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Links IN - Other Organizations' Links to the N&WHS Web Site

N&WHS welcomes links to any part of its site (www.nwhs.org) from all who wish to do so. However, no link may present or display a product or activity in a way that states or implies N&WHS endorsement.

Links OUT - N&WHS Links to Other Organizations

Generally, N&WHS links to historical, educational, and non-profit organizations that share or augment its preservation mission and N&W / VGN focus.

N&WHS does not routinely out-link to private or commercial websites. However, on a case-by-case basis, the Society will consider requests from such groups or persons to out-link to their web sites. N&WHS will grant such requests only where it is determined that such links will clearly support the Society's mission, and where it is clearly determined that such links will not jeopardize the Society's integrity, standing, or programs.

From time to time, N&WHS may also decide on its own, not based on any request, to outlink to private, comercial, or for-profit web sites. The same criteria described described above will apply. Such links may be short or long-term, at the discretion of the Society.


To be considered for outlinks from the N&WHS, contact the webmaster at (web_team@nwhs.org).

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