Vol. 21, No. 2 March / April 2005  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Williamson: An Early History
Cover Subtitle: Reflections on the "A"
On the Cover: The coal dock at Williamson as diesels begin to replace the A's and Y's in the late 1950s.
Articles In This Issue
Williamson / A Period History - A. Cheff
  Photo Ariel view of Williamson in winter, from an article published in 1933 in the Norfolk and Western Magazine (Norfolk and Western Magazine)
  Photo Two Y2s rest under smoke bonnets in the roundhouse at Williamson in undated image (no. 2044 and 203?) (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo The original yard and engine facilities at Williamson were rebuilt between 1921 and 1928. Also shows lubritorium constructed at later date (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo YMCA constructed 1907 near the roundhouse for crews laying over (N&WHS Archives)
True Confessions / Tales of the Iron Road - Skip Salmon
  Sidebar This half page article recounts events while working during the 1978 strike of the BRAC. (author)
Reflections on the Class "A" / A Personal Vision - Dr. E. L. Huddleston
  Photo 1234 on a clear day in 1953 in Irontown, Ohio, with auxilary tank and empty hopper train (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo 1234 on a clear day in 1953 in Irontown, Ohio, with auxilary tank and empty hopper train. closer view than previous photo (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Class A no 1213 in Williamson station with white flags. Rear of observation car on Powhatan Arrow visible on next track across station platform. Obs car number appears to be 581  (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Class A no 1211 in Columbus on August 24, 1954. Wooden water tank and coaling tower also visible in photo. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Class A no 1236 at Williamson, undated (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Class A no. 1226 at Crewe on June 20, 1955. Engineer side view (N&WHS Archives)
In Scale: New Resin Kits in HO Great Additions / New B-4/B-4A Boxcar Kits - Bill McClure
  Photo builders photo of N&W 52350, class , B-4A, blt 4-40 (James Gillum collection)
  Photo Class B-4 #52420, a member of the third group of cars built in 1940, displays the later 9" road name in San Diego on November 13, 1955. The kits feature custom decals with both lettering styles: the initial 7" road name with an ampersand, and this style adopted in 1952. (James Gillum collection)
Book Review / The 1932 ARA Standard Boxcar - James F. Brewer
  Sidebar contains approximately 285 black and white photos in 269 pages in 8.5 x 11" format (author)
Motor Car #13 / An Early Hy-railer - Roger F. Whitt
  Photo Motor car #13, a streamlined yellow motor car constructed about 1938 (Warren Butt)
Nuggets From the Archives / The N&W Lifeline: A Winter Drama - Gordon Hamilton
  Photo M Class 382 on the Abingdon Branch (N&WHS Archives)
The Tennessean / Modeling N&W HW Pullmans - James Nichols
  Photo Ten Section lounge car Appomattox air conditioned by Pullman in 1934 (Jim Nichols collection)
  Photo 12 section 1 drawing room car Buchanan were among a group of heavyweight sleepers air conditioned by Pullman in 1934 (Jim Nichols collection)
The Virginian Local / Virginian Caboose 342 Arrives in Victoria, Virginia; Virginian Railway-Coalfields Seminar April 2005 - Tom Salmon
  Photo Virginian Railway C-10 Class caboose #342, one of 26 built in 1949, sits on its new pad in Victoria, Virginia, on December 22, 2004, following its move from Roanoke.  (Greg Elam)
N&W Units Remaining / 314 units remaining as of 01/2005 - Robert G. Bowers
  Table Table of all former N&W diesel units still in service on NS as of January 2005. The table lists road numbers, year built, builder, model designation, number of axles and horsepower rating. Includes some slugs (author's research)
Vol. 21, No. 2 March / April 2005  Issue Select