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N&W Six-Eleven Revised N&W Six-Eleven 3 Times a Lady Revised

While technically not a “new” book, this edition has been significantly revised to consider it as new. This book was originally released in late 2015 and sold out in less than a year. Now, totally revised to bring it up to 2021 adding 32 pages and reformatted to a new vertical format publication. Foreword by Preston Claytor.

128 page expanded edition, updated to 2021, this is the complete story of world-famous Norfolk and Western Class J, No. 611. 128 detailed pages give background on Norfolk and Western motive power development, the arrival of the Class J and their service through the end of 1959.

A detailed history of the 611 itself, to retirement, follows with the effort to save her from the scrapper’s torch and the first resurrection in 1982-1994, and her third charmed return in 2015 as an excursion locomotive. This edition has over 200 illustrations, drawing on the vast N&W Historical Society Archives collection, of both mechanical drawings and excellent photos. The book is color throughout with both color and black and white images to illustrate the text.

Limited edition produced by Pocahontas Productions in conjunction with the Norfolk and Western Historical Society. This is a signed numbered edition and once it is gone, it is gone. Orders will be provided numbered copies, based on the time stamp of their order. So the earlier your order, the lower the number!

By Timothy R. Hensley and Kenneth L. Miller

  N&W Six-Eleven 3 Times a Lady Revised SKU# 138.94A $54.95  
150.53.1 Thirteen Scoops Around The Box, Memoirs of an Appalachian Railroad Man
At long last a brand new book from the Society by well known steam authority Ed King. This is a different take on your normal railroad book. Ed has written a fictional, but very authentic “memoir” by a man named King, who hired out on the N&W in 1903 and follows his career through May 1950 when he retired. While it may be fictional, it is truly based on reality, using authentic N&W places, locomotives and descriptions. The closest I can come to this style book is the one by a Pennsylvania Engineer entitled “Set Up Running”.

This is a very interesting read, beginning with the young man coming out of Bristol, VA, traveling to Roanoke and hiring out as a fireman on the Radford Division. The tale rings authenticity all the way around, but as Ed said “it is fiction in case I don’t get a place or location or time frame exactly right,” not to mention its not a real person, at least in that time. Regardless, this will be a tremendous addition to your N&W library! As you read, you will forget that this is not an actual story.

Book is now at the printer, expected inhouse in early October. This will be a nice, hard cover book, 9 x 12 size, 208 pages, with 225 illustrations. It will be printed like our other books, glossy, heavyweight paper and color covers. NOW IN STOCK!

208 pages, hardcover with 225 photos and maps

By Ed King

  Thirteen Scoops Around The Box, Memoirs of an Appalachian Railroad Man SKU# 150.53 $64.95  
The_A_NW_Mercedes_of_Steam_revised.jpg The "A" (Revised Edition)
Norfolk & Western's Mercedes of Steam

THE history of N&W Class A locomotive has been revised by author Ed King!

The original book about this most productive of locomotives has been greatly expanded to include much information not available to the author at the first writing, plus a foldout featuring side elevation drawings of the locomotive and the various tenders it pulled, plus many more photographs (color & B/W). Appendices covering N&W's tenders and the testing of Pennsy Q2 4-4-6-4 conducted on the Scioto Division in August, 1948.

Hardcover with dust cover, 212 pages

By Ed King

SKU# 139.11 $64.95
BK.NW_as_I_knew_it.jpg The Norfolk and Western... As I Knew It!

A photographic pilgrimage to preserve the images of N&W steam power

From rail photographer August A. Thieme, this coffee table size volume features over 150 B&W images of steam trains in operation from Norfolk to Bluefield and beyond during the 40's and 50's. See the A, J, and Y class locomotives at their absolute peak... along with E, K, M and Z classes. Electrics in operation between Bluefield and Iaeger. Includes Shenandoah division, Abingdon Branch, Blacksburg Branch!

Hard cover with dust jacket, 11"x14" format 175 pages

by August A. Thieme

Published by Norfolk and Western Historical Society!

Reduced Price!

SKU# 139.10 $45.00
NW_Giant_of_Steam_revised.jpg N&W: Giant of Steam (Revised Edition)
The most definitive story of N&W steam ever written has been updated, revised, and re-printed! At the time of its original publication in 1980, this book, authored by Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries, gave us the story of N&W steam as complete as possible and as no other ever had... but as great it was, there were gaps in the information, due simply to the facts not being available at that time.

Hardcover with dust cover, 350 pages

By Colonel Lewis Ingles Jeffries

SKU# 138.99 $59.95
Buchanan.NW_Branch.Lines.jpg Buchanan – Levisa – Dismal Creek ~ Norfolk & Western Branch Lines
The Norfolk & Western Historical Society’s newest Branch Line Series book uses 248 pages, 93 photographs, 62 drawings and 27 maps to tell how the W.M. Ritter Lumber Company built its narrow-gauge Big Sandy & Cumberland logging railroad from Devon, West Virginia to Grundy, Virginia between 1900 and 1916, how the lumber company extended its logging railroad along the Levisa Fork between 1918 and 1925, and how the N&W acquired the narrow-gauge common carrier and logging railroad in 1923 and made it the basis of the standard gauge Buchanan and Levisa Branch Lines.

