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Cover Title: N&W Wrecks
Cover Subtitle: Part 2: 1948 - 1953
On the Cover: Following the fatal explosion at Eastwood, Ohio on August 23, 1950, Y-5 2114 received a new boiler and other improvements including covered sand pipes, sheathed smokebox and pilot snow boards. Shown at Bluefield, W. Va. on May 21, 1953.
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From The Editor - James F. Brewer
N&W Wrecks: 1948-1953 / Part Two - Ed Lyon
  Photo Y-5 2114 at Clare (Cincinnati), Ohio on February 18, 1950, just six months prior to her fatal blast at Eastwood, Ohio. Note the dome throttle, exposed sand pipes and exposed smokebox; these are clear indications this was a "before" photograph. The "fender" on the pony truck wheel of many Y-5's is clearly shown. (Tom Dressler Collection)
  Photo The late Robert A. "Bob" Lyon took this photo of the N&W manifest freight wreck at South Point, Ohio on March 26, 1949. Mr. Lyon, father of the author, lived in Ironton during the 1930s, 40s and early 50s. He died in February 1987. (Ed Lyon Collection)
  Photo A work crew of several hundred men repair track on the N&W main line following the derailment of 18 cars of a 156 car westbound coal train on July 1, 1950 about one mile east of Coal Grove, Ohio. Barely visible in the background is the original two lane bridge to Ashland, Ky. Build in the late 1920s. A portion of the N&W main in the Coal Grove vicinity was later moved 100 to 200 feet in several locations during the construction of new Route 52. (Ironton Tribune photo/Ed Lyon Collection)
  Photo Standing as a constant reminder of the tragedy of August 23, 1950, this line side pole at Mile Post 35 plus 680 ft. still has a piece of one and a half inch pipe embedded from the explosion of 2114.  (Tom Dressler Collection)
  Photo May 12, 1948 C&O T-1 3020 exploded just north of Chillicothe, Ohio killing the head end crew. Hundreds of superheater tubes, blown forward by the force of the blast, extend beyond the front of the engine. Parts of the smokebox front may be seen to the right of the locomotive.  (C&O Historical Society Collection)
  Photo The force of the blast not only blew the superheater tubes out of the front of the boiler but also forced the ash pans and firebox grates down onto the trailing truck. (C&O Historical Society Collection)
  Photo Ground level view of the Powhatan Arrow wreck, discussed in Part One, from a vantage point acress Borrow Pit. (Tom Dressler Collection)
  Photo Ill fated locomotive 607 and its sister pictured here, 609, were among six built in 1943 without streamline cowling. In 1944 all were refitted with streamline cowling and lightweight rods. Eastbound 609 has just passed under the Ironton-Russell Bridge in this 1955 photo. Visible at left is the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton traks and the Ironton flood wall. (Tom Dressler Collection)
  Table Chronological List of Accidents, 1948 - 1953
N&W Class FD Flatcar - John Snidow
  Drawing The January/February 1991 issue of the N&WHS Newsletter contained an excellent modeling article by John Snidow on modifying the Tichy flatcar kit to a N&W class FD. Unfortunately, the drawings needed to complete the project did not appear in that issue. They are provided here for those of you who want to model this interesting N&W flatcar. (John Snidow)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Society News - James N. Gillum
Pocahontas Paint Shop - James Nichols
Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
Vol. 7, No. 3 May / June 1991  Issue Select