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Cover Title: N&W's Alco RS-36s
Cover Subtitle: Achival Data: N&W's Class SK Stock Car; Modeling N&W's Bicentennial SD45; Unloading a Car from a Boxcar
On the Cover: On 7/1/1967 RS-36 #2867 is in sole command of a rail-grinding train. The locomotive is a former Nickel Plate unit, and was part of a fleet of 11 that came to the N&W from that road after the merger. The N&W had six RS-36s that were original N&W units, and all had the characteristic high short hoods. nine of the Nickle Plate units came with low short hoods, while two had high short hoods that housed steam generators for passenger service.
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Book Review / Coal Cars: The First Three Hundred Years - John Snidow
2008 Model Contest First Place Winners - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
  Photo Caboose: R-1 Transfer Caboose, David Stricker (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Passenger Car: 12-4 Pullman, Jim Nichols (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Coal Car; H-10 Hopper, Jim Nichols (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Virginian: G-1a gondola, Steve Summers (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Diesel Locomotive: SD45 #1776, Paul Weber (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Favorite Train: VGN Train Master, Steve Summers (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Structure: Honaker, VA. Station, David Robinette (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo What If?: PRR J-1 2-10-4, Frank and Jared Bifulk (Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Display Diorama: Boody, Va., Nathan Robinette (Kevin EuDaly)
N&W's Alco RS-36s - Kevin EuDaly
  Photo This builder's photo of RS-36 #408 shows it in its as-delivered scheme at the Schenectady, New York, Alco plant in early 1962, just prior to delivery to the N&W in May.  (Alco Historic Photos, Robert L. Hundman collection)
  Photo While many other roads were populating their rosters with cab units like E- and F- units from EMD, PAs and FAs from Alco, and a variety of units from other builders, the N&W was still building steam. As a result, N&W completely bypassed the cab unit era. The last class of 2-8-8-2s included 30 Y6b locomotives numbered 2170-2200. On 9/1/1957, four year old Y6b #2190 is polished up and looking mighty fine during the NRHS convention. (John Dziobko photo)
  Photo This nice detail builder's photo shows the carbody filter arrangement on N&W's RS-36s. The six tall hood doors indicative of the RS-36 (as opposed to the RS-11) are clearly visible. (Alco Historic Photos, Robert L. Hundman collection)
  Photo It would be difficult to find a better photograph of the classic AAR Type B road truck than this one - an Alco photograph of one of the RS-36 trucks in the N&W order. This later version of the truck has AP roller bearings with the rotating axle ends visible. This 112-inch wheelbase truck was used by Alco, GE, Baldwin, and F-M. Westinghouse used the same truck but with a longer 118-inch wheelbase to accommodate larger traction motors. Just above the center leaf spring in the sideframe casting is a rectangular imprint that reads "Alco truck". (Alco Historic Photos, Robert L. Hundman collection)
  Photo RS-36 #409 has some miles on it by the time this photograph was taken in Norfolk, VA, on 7/6/1968, but still is adorned with its original paint scheme. Because these were delivered after the RS-11s and generally grouped with the RS-11s as far as service was concerned, they only spent a very short time in mainline service in matched sets with the RS-11s. They soon found themselves displaced to secondary mainline and branch line service. (Warren Calloway photo, Robert L. Hundman collection)
  Photo This Alco advertisement from Sept. 1962 touts "today's" 251 engine, which generated 2,000 horsepower in the 12-cylinder version. Though RS-36 production had begun during this ad campaign, the RS-36 essentially fell back to RS-11 characteristics, using the 251B engine at 1,800 horsepower rather than the new 2,000-horsepower 251C that was already being used in the RS-32 and that went on to be the standard engine used in the early models in the Century series. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo RS-36 #407 wears the original blue paint scheme, but has the later disk herald under the cab window in this view at Silver Creek New York, on 7/30/1976. Two other changes include the presence of the multi-colored ACI (Automatic Car Identification system) label mounted on the frame above the air tank, and the small "F" on the right end of the frame in this photo, designating that the long hood was the front as far as the N&W was concerned. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo The final unit of the RS-36 order, #412, is bracketed by an Alco to the left and a Geep to the right at Durham, NC on 8/20/1970. The Geeps outnumbered the Alcos during the N&W's dieselization. The open hood door eliminates the advantages of the air filters that brought clean air into the engine compartment. (Warren Calloway photo, Robert L. Hundman collection)
  Drawing N&W's Alco RS-36, High Hood Units #406-#412 (Drawn by Robert L. Hundman and Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo Late in its career on 4/19/1978, RS-36 #411's paint scheme is a little tattered and overcast light results in the dark blue being weathered nearly to black. There is little glory left for the Alco spliced between units from EMD and GE. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo This engineer's side view of N&W RS-36 #408 was taken in Huntington, Indiana on 9/15/1974. It wears the second scheme with the later disk herald. (Joe Deininger photo, Robert L. Hundman collection)
  Photo The photographer at Alco shows some dedication as brand new Nickle Plate RS-36 #866 was photographed at the plant while it was snowing. The Nickel Plate units were set up to run short hood forward, as indicated by the "F" on the frame above the first axle. A color view of the #869 appears on page 12 in "The Arrow" 23-3. (Alco Historic Photos, Robert L. Hundman collection)
  Photo This view from April 1967 shows former Nickel Plate RS-36 in N&W lettering with the disk herald, which would have been the paint scheme in use when the Nickel Plate was merged into the N&W. The Nickel Plate units were incorporated into the N&W numbering system by simply adding a "2" in front of the Nickel Plate number. The location of this photograph is not known. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo Former Nickel Plate RS-36 #868 is wearing its new N&W number, #2868 at Conway PA., on 12/17/1967. The RS-36 was a well proportioned locomotive, looking not entirely unlike the later C-420, which had a smoother overall appearance and lacked the notched corners in the short hood. (The Grays photo, Warren Calloway collection, courtesy Robert L. Hundman)
  Photo Ten years later the same RS-36 had changed little. Of note is the dirt-covered ACI plaque on the frame, indicative of the problem with the early ACI system being susceptible to reading problems on account of the dirty environment in railroading. The unit was at Norfolk on 10/16/1977.  (David T. Callahan photo, Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo RS-36 #2872 wears the black scheme with the large white "NW" lettering in this view at Norfolk in September 1977. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
Archival Data: N&W's Class SK Stock Cars - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
The N&W/Virginian Modeler / N&W SD45 1776 - John Snidow
Unloading an Automobile from a Boxcar - David Robinette
Vol. 24, No. 3 July / September 2008  Issue Select