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Cover Title: 50 Years Ago
Cover Subtitle: Remnants of Hurricane Camille brings major flooding to the N&W's Shenandoah Valley
On the Cover: 50 years ago the remnants of Hurricane Camille left a lot of destruction and death across central and western Virginia. The N&W's Shenandoah Division was badly hit between Glasgow and Vesuvius. This issue is heavily oriented to Camille's aftermath. Inset: Aug. 19-20, 1969 wash-out at Big Hole south of rock cut MP170 about 3 miles south of Vesuvius, VA. Main photo is view of northbound train. No. 96 at Midvale.
Articles In This Issue
Hurricane Camille / A Historical Overview - Ken Miller
  Photo A view looking outside of Lovingston area along Rt 29 in Nelson County. It was taken near Muddy Creek and looking north. Note evidence of flooding, mudslides, and erosion along the highway.  (Virginia Governor's Negative Collection, Library of Virginia)
  Photo A C&O Geep No. 6207 is working with a ballast train across the C&O bridge at Norwood. But the RT. 626 highway bridge has been completely washed out. This scene is located in Nelson County near the intersection of Rts. 655 and 626. Notice the fresh fill on the railroad bridge. (Virginia Governor's Negative Collection, Library of Virginia)
From Southern Railway TIES Magazine, September 1969 - TIES Magazine Southern Railway
  Photo An aerial view of the Southern Railway crossing at the Tye River looking north. The bridge was washed away leaving only the rails behind. The collapsed piers can be seen below. The track curving off to the left of the photo above is the short line Virginia Blue Ridge. (Virginia Governor's Negative Collection, Library of Virginia)
  Photo These two views give the reader an idea of the size of the Tye River bridge with N&W 511 and excursion train. The top view is July 8, 1984 taken from the west side of the bridge near the former Virginia Blue Ridge right-of-way. The bottom view, looking west shows the peaceful river valley on September 6, 1982 on 611's first trip north. It is hard to imagine the water being so violent and high to take out such an impressive bridge. (Rick Johnson)
Hurricane Camille in the "Iron Valley" & Rockbridge County, VA - Jimmy Lisle
  Map This is the territory involved in the destruction of the N&W left by the remnants of Hurricane Camille. For readability, not all rivers and streams are shown, and rail lines not involved in flood damage are depicted with fainter lines. (US Department of the Interior/USGS w/additions and customization by Ken Miller)
  Drawing 1968 track chart for the section of the Shenandoah Division affected by the remains of Hurricane Camille, from Glasgow on the left, north to Vesuvius on the right. Some locations mentioned in the article are noted on the other maps. (NWHS Archives Collection)
  Map Topo map is the USGS map excerpt 1967 (US Department of the Interior/USGS)
  Photo Aug. 19-20, 1969 South of MP 169 at Route 608 road crossing. Campbell Home (Vesuvius) slide caused by Hurricane Camille caused track to be pushed over into Campbell's yard. (J.L. Comer Sr. Collection)
  Photo (Two photos) Aug. 19-20, 1969 Washout at Big Hole south of rock cut MP 170 about 3 miles south of Vesuvius. (J.L. Comer Sr. Collection)
  Photo (2 photos) Remains of the Ve4suvius Plow and Foundry gives one an idea of the damage at this and many other locations along the Shenandoah Division. (Fitzgerald Photo)
  Photo Ten cars of coal, two 100 ton cars of corn and one car of lettuce were washed off the track by water from South River during the night. Engineer G.E Gibson, Conductor C.A. Crissman, Brakeman O.P. Slough, and A.W. Bayse. (J.L. Comer Sr. Collection)
  Photo Taken after water receded at Loch Laird, Bridge 436. Brick home in the picture belongs to Tom Dickenson. Home near water belongs to Palmer Hartless (left). (J.L. Comer Sr. Collection)
  Photo Looking down on the town of Glasgow. To the upper right is the C&O and the dam at Balcony Falls (later removed because of its relation to the flood). The Maury River passes from the upper left to right and under the C&O bridge. The N&W tracks are out of sight below the aircraft. The connection to the N&W is underwater coming off the C&O as shown by the arrow. (J.L. Comer Sr. Collection)
  Photo Taken north of the road crossing at Midvale, Va. Crossing is near the house on the right. (J.L. Comer Sr. Collection)
  Photo Wash out at Midvale showing the water level and various cars washed around. (J.L. Comer Sr. Collection)
Vol. 35, No. 3 July / September 2019  Issue Select