North Fork - N&W Branch Line

North Fork – Norfolk & Western Branch Line, second book in NWHS’s Branch Line series, is a soft-cover publication using 104 pages, 84 black/white pictures and 77 maps and charts to tell the story of the 7.3 miles of railroad that ran from Northfork to Crumpler in McDowell County, West Virginia. The branch line operated from 1891 to 1986 and produced nearly 120 million tons of coal from 12 mining operations over its operating life. NWHS’s newest publication uses construction records, track charts, siding agreements, contracts, maps and photographs to tell the why, how, who, what and when of this branch of the N&W. Learn why the coal operators had to pay the construction costs. Learn how the branch line changed over the years. There are photographs from the 1890s, 1912 topology maps and modern road maps for the railfan. Detailed tipple track charts aid the model railroader in building realistic model railroad mining operations.

By Alex Schust, Mason Cooper

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