Vol. 4, No. 5 September / October 1988  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Shenandoah Junction
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On the Cover: N&W K1 No. 127 is pulling Train No. 13 past the end of the passing siding at Shenandoah Junction
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Society News - Unknown Unknown
Shenandoah Junction Update - Rick Morrison
  Photo B&O pacifid 4-6-2 #5316 headed eastbound at Shenandoah Junction. The telltale warning is for the N&W mainline bridge which can jsut barely be seen through the smoke over the passenger cars. (photo believed to be by E.A. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Jim KIng Collection)
  Photo The freight house (right) and th epassenger station (left) can be clearly seen here. Facing south the N&W interchange tracks can clearly be seen.  (Photo by Bill Rinn, contributed by Rick Morrison)
  Photo Facing north at Shenandoah Jct. the N&W mainline can be seen going to the left. (Photo by Bill Rinn, contributed by Rick Morrison)
  Photo The N&W interchnage tracks approaching the passenger station from the south. (Photo by Bill Rinn, contributed by Rick Morrison)
  Photo The lower tracks belong to the B&O. The bridge is the N&W mainline. Note the cut stone on the right side of the bridge. (Photo by Bill Rinn, contributed by Rick Morrison)
  Photo The passenger station separates the tracks with the N&W interchange tracks going left and tghe b&O's tracks going to the right. (Photo by Bill Rinn, contributed by Rick Morrison)
PG Coach / N&W Modernized Class Pg Coach - Bob Chapman
  Photo This is the starting point for the Pg caoch conversion, except you need two of these. (Robert Chapman photo)
  Photo Th ecompleted model and 1988 N&WHS Passenger Car model winner. An excellent representation of the modernized Pg Class coach. These cars are N&W typical well into the streamline era. (Robert Chapman photo)
Alco Historic Photos - James N. Gillum
Projected Book / Norfolk and Western Diesels - Unknown Unknown
Current News - Unknown Unknown
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review / Front Range Products ACF 2 and 3 Covered Hoppers - Chris Toth
Book Review / Tidewater Triangle - Ann Billau
1988 Contest Review - Dean A. Freytag
Product Review / Front Range Products EMD GP-7 and GP-9 - Chris Toth
Product Review / Overland Models N&W O Scale Y3a 2-8-8-2 - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo The 18,000 gallon fishbelly underframe tender features opening doghouse door and water hatch. (Tom Dressler Collection)
  Photo The fireman's side of the overland O Sclae N&W Y3a, a highly detailed, smooth running model.  (Tom Dressler Collection)
  Photo With the cab removed the added length of the extended firebox needed to hide the oversized Pittman motor is evident. (Tom Dressler Collection)
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Crossing Signs - N&W Railway
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Track Signs - N&W Railway
Vol. 4, No. 5 September / October 1988  Issue Select