
Detailed history documents construction and operation of the N&W’s scenic line through the Clinch Valley area of southwest Virginia between Bluefield (Graham) and Norton. Coverage highlights include development of the towns and villages along the route, construction photographs of the rugged area between Pounding Mill and Cedar Bluff and between St. Paul and Coeburn, passenger service, freight service and the early years after the formation of Norfolk Southern and the assimilation of the former Interstate Railroad and the Southern Railway’s St. Charles Branch into the Clinch Valley District as the Clinch Valley Extension. Hard cover with color cover, 432 pages includes 48 page color section; includes 750+ photographs/sketches, 80+ maps/track charts and 75+ timetable entries plus miscellaneous tables, charts and sketches.

Hardcover 432 pages

by Ed Wolfe, Charles Wilson Jr., Paul Mandelkern

SKU# 138.176 $65.00
BK.NW_In_Color_Vol2.jpg N&W In Color Vol 2: 1964-1973
The 1964 merger of N&W with the Nickel Plate and Wabash mixed up the staid N&W diesel roster. Throw in the Akron Canton & Youngstown and a wild assortment of diesel types had to be assimilated.

By Stephen M. Timko

SKU# 138.148 $59.95
BK.NW_in_Color_Vol3_1974-1982.jpg N&W In Color Vol 3: 1974-1982
After a decade of absorbing the Nickel Plate and Wabash, the expanded Norfolk & Western finds its stride and a new NW logo.

By Stephen M. Timko

SKU# 138.150 $59.95
BK.NW_Powhatn_Arrow_Dixon.jpg N&W Powhatan Arrow
This book details the equipment, motive power, schedules, services, and overall life of the Powhatan Arrow, Norfolk & Western's flagship train from 1946 until its discontinuances in 1969. Using photos, advertising art, timetables, and maps, the author not only describes the train and its service in detail, but sets it in the context of its eras: when it was inaugurated (1946), when it received new cars (1949), when it was downgraded (1958), and when it was discontinued (1969).

By Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.,
Softbound, 110 pages
SKU# 138.134 $24.95
NW_Railway_Steam_Pictorial.JPG N&W Railway Steam Pictorial
Photography by Benjamin T. Young

This book features steam locomotives of the Norfolk & Western Railway during the late 1950s with steam locomotives. Images of the A, J, and Y classes as well as S, K, & M classes are all present. The book primarily focuses on activity at Shaffers Crossing Engine Terminal in Roanoke and at Crewe Virginia, but several other locations are also found within the publication. This landscape book is printed on high-quality 80 pound sterling premium gloss paper and features over 100 black and white photographs of Benjamin T. Young. To our knowledge this is the first time his work is being published.

Hardcover, 80 pages

by Benjamin L. Bernhart

SKU# 138.189 $29.95
NW_Giant_of_Steam_revised.jpg N&W: Giant of Steam (Revised Edition)
The most definitive story of N&W steam ever written has been updated, revised, and re-printed! At the time of its original publication in 1980, this book, authored by Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries, gave us the story of N&W steam as complete as possible and as no other ever had... but as great it was, there were gaps in the information, due simply to the facts not being available at that time.

Hardcover with dust cover, 350 pages

By Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries

SKU# 138.99 $59.95
BK.N&W_Connellsville_District.jpg Norfolk & Western Railway Connellsville District

Pictorial book starting with the early 1962 99 year lease between the N&W and the P&WV., ending May 1990 when it was included in the new W&LE.

Hardbound with dust jacket, 144 B/W pages By Gene P. Schaeffer

SKU# 138.140 $50.00
BK.NW_Steam_The_Last_30_Years.jpg Norfolk & Western Steam The Last 30 Years
N&W perfected its operation of steam locomotives in the 1930s-40s and was so efficient with them that it resisted dieselization longer than any other railroad. This book gives an overview of N&W steam locomotives operating in the period 1930-1960 with emphasis on the three classes that were the backbone of the fleet in that era: J-class 4-8-4s, A-Class simple articulated 2-6-6-4s, and the many Y-classes of 2-8-8-2 compound articulated.

Hardcover, 112 pages, TLC Publishing

by Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.

SKU# 138.166 $29.95
BK.NS.Portrait_20.jpg Norfolk Southern - Portrait 20
Portrait 20 is a reflection on where Norfolk Southern has been and where it is heading as the company marks its 20th anniversary in 2002.
Within, trace the bloodlines represented by predecessor railroads that reach back to the earliest days of industrial America. Track the Thoroughbred's path through intense competition, technological advances, expansions, challenges, disappointments and successes.
Hardcover, Norfolk Southern Corporation.
SKU# 138.135 $39.95
BK.NS_Heritage_in_Color.jpg Norfolk Southern Heritage in Color

Travel back to see the genesis of the fabled Norfolk Southern Heritage units that roamed far and wide in 2012 and 2013. See what the designers and painters based their work on and how they interpreted it against images of the original vintage diesel units.

