Vol. 16, No. 1 January / February 2000  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: One Man's Quest: The search for "The Shops" At Page
Cover Subtitle: Designing N&W Steam Power: Part 2
On the Cover: "The Shops" at Page, WV are shown as they were in the "golden" days" of Virginian railroading. Author Tom Tom Salmon's story started simply enough, to find enough data to build a model. But it turned into something much, much more.
Articles In This Issue
The Search for the Shops at Page / One man's quest to achieve the perfect Virginian model - Tom Salmon
  Photo "Down Yonder by the turn in the tracks" was here, where we got the first hint we were on course by comparing the outline of the nearby mountain to the one in the photo in The Virginian Handbook. (D. Wallace Johnson Photo)
  Photo These photos, provided by Sally and Calvin Bickford, add more information to our search for accuracy, showing additional views of the structure. (Sally and Calvin Bickford)
  Photo Bit by bit, we continued to acquire photographic information on the "The Shops", as in this photo revealing a small portion of the long west wall. VGN Class USB #730 (Jack Feller Collection)
  Photo While most VGN fans would look longingly at the locomotive, I was more interested in the wall shown behind. Anonther portion revealed! The door and window in the register room was a surprise, requiring re-working for my model. VGN Class AE #803 (Tom Marshall)
  Drawing ICC valuation drawing for Page, WV engine house. 5/3/1916
  Drawing The 1945 version of the Track and Structure Plan for the Page shops.
  Photo A search on the internet netted yet another view, and another window to model. VGN Class USB #726 (Unknown)
  Photo Worker labor on the roof and "missing notch" on the 1924 engine house. VGN Class USA #711 (Dick Marshall)
  Timetable The authors display of Page material drew a log of conversation at the reunion. (Tom Salmon)
  Photo 1/3 of the 1910 diorama of Page, WV (Dave Woods Collection)
  Photo Two Virginian engines on the "ready track". Were the service in the open? (Tom Salmon Collection)
Designing N&W Steam Power: 2 / 2nd in a series - David R. Stephenson
  Photo N&W Class A #1239 (N&WHS Archives Photo)
The Tennessean / New discoveries at an Ohio museum - James Nichols
  Photo Modeling N&W's Class P-4 Observation Car is at last a little easier, thanks to the new IHC smoothside passenger cars. The "boat tail" shape is accurate, even if the windows are not.
The Virginian Local / The Key to a Tangled Garden - Martin E. Swartz
  Chart VGN Valuation map index, and map drawing, extracted from the Index map, The Virginian Railway Co.
Vol. 16, No. 1 January / February 2000  Issue Select