Hardcover (first 500, softcover on additional printing), 248 pages

by Alex Schust

SKU# 139.21 $43.95
NW_in_Ohio_Scioto_Division.1890-1930.jpg N&W in Ohio: Scioto Division 1890-1930
This soft-cover publication uses 176 black/white pages, 14 maps, 143 photographs and 121 N&W drawings and charts to tell the story of the 242 miles of main line operating between North Kenova and Columbus and Cincinnati. The N&W constructed about eight of those 242 miles and bought the rest. NWHS’s newest publication uses construction records, track charts, ICC Valuation records, newspaper articles and the Norfolk and Western Magazine to tell the why, how, who, what and when of the Ohio portion of this N&W Division. The book details what parts of the Scioto Division the N&W built and which parts were acquired from other railroads between 1890 and 1901. One entire chapter devoted to the building of the East Portsmouth and Joyce Avenue Yards.

Softcover, perfect bound, 176 pages

by Alex Schust

SKU# 139.20 $34.95
Clinch_Valley.NW_District_line.2.JPG Clinch Valley: N&W District Line
This books covers the Clinch Valley District mile by mile. The book is developed around the 1916 Resurvey, the 1916 N&W Industrial Guide, and 1917 ICC Valuation of the Clinch Valley main line and each of its major branch lines – Big Creek, Town Hill Creek, Coal Creek, Honaker, Russell Creek, Little Tom, Marion, and Big Toms Creek. The 1916 Resurvey included details on 43 different Clinch Valley spurs and branches. The purchase and operation of both the Lewis Creek and Dumps Creek Branches are also included. Details on the construction of the District Line are taken from the original 1886-1892 construction ledgers. The 224 pages of “Clinch Valley: Norfolk & Western District Line” uses over 95 photographs, 183 drawings, 47 maps, and 27 Time Tables to illustrate and guide the reader through the history of the railroad. Many of the drawings are taken from the 1916 Resurvey Field Notebooks and the 1917 ICC Valuation notebooks

Softcover, perfect bound, 224 pages

by Alex Schust and Mason Cooper

SKU# 139.19 $34.95
BK.Dry_Fork_Norfolk_and_Western_Branch_Line.jpg Dry Fork - N&W Branch Line
Dry Fork - Norfolk & Western Branch Line, the fourth book in the NWHS’s Branch Line series, is the most extensive book to date with 182 pages. The soft-cover publication uses 118 black/white photographs, 28 maps, and 120 N&W drawings and charts to tell the story of the 44.73 miles of railroad constructed from Dry Fork Junction near Iaeger, West Virginia, to Cedar Bluff, Virginia. Seven color photographs are used on the covers. The Dry Fork Branch, officially started operating in 1906 and is still operating in 2013 as it provides an alternate route between Iaeger and Bluefield. NWHS’s newest publication uses the original surveys, construction records, track charts, siding agreements, contracts, maps and photographs to tell the why, how, who, what and when of this branch of the N&W. Learn why the coal operators had to pay the construction costs. Learn how the branch line changed over the years. Topology maps are used to show the location of the original mines and modern road maps are provided for the railfan. Detailed tipple track charts aid the model railroader in building realistic model railroad mining operations.

By Alex Schust, Mason Cooper

SKU# 139.17 $31.95
BK.Bluestone_Norfolk_and_Western_Branch_Line.jpg Bluestone - N&W Branch Line
Bluestone - Norfolk & Western Branch Line is the first in a series of NWHS publications about major branch lines of the N&W. This 128-page, soft cover book has over 130 black and white pictures plus an additional 70 maps, charts and time tables to take the reader from the first crossing of the Bluestone in 1884 to the last major coal operation on the branch line shutting down in 1984. The book uses the 1927 track chart as a basis for describing the curves, bridges and grades as tracks were laid to serve the 21 major coal operations on the branch. The book also uses the N&W Railroad records to explain how the Flat-Top Extension and its proposed pathway to the Ohio River became the Bluestone Branch.

