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Cover Title: The N&W in Marion, Ohio
Cover Subtitle: O. Winston Link's N&W Recordings
On the Cover: GP40 #1367 cruises past AC Tower in Marion, Ohio, with an eastbound manifest freight in the early morning of 3/28/1976. Behind the tower is the building for signal maintainers and the boiler for heating the tower and the maintainer's office and workshop. By this date, there were no EL or PC passenger trains running, so the narrow wood walkway to the beanery in the old hotel to the east replaced the broad wood platform which extended east of the diamonds for long trains.
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The Norfolk & Western in Marion - Gary Rolih
  Photo Bright red N&W 518628, a Class C-31 caboose, crosses the diamonds at AC on the tail of a westbound coal train. The old depot hotel shows to the right of and behind the caboose. (Robert G. Fisher, Jr. photo, David Oroszi collection)
  Photo N&W SD45 #1796 pulls and empty hopper train eastbound down to AC tower past the eastbound signals above the diamonds on 5/10/1975 (David Oroszi photo)
  Photo On 6/1/1974 ex-Wabash Alco C-424 B904, now N&W #424, rolls east bound down to the Erie Oklahoma track diamond underneath AC tower past the N&W installed signal. The Oklahoma lead was the access to the Erie yard about 400 yards to the left or west of the diamonds. (David Oroszi photo)
  Photo GP9s pull a westbound manifest freight over the diamonds along side AC tower and the Erie office building on 6/22/1975. The N&W had improved the road bed in 1974 and 1975 from the rough track of the former PRR. Behind the GP9s is the old depot hotel. (David Oroszi photo)
  Photo The N&W freight station at Marion was photographed on 2/29/1976. This structure was once a private residence before being converted into a freight house by the Pennsy. The signals beside the freight house are the westbound signals for AC tower which is to the right and behind the photographer. (David Oroszi photo)
  Photo On a typical hazy Ohio summer day on 8/21/1971, SD35 hauls a short train eastward through the diamonds at AC tower. Note the orange train order frames on the platform between the eastbound (NYC) and westbound (Erie) mains. This view looks east along the platforms on the north side of the depot. (David Oroszi photo)
  Map Marion, Ohio circa 1965 (Drawing by Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo N&W SD45 #1744 leads an RS-11 and another SD45 eastbound across the diamonds at AC tower in 9/1973. The piles of dirty ballast indicate that another set of diamonds has probably recently been replaced in this heavy-usage crossing. (Robert G. Fisher, Jr. photo, David Oroszi collection)
  Photo N&W #756 bangs across the diamonds at AC on 6/22/1975. Beyond the nose of #756 is the Erie signal for access to the Erie yard on the west side of the diamonds when using the "Oklahoma" track on the left. (Robert G. Fisher, Jr. photo, David Oroszi collection)
  Photo In a late morning in November 1968, N&W SD35 #1563 leads and Alco, a GP9, and a string of TOFC cars eastbound over the Erie and NYC diamonds at AC Tower. This is likely to be train #78. (Roy Klaus photo, Dave Oroszi collection)
  Map N&W's Sandusky Line, hand drawmap (Gary Rolih collection)
  Photo N&W C-31 caboose 518619 goes westbound past AC tower in the early morning of 8/3/1969. The dispatcher's sheet of this date indicates that this is likely to be train #85. (Robert G. Fisher, Jr. photo, David Oroszi collection)
  Photo N&W SD45 #1805 pulls a train westbound over the diamonds under AC tower in in the early morning of 7/18/1970. (Robert G. Fisher, Jr. photo, David Oroszi collection)
  Photo The Marion union depot was photographed from the C&O tracks on the north side of the Erie-NYC tracks. The shed over the C&O side of the depot was built to a C&O design, hence the two posts supporting the structure. The C&O signals would stop a train just north of the grade crossing without dropping the gates. (David Oroszi photo)
  Map Sundusky District
  Photo Bicentennial SD45 #1776, U30B $8483, and GP9 #676 pull a manifest freight over the diamonds at AC Tower on 6/1/1974. Recently released from the paint shop, 1776 had pulled a coal train from Williamson to Portsmouth the day before. The old depot hotel and "beanery" are on the east side of the diamond behind 1776. (David Oroszi photos)
  Photo N&W GP38AC #4115 leads an SD35 and a UP SD40 westbound on 7/10/1982, under the ex-PRR Harvey coal dock near the US 23 overpass. The coal dock still stands today. While named the Harvey coal dock, the dock stands about a half mile railroad east (compass southwest) of the end of double track, which is the true "Harvey". (David Oroszi photo)
