Vol. 7, No. 1 January / February 1991  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Coal Piers
Cover Subtitle: Part 4
On the Cover: This photograph shows several interesting items; at left is the elevator to raise conveyor cars to the upper level of pier #4, aboard the dual elevators near the top are conveyor cars 7 and 12, in the lower left can be seen an empty conveyor car returning to the dumper, from this angle it can be seen that the caternary system had two paralle wires, in the center is the spring switch and kick-back track for returning empty cars back shoreward, at the right in the distance is pier #5 with its own dumper and loading chute.
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Society News - Rick Stone
Coal Piers, Part 4 - Rick Stone
  Photo Photo #2 shows the car barney pushing a loaded coal car up the incline into the rotary dumper. The employee riding the car is responsible for the braking of the car as retarders were not available to stop the car on the dumper. Also note the reinforcement over the center of the ties to keep the barney cable from cutting into them. (August Theime photo, May 17, 1957)
  Photo Photo #3 has the car tipped over spilling its load into a waiting conveyor car. Note that the conveyor car tracks were toward the center of the dumper structure with one dumping tripping to the right and the other tipping ot the left. The little shanty ot the left contains the breakman durin the dusty dumping cycle. The breakman does not appear for the ride up to the dumper or the ride back to the empty yard. (Auust Thieme photo May 17, 1957)
  Photo Photo #4 taken of the other dumper from #3 shows a car tipped to about the 60 degree position. The four devices with pulleys (three clearly shown) were the retaining bars to hold the car onto the track in the inverted position. The cable allowed the clamps to be lifted off the car so that they could be rolled in and out. (Auust Thieme photo May 17, 1957)
  Photo Photo #5 now the car is at the 135 degree position approximately the end of its travel now the car clamps can be seen (lower left), with the cables wrapping across brackets on the dumper, holding the car up onto the track.  (August Thieme photo May 17, 1957)
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Vol. 7, No. 1 January / February 1991  Issue Select