Vol. 16, No. 5 September / October 2000  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Convention 2000
Cover Subtitle: Less is more (more or less), Boiler improvements to N&W's Y5s & Y6s
On the Cover: N&WHS members take a close-up look at some classic power... GP18 #1284, presently working daily at Ceredo Docks in Kenova, WV. This is one of several locomotives at that facility, and each carries an interesting number system: the locomotive number reflects the date they were acquired from predecessor roads. No. 1284, therefore, has been on the roster since December, 1984.
Articles In This Issue
Convention 2000 / Coal Mining: You've come a long way, baby! - Jarrell Greever; Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
  Photo Gracious hosts at the coal mine at East Lynn, WV gave us a tour of the complete facility, shown here, from the highest roof to deep below the ground. Grounds were immaculate, and gaining knowlege of today's coal-minig procedures proved fascinating! (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Long ignored, this original N&W passenger shed at Lavalette drew more attention in the few minutes N&WHS members were there than it's seen in dozens of years combined. (Charles Wilson Photo)
  Photo Deep inside the East Lynn Mine, we learn that what is achieved by a few hundred employees today, would have taken thousands 50 years ago. (Charles Wilson Photo)
  Photo The control room of the coal-loading facility got a little crowded, but for most of us, seeing 100 empties getting loaded was first time experience. (Charles Wilson Photo)
  Photo The rotary dumper handles hoppers like toys... emptying the coal onto a conveyor belt that carries the black diamonds on to the barge loading facility. Below, tugs are lined up up, ready to handle the barges. (Charles Wilson Photo)
  Photo The N&W coaling tower at Pritchard, like the one in Bluefield, still stands. Weeds have completed about half their journey to the top.
  Photo Jim Gillum awards the Precision Transportation Award to Mason Cooper, and to Jarrell Greever (James F. Brewer, Jarrell Greever)
And the Winners Are... / Our convention Contest Winners in Huntington - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
  Photo Favorite Train: Steve Rinear, N&W E-8 with passenger train (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Caboose: Bob Moore, VGN C-7x M-O-W caboose (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Passenger car: Jim Nichols, Powhatan Arrow Dome car (proposed, never built) (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Coal Car: Jim Nichols, N&W Class HUa (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Locomotive, diesel: Mark Trinka, N&W C-628 (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Locomotive, steam: Pat Ryan N&W Y4 (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Display: Monroe Stewart, Freighter "Laura Hughes" at dock (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Non-Revenue: Charlie Long, Jordan Spreader (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Virginian: Monroe Stewart, VGN Tug "William R. Coe" (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Photo: Zachary Scellato, "Winter on the Property" (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Structure: David Robinette, Grundy, VA passenger station (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo What if?: Jarrell Greever: Computer generated ad for "Today's" Powhatan Arrow (George and Laura Hughes)
  Photo Freight Car: Gary Price, Ventilated Box car (George and Laura Hughes)
Less is More (More or Less) / Boiler Improvement to the Y5 and Y6 Class - David R. Stephenson
Growing Up on the Right Side of the Tracks / Memories of the N&W began at and early age - Frank N. Hunter
  Photo The Hillsboro Branch local passes the author's grandparents home... an thus is born indelible memories from a child of a railroad family.
  Photo The N&W pumphouse was a great place for a friendly card game (among other things), and was a curiosity for a young boy.
  Photo The Pocahontas approaches Sardinia; many times the author was aboard.
  Drawing This is the "preliminary sketch", done by the author, of his painting titled "The Powhatan Arrow prepares to leave Portsmouth, Ohio Easter morning, 1957." The finished 4'x6' work presently hangs in the Museum of Southern Ohio.
N&W Freight Car Roster / First of a series... beginning in 1935 - James F. Brewer
  Table Norfolk & Western Railway Freight Car Roster, 1/2/1935
The Tennessean / A primer on passenger cars - James Nichols
  Photo Photo of Al Gerard models of Class A #1206, #1207, #1208 (Al Gerard)
The Virginian Local / The VGN coaling station at Elmore - Martin E. Swartz
  Photo Class USE #741 gets topped off at the Elmore coaling station in June of 1950. (Richard J. Cook Photo / Martin E. Swartz collection)
  Photo Weathering has made the line between the concrete base and the steel top of the coaling station more apparent. Maintaining the crusher unit in the top of this thing would not be a comfortable task in the summer! On the other hand, the sand drier room at ground level would be cozy in winter, don't you imagine? (Collection of Thomas R. Marshall, Jr)
  Drawing Elevation showing general arrangement of Elmore coaling and sanding station
Vol. 16, No. 5 September / October 2000  Issue Select