Hardcover, 128 pages, Morning Sun

by Jeremy F. Plant and Brian D. Plant

SKU# 138.174 $59.95
Norfolk_Southern_in_Action.jpg Norfolk Southern in Action
This picture books shows Norfolk Southern diesels in various locations. Includes NS heritage units along with NS business train. All pictures in full color with minimum captions.

Hardcover, 80 pages

Photos by Brandon Townley, edited by Benjamin L. Bernhart

SKU# 138.187 $29.95
BK.NS_Loco_Directory_2014-2015.jpg Norfolk Southern Locomotive Directory 2014-2015
Directory of NS motive power for 2014-2015. Details complete roster, slugs, rebuilds, dispositions and spotting details. Includes photos of the various models. Includes the 20 unit heritage fleet and Veteran's unit!


By Paul K. Withers

SKU# 138.190 $29.95
books/book_loco_builders.jpg North American Steam Locomotive Builders & their Insignia
History of all U.S. and Canadian steam locomotive builders with data on their complete output. Truly a steam lover's delight!

272 pages.

SKU# 138.97 $31.95
BK.NS_Heritage_Fleet.jpg NS Heritage Fleet
This book contains a selective look at some of the NS Heritage units from their debut in Spencer, NC last July to action photos taken as recently as March 2013. The photos are featured in color, fully displaying these beautiful paint schemes. This includes locomotives painted for the N&W, VGN, NKP, Wabash, IT, Southern, Interstate, Central of Georgia, NS, S&A, NYC, PRR, Monongahela, PC, Lackawanna, Erie, Lehigh Valley, Jersey Central, Reading and Conrail.

Hardcover, 80 pages

by Benjamin L. Bernhart

SKU# 138.169 $29.95
books/OWL_man_museum.jpg O. Winston Link--The Man and the Museum
Prepared especially for guests at the new O. Winston LInk Museum in Roanoke, this new publication is now available for purchase by all! It's a 50 page tribute to Mr. Link, and tells how the new Link Museum came to be. Includes many of his classic photos, as well as photos of both his pre-N&W and post-N&W work in photography. A special section details the history and refurbishment of the classic Roanoke passenger station, now home to the museum.


Limited quantity!

SKU# 138.87 $14.95
NS_Pier_6.jpg Pier 6: Fifty Years of World-Class Service
Norfolk Southern promotional book covering 50th anniversary of coal loading Pier 6 located in Norfolk Virginia. Includes pictures and history of Pier 6. Includes DVD.

Softcover, color, 80 pages

SKU# 138.185 $18.95
books/BK.Princeton_Times_Pictorial_History.jpg Princeton Times Pictorial History
An effort by the people who lived in Princeton, WV to build a pictorial history of the area. Photos are taken from the Princeton Times, and captions have been added. Photos of weddings, school functions, businesses, fires, etc.
SKU# 138.102 $12.95
books/book_railsrem2.jpg Rails Remembered - Vol 2
by Louis Newton
Recollections of railroading in the immediate post WWII era. The early chapters include Continental railroading while the author served with U.S. occupation forces in Italy. Later chapters are devoted to railroad operations in Knoxville, TN and other locations in the Southeast. Hard cover
SKU# 138.24 $59.95
books/book_railsrem3.jpg Rails Remembered - Vol 3
by Louis Newton
The author's account working as a special apprentice in the N&W's Mechanical Department from 1950 to March 1953. Describes operations in Shaffers Crossing as well as construction of new steam locomotives in the Roanoke Shops. Also covers trips over the Abingdon and North Carolina branches. Hard cover
SKU# 138.25 $59.95
books/book_railsrem4.jpg Rails Remembered - Vol. 4 -Tale of a Turbine
by Louis Newton
In a continuation of the "Rails Remembered" series, the author gives an amazing account of N&W's last efforts to waylay the arrival of the diesel, with the creation of a steam-turbine electric locomotive. It was given the Class No. TE-1, numbered 2300... but the world knew it as the "Jawn Henry." The experiment was a failure, and the unit existed only 3-1/2 years, being retired in 1957. Mr. Newton was employed by the N&W at the time, and had first-hand knowledge of this amazing machine.
The book includes construction photos, charts, comparative data, and many publicity photos. Hard cover
SKU# 138.75 $59.95
Roanoke_Locomotive_Shops_and_the_NW.jpg Roanoke Locomotive Shops and the N&W
The Roanoke Shops have been an indispensable part of the Roanoke Valley for more than 125 years. This pictorial history chronicles the history since its founding in 1881. With more than 200 images, many of which have never been published. Includes history from the Roanoke Machine Works days, N&W and on to current NS operations.

