Vol. 16, No. 4 July / August 2000  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: "Gateway To the Future" Cincinnati Union Terminal, The Glorious Conclusion of the Cincinnati Story
Cover Subtitle: "I Saved an N&W Signal!", Improving the N&WHS "Fishbelly" Hopper
On the Cover: The Powhatan Arrow, stunning in its "as built" dress (note skirts on the coaches), steams out of Cincinnati Union Terminal promptly at 8:20 a.m. in the early 50s. The skirts would be removed for easier maintenance not long after this date, and future downgrades soon followed when the train never received the patronage it deserved. Class J #601
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An old friend gets a new hat - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
  Photo The Class M's were the only power the Virginian Creeper ever knew... until diesels, that is. The Class M #433 did handle the train occasionally, but predominately it was #429's chore.
The Cincinnati Story: A Glorious Conclusion / The completed Cincinnati Union Terminal: Inside and Out - Gary Rolih
  Photo The Cincinnati Union Terminal, park and fountain just before opening day. Sculptured into the stone on the left side of the entrance is a female figure, representing transportation, and on the right, a male figure, representing commerce. Centered in the mass of frosted windows is the giant clock, believed to be the largest in the city at that time.  (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo The massive front domed window, from just inside the facility. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo From the main floor the passenger walked through this entrance past the checked baggage office into the concourse to reach his train. This passage has two murals depicting the city officials involved in the construction of the terminal. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo The huge inlaid all wood mosaic of the United States and the time zones, as well as the eastern and western hemispheres of the earth, sat over a luncheonette counter at the end of the concourse. Sadly, when the train concourse was demolished int the 70's, this mosaic was simply too large to save and was destroyed. Fortunately, all the others survive, predominately at the Cincinnati airport. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo The grand concourse stretched over fourteen tracks and platforms. Along the walls were mosaics illustrating the differnt industries that were significant to Cincinnati's economy. The first panel on the right illustrates piano manufacturing, then done by the Baldwin Piano Company. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo The Sandwich Shop in a photo taken from the balcony. Not the murals of fish separating the windows on the second floor. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Drawing The floor plan of Cincinnati Union Terminal. (Railway Age, 1933)
  Drawing Diagram of Cincinnati Union Terminal, yard and approach tracks. To model in HO, first buy a bigger house... (Gary Rolih Collection)
  Photo N&W Class J #609 rubs shoulders with NYC Niagara #6014 in the CUT locomotive servicing area. (Gibson Yungblut Collection - Bernard E. Rumker Photo)
  Photo N&W Class J #604 sits under the Western Hills Viaduct with NYC #6014 and a streamlined B&O President class locomotive used on The Cincinnatian. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo The elaborate entrance to the Women's Dining Room Lounge was bordered by even more murals... this time, Pierre Bourdelle's work in leather. This was Art Deco at its finest. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo The Men's room lounge had aluminum indirect lighting fixtures and hand-cut wallpaper featuring a transportation theme. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo The Office of the President of the Cincinnati Union Terminal Company had the custom-built round furniture. For lovers of fine, inlaid woodwork, this office would cause heart palpitations! (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo N&W Class K2 #137 stands on the ready tracks with NYC Hudson #5436. CUT was grand place to see locomotive power of many kinds from many roads. (Paul Ramer Photo, Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo Looking north from the lower deck of the Western Hills Viaduct, we can see the roundhouse and the ready tracks in 1933. B&O #5119 is flanked by CUT 0-6-0. B&O, L&N, NYC and Pennsylvania locomotives are ready to receive their assignments. (Gibson Yungblut Collection)
  Photo In 1947, magnificent photos such as this were possible on a daily basis at CUT. Here we see N&W Class K #121, PRR #5448, C&O #436 & #451, and N&W Class K #137 in CUT's servicing area. (Tom Klinger Collection / C. H. Kerrican Photo)
  Photo By the 1950's steam has (mostly) disappeared, and diesels fill the service area. In this view take from the Western Hills viaduct, we see a grand gathering of E's, passenger Geeps, and the Lima-Hamilton switchers owned CUTCo. (Gibson Yungblut Photo)
  Photo The companion photo to the one shown on our front cover, taken moments later, show the Powhatan Arrow continuing out of Cincinnati. The Arrow's P-4 observation-lounge car brings up the markgers on a "still pure" consist, unpolluted by head-end cars. (Alvin Schultze photo)
"I saved an N&W Signal... / ...and it's lighting my front yard!" - Ben Blevins
  Photo The prepared signal mast and ladder with hoist attached. (Ben Blevins)
  Photo The head is now in position and ready to hoist. (Ben Blevins)
  Photo The signal head is hoisted into position... (Ben Blevins)
  Photo Final testing occurs... (Ben Blevins)
  Photo ...and after a 7 year battle, the completed signal is ready for service! (Ben Blevins)
Tracing N&W Rolling Stock / N&W's 50' double-door boxcars route to oblivion - Russell Underwood
  Photo Two of the former N&W double-door boxcars ply their trade on the Jersey Central. (Top: Peter Brill, Bottom: The Houser Collection)
Modeling the N&W: Improving the N&W HL Hopper from Stewart / A Craftsman Approach - Jim Laney
  Photo N&W #25975 hopper (N&W Photo / VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Photos (3) of new details for HO model hopper. (Jim Laney Photos)
The Tennessean / N&W Tenders: The Final Chapter - James Nichols
The Virginian Local / From Sea to the Lakes - Martin E. Swartz
Vol. 16, No. 4 July / August 2000  Issue Select