Vol. 7, No. 4 July / August 1991  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Bellevue 1991
Cover Subtitle: Convention coverage
On the Cover: Several units are being serviced in the Bellevue engine shops. EMD and GE units receive attention. This photo was taken during the N&WHS convention tour.
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From The Editor - James F. Brewer
Bellevue 1991 - James F. Brewer
  Photo The Bellevue roundhouse built in 1946 no longer services locomotives of any type. Today it is used to maintain MOW and roadway repair vehicles. The turntable is still operational. (Jim Brewer)
  Photo NKP RSD12 #329 and Dynamometer Car #x50041 are just part of the extensive equipment collection at the Mad River & NKP Museum (Jim Brewer)
  Photo Jordan Spreader awaits call to service outside of the Bellevue roundhouse. (Jim Brewer)
  Photo A jet engine powered snow blower takes a "spring break" awaiting maintenance in preparation for next winter's work. (Jim Brewer)
  Photo N&W Crane #514900 and flatcar are assigned to Bellevue car repair shops. Crane is used primarily to rerail cars. (Jim Brewer)
  Photo Virginian-VGN Trainmaster by Marty Swartz (photo of model) (Mason Cooper)
  Photo Diesel-ex-Wabash F7A by John Snidow (photo of model) (Mason Cooper)
  Photo Passenger Car-VGN Baggage by John Munson (photo of model) (Mason Cooper)
  Photo Steam Locomotive-N&W by Tom Dressler (photo of model) (Mason Cooper)
  Photo Caboose-Bay window by Trent Hulbert (photo of model) (Mason Cooper)
  Photo Coal Car-N&W H10 by Jim Six (photo of model) (Mason Cooper)
  Photo Freight Car-Carcoal Service by Dean Freytag (photo of model) (Mason Cooper)
  Photo MOW-Crane by Trent Hulbert (Mason Cooper)
Calender Call 1992 - Mason Y. Cooper
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Reflections on the Convention - Dean A. Freytag; Jim Six
The Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
The Powatan Modler - Thomas D. Dressler
Drawing of N&W Ry Co. Buisness Car No. 100 - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
Vol. 7, No. 4 July / August 1991  Issue Select