Authored by NWHS member Wayne McKinney.

Softcover, 128 pages, Arcadia Publishing

By Wayne McKinney

SKU# 138.180 $21.99
BK.SteamSteelStars.jpg Steam, Steel & Stars
Photography by O. Winston Link

The glorious late years of steam railroading in America -- 1955 to 1960 -- are powerfully documented in this captivating book of 90 O. Winston Link images. The riveting black-and-white photographs, made at night to capture the drama and energy of the great trains in action, cover the N&W and also offer a nostalgic portrayal of trackside rural American life.

144 Pages

Text by Tim Hensley

Limited quantity!

SKU# 138.67 $39.95
books/BK.Stock_Car_Cylopedia_V1.jpg Stock Car Cylopedia Vol 1
This photo-documented history of the stock car features fold-out illustrations from Mainline Modeler. Many of the photographs, text and support information found in this book have been as of yet unpublished. Now it can be found in this easy reference collection. Making this book and excellent resource and reference guide for both railfans and modelers alike. 100 pages, Softcover, Black and White photographs.
By Robert L. Hundman
SKU# 138.113 $29.95
BK.Trackside_around_Norfolk_with_Kurt_Reisweber.1.jpg Trackside around Norfolk with Kurt Reisweber
The intriguing railroading around Norfolk, Virginia is expertly described by the author in this 128 page book. Norfolk is toured through the lens of cameraman Soph Marty in the 1950s and followed up by the work of author Reisweber and others during the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Hardcover, 128 pages, Morning Sun

By Kurt Reisweber

SKU# 138.175 $59.95
books/BK.Trackside_around_WV.jpg Trackside around West Virginia
Journalist Bob Withers relates his early railfanning days on the N&W, C&O, B&O, NYC and shortlines in his home state of West Virginia from 1963-1968. Covers the N&W from Bluefield to Kenova. Also coverage of Cass Scenic Railroad, Buffalo Creek & Gauley, Meadow River Lumber Co. and Ely Thomas Lumber Co.

Limited quantity!
SKU# 138.108 $59.95
BK.Trackside_Western_Ohio_1965-1995.jpg Trackside around Western Ohio 1965-1995 with Dave McKay
Re-vist the PC, B&O, N&W, C&O, EL, CR and several smaller roades like D&TSL, Toledo Terminal and Muskingum Electric. Photography by Dave McKay. Enjoy his photographs of Western Ohio before the mega-mergers!
Morning Sun Books, hardcover
by Stephen M. Timko
SKU# 138.133 $59.95
BK.Trackside_Virginia_West_Virginia_Steam_with_August_Thieme.1.jpg Trackside in search of Virginia and West Virginia Steam with August Thieme

While this book has a small taste of big mainline steam, it is devoted to those small steam roads in Virginia and West Virginia that continued to operate in the 1950’s well after most other roads had turned to diesel. Photographer Thieme gave special emphasis to logging roads, the operations of which are illustrated in colorful detail. Written by NWHS member Bill McClure!

by William G. McClure, published by Morning Sun Books

SKU# 138.155 $59.95
books/BK.TrackSide_Mid-Atlantic_States.jpg Trackside in the Mid-Atlantic States
A late 1940’s-1950’s tour of the Lackawanna, B&O, Reading, CNJ, EBT, VGN, C&O, Pennsy, N&W when steam ruled and early diesels were just arriving from the builders.
by Kevin Holland and Robert J. Yanosey

Limited quantity!
SKU# 138.121 $59.95
BK.Trackside_in_the_South_1946-1959.jpg Trackside in the South 1948-1959
Pre-1950's color railroad photography in the South is exceptionally rare and this book covers it! N&W, C&O, Southern, L&N, CofG, Clinchfield, and more. Photography by Vincent A. Purn and John A. Knauff
128 pages, Morning Sun Books
by Kevin J. Holland and Robert J. Yanosey

Limited quantity!
SKU# 138.124 $59.95
BK.Trackside_in_the_Virginias_1954-1969.jpg Trackside in the Virginias 1954-1969
See N&W, B&O, C&O, Virginian, Southern, ACL, Seaboard, RF&P, NYC, Cass, WM, and others in Virginia and West Virginia in color. Some excellent shots! Photography by Wayne Sherwin
128 pages, Morning Sun Books
by William R. Sparkmon
SKU# 138.130 $59.95
books/BK.Trail_Of_Powhatan_Arrow.jpg Trail of the Powhatan Arrow
The N&W's Big Sandy Line
Kenova to Williamson WV.
Timeline roughly from 1902 to July 1958. In 1902 the final survey for the Big Sandy line began, and July 1958 marks the end of steam engines on the Powhatan Arrow.
300 page, hardcover
by Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson
SKU# 138.118 $29.95
Victoria-Stories.jpg Victoria Stories
You'll remember your own childhood with smiles and reflection as Jenean Hall draws you into life in a small Southern town. Through true recounts of a lifetime of vignettes, this collection of personal memories and local lore takes you back in time in a way that has you visualizing each story as it unfolds.