By Alex Schust, Mason Cooper, Ken Bowen, Buddy French

SKU# 139.14 $27.95
BK.North_Fork_Norfolk_and_Western_Branch_Line.jpg North Fork - N&W Branch Line
North Fork – Norfolk & Western Branch Line, second book in NWHS’s Branch Line series, is a soft-cover publication using 104 pages, 84 black/white pictures and 77 maps and charts to tell the story of the 7.3 miles of railroad that ran from Northfork to Crumpler in McDowell County, West Virginia. The branch line operated from 1891 to 1986 and produced nearly 120 million tons of coal from 12 mining operations over its operating life. NWHS’s newest publication uses construction records, track charts, siding agreements, contracts, maps and photographs to tell the why, how, who, what and when of this branch of the N&W. Learn why the coal operators had to pay the construction costs. Learn how the branch line changed over the years. There are photographs from the 1890s, 1912 topology maps and modern road maps for the railfan. Detailed tipple track charts aid the model railroader in building realistic model railroad mining operations

By Alex Schust, Mason Cooper

SKU# 139.15 $27.95
BK.Tug_Fork_Norfolk_and_Western_Branch_Line.s.jpg Tug Fork - N&W Branch Line
Tug Fork - Norfolk & Western Branch Line, 148 pages contains 186 pictures and 81 maps and charts that take the reader over the 35 miles of branch lines that ran from Welch, through Gary and Wilcoe, to end points at Filbert, Leckie, Jenkinjones and Munson. Tug Fork Branch went operational in 1903 and some parts of the branch and its 42 miles of siding track are still operating in 2012. The branch line served 26 commercial mines, 3 coal preparation plants and hauled over 410 million tons of coal to points east and west by 1988 when the large underground mines closed. “Tug Fork”, the third in the NWHS Branch Line series of books is similar in format to “Bluestone” and “North Fork.” Separate chapters cover Welch to Gary, Sand Lick Branch, Gary to Leckie, North Fork Branch (Anawalt to Jenkinjones) and South Fork Branch (Black Wolf to Munson) and Passenger Service and a complete Index. The book includes ICC Valuation photographs, siding maps, track charts, construction records, Field Book notes and much more. It is a must for any railfan exploring the “Tug Fork” and anyone interested in N&W history.

By Alex Schust, Mason Cooper

SKU# 139.16 $31.95
bk.NW_Electrices.jpg N&W Electrics
This book covers the whole history of electric train operation on the N&W which eventually ran from Iaeger to Bluefield. Also includes details of the VGN electric operation after the 1959 merger. Many B/W photos and maps. Excellent book on the challenges of the original Elkhorn tunnel with steam and the electric "solution"!

Written by NWHS member Mason Cooper. This is a softcover reprint of the out-of-print hardcover edition.


Softcover, 128 pages with index, published by NWHS

by Mason Y. Cooper

SKU# 139.13 $34.95
BK.NW_Pocahontas_Division.JPG N&W Pocahontas Division
Mason Cooper's new 334-page hardback book uses 260 B/W photos and 45 maps/drawings to take the reader through the building and operation of the N&W's Pocahontas Division from the first shipment of coal in 1883 to the N&W-Southern merger in 1982. Mason's research extends through N&W documents, historical data, magazine articles and personal stories to present both facts and recollections on how the division was constructed and operated. Mason's in-depth research shows how the railroad was built, why the railroad was built, and the personal side of operating on the Pocahontas Division over the years.

By Mason Cooper

SKU# 139.12 $59.95
books/book_caboose.jpg Cabooses of the Norfolk & Western
A definitive work by Society members Robert G. Bowers and James F. Brewer. Hardcover; 30 chapters, 4 appendices and Epilogue in 248 pages; 200 B&W and 19 color photos with numerous diagrams. This massive volume covers every class of N&W caboose, including those from merged lines.
SKU# 139.01 $49.50
books/signal_aspects.jpg Norfolk & Western Diagrams of Signal Aspects
The original publication by the N&W gives every signal aspect for the railroad, circa 1960, with complete diagrams, indications, and names. Reprinted by the N&WHS in FULL COLOR. If you love the old signals, this 20 page booklet is a treasure trove of information!
SKU# 142.11 $18.95
books/BK.NW_Signal_Diagrams.jpg Norfolk & Western Signal Diagrams
This original N&W Signal Diagram book was produced from Archives material. It includes diagrams of bases, towers, signal heads, transformer cases, and the hardware associated with this important part of the railroad's daily operations. 65 pages, Spiral bound
SKU# 142.06 $19.95
BK.The_Norfolk_and_Western_Strike_of_1978.jpg The Norfolk & Western Strike of 1978

After the 1978 N&W eighty-two day strike ended, John P. Fishwick, N&W President and CEO, commissioned Robert E. Bedingfield to write a book about the strike. He gave every member of the Strike Team a copy. In his forward to the book, Mr. Fishwick wrote: “This book has been prepared primarily for those who manned the railroads during the strike”. You can now purchase a copy of the N&W Historical Society reprinting of this 6” X 9” hardback 399 page record of the strike, and read personal accounts of service by supervisors who kept the N&W rolling. There are management assessment and performance records, as well as job assignments of those who kept the N&W alive. The N&W was one of five Class A rail lines that were picketed. Read the stories of how they made history.

By Robert E. Bedingfield


Hardbound, 6" x 9", no photos. 399+ pages.

Reduced Price!

SKU# 142.13 $12.00