Whether you grew up in a small town, grew up in the 50's or you're simply curious about life in a simpler time, this book is an absolute delight to read.

Put it on your list for summer reading, your book club selection and for holiday and birthday gift giving. It's sure to please those who want to step away from the hustle of modern times and enjoy a stroll through the simplicity of days in a bustling railroad town.

208 pages by Jenean Hall

Limited quantity!

SKU# 138.153 $13.95
BK.Virginian_Railway_Heritage_Guide.jpg Virginian Railway Heritage Trail
NWHS member Aubrey Wiley is the man behind the creation of the Virginian Heritage trail and the author of this book. Containing over 175 pictures plus maps, the 90 page, hardback book covers the Virginian from its formation in 1907 to today's role in the Norfolk Southern Railroad. Over three dozen locations are recognized as significant to the operational success of the old Virginian. Bridging from the past to the present, these surviving places are covered in great detail with pictures, information from primary sources and stories from people who actually experienced the Virginian. In establishing the physical, 525 miles long Virginian Railway Heritage Trail (mainline plus three branches), the author developed contacts and new sources for heretofore unknown information and pictures of the Virginian. The operation of C&O passenger trains over the Virginian is just one example.

Hardcover, 90 pages

by Aubrey Wiley

SKU# 138.168 $31.95
books/book_vgnrwy_in_color.jpg Virginian Railway in Color
by William McClure and Jeremy Plant

The steam, diesel, and electric operations of the fabulous Virginian are reviewed in full color during the 1950s. Amazing never-before-seen photos...crisp, clear and beautiful! Views from virtually the entire Virginian are included in this superbly designed volume. 128 pages, hard cover

SKU# 138.88 $59.95
Virginian_Railway_Memories.jpg Virginian Railway Memories
The Virginian Railway was built in the first decade of the twentieth century and flourished until being merged in N&W in 1959. With over 400 color and classic black & white pictures, the book tells the story of a most modern, colorful and interesting railroad. It includes 16 well written personal stories by people who worked on the old Virginian, had family who worked on the railroad or lived nearby. A good deal of local history is covered for dozens of cities, towns and communities served by the Virginian from Norfolk, Virginia, across south side Virginia, through the Piedmont, into the mountain foothills and deep in the coalfields of West Virginia. Maps, data and plans are in abundance to support the revelations found in this book.

This book is perfect for railroad historians, railfans, local and regional historians and model railroaders.

Hardcover, 233 pages

by Aubrey Wiley

SKU# 138.193 $49.95
BK.Wab.NickelPlate.DTI.jpg Wabash / Nickel Plate / DT&I Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
More than 300 color views of these Mid-Western fallen flags. Includes Wabash, NJI&I, American Refrigerator Transit, Nickle Plate, DT&I, Ann Arbor and M&LS
128 pages, hardcover, published by Morning Sun Books
by James Kinkaid
SKU# 138.123 $59.95
books/BK.WabashInColor_Vol2.jpg Wabash in Color Volume 2
Follow the Flag and examine the railroad which left the rails in 1964. With the Wabash operating one of the more unique diesel rosters and all of them are shown on this tour spanning the entire system! Features more than 240 color photographs.
By Michael C. Kelly

Limited quantity!
SKU# 138.115 $49.95
books/book_wab_trackside.jpg Wabash Trackside with Emery Gulash
Follow the Wabash as its diesel fleet highballs hotshot auto traffic and fabled passenger trains! You'll enjoy the fantastic color photography of Emery Gulash not only in the Wabash's heyday, but after its merger with the N&W as well!

Limited quantity!
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BK.West_Virginia_Railroads_Vol_4.jpg West Virginia Railroads: Vol 4 The Virginian Railway
Written by N&WHS member Lloyd Lewis, this book gives data and historical background on the Virginian Railroad in West Virginia. Includes previously un-published photos with about 220 black & white photos, along with maps and track charts.

Hardcover, 128 pages, TLC Publishing

By Lloyd D. Lewis

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BK.Wheels_Aflame_Whistle_Wide_Open.jpg Wheels Aflame, Whistle Wide Open
Train Wrecks of the N&W Railroad

Covering wrecks in West Virginia from 1892 through 1959.

Hardcover, 299 pages

By Jack L. Dickinson and Kay Stamper Dickinson

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