  Photo Photographed on 5/19/1984, post-merger, these SD40s wear pure N&W paint while bringing a manifest freight eastbound tower the diamonds at AC Tower. To the right of #1638 and the westbound Sandusky main are the two connection tracks off of the old Erie and NYC to the Sandusky Line and hidden in the weeds on the inside of the curve is the lead into the Marion Foundry in the background. (David Oroszi photo)
  Photo N&W SD35 #1516 pulls a grain train past the eastbound CPL signals above the Marion diamonds in the early morning on 3/3/1976. (David Oroszi photo)
  Photo Blue N&W C-18 Class caboose 562796, ex-Wabash, trails a westbound train running "wrong" main past AC tower leading to Harvey and the return to single track. (Robert G. Fisher, Jr. photo, David Oroszi collection)
The Other Roads of Marion - Kevin EuDaly
  Photo C&O U25B #2504 leads a U23B and a GP7 rolling eastbound (geographic south) through Marion on what was once-upon-a-time the Hocking Valley. This 6/20/1970, photograph precedes the Chessie System merger by two years, thus the motive power on this southbound still wears the C&O's blue and yellow. (Dennis Schmidt photo)
  Photo Out of the bankrupt ashes of the Northeast railroad web Penn Central was born. This view, taken on the same day as the C&O image above - 6/20/1970, has GP40 #3265 and U33B #2917 powering a freight through Marion. (Dennis Schmidt photo)
  Photo E8A #827 leads a companion E8 on the Lake Cities, making a station stop at Marion in 1965. During 1964 and 1965 the Lake Cities was renamed the World's Fair, but still operated as trains 5 and 6 from New York to Chicago. This is the westbound train 5, which was slated for an arrival time in Marion of noon, and a departure at 12:15PM. (Alan Bradley photo)
  Photo Two SD45s have a long manifest in tow at the Erie Lackawanna's yard in Marion on 6/20/1970 (Dennis Schmidt photo)
O. Winston Link's N&W Recordings /  More Sounds of Steam Railroading - David R. Stephenson
  Photo George Thom operates the tape recorder at Luray, Virginia, on 3/23/1956. These were the first known recordings made during Link's N&W project and may survive on some of the earliest tapes. (Link negative 834, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Table Recording Trip Dates and Locations (Dave R. Stephenson)
  Photo W. D. Zirkle makes final microphone adjustments on top of a Class A's auxiliary water tender prior to leaving Roanoke on time freight 84, on 12/26/1958 (Link negative NW2045, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Photo Tom Garver strikes a heroic pose holding the microphone above the cab of a Y6 pusher while facing a blizzard of cinders. This photo gives an idea of what Link and his assistants went through to get just the "right" sound. This photo was taken in June 1958. (Link negative 1833, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Photo Link's nephew Roy Zider, get plenty of close supervision while recording at the Wytheville, Virginia station, in December 1957. (Link negative NW1691, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Photo Link really defines the meaning of the term "field recording" as he checks the recorder amid tall grass. A Y6 pusher approaches in the background. The large size of the recorder and remoteness of the location are very apparent. This is near the siding at Boaz, Virginia, in June 1958. (Link negative 1849, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Photo Link refers to his notes while recording in a baggage car on train 15, The Cavalier, between Williamson and Bluefield, West Virginia, on 12/24/1958 (Link negative 2039, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Photo The crew gets a close-up look at Link's recording equipment in the cab of a Y6 pusher, in June 1958. (Link negative 1827, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Photo In what is reputed to be his last photo of an N&W employee, Link talks with J. H. Kinzel at Mingo Tunnel, just west of Williamson, West Virgina, on March 17, 1960 (Link negative 2210, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
  Table Sample of Sound Inventory file (Dave R. Stephenson)
  Drawing Example of Link's Editing Field Tape "XX". Link removed three parts from Field Tape "XX" when he was developing the master tape for Thunder on Blue Ridge. This diagram shows where the segments went and what remains on the original field tape reel. (Dave R. Stephenson)
  Photo According to Link's notes, this is the crew that was on board during the whistle demonstration of Class J #603, on 1/3/1959. Fireman J. W. Kitts, left, and Engineer R. A. Spradlin, right. (Link negative 2067, courtesy O. Winston Link Museum)
The N&W/VGN Modeler / Introducing a New Column in the Arrow - Robert L. Hundman
  Photo Virginian catenary in N scale. (Robert L. Hundman, model and photo)
  Photo The new modeling column won't leave out Virginia fans: this is a C-1 caboose in HO scale (Robert L. Hundman, model and photo)
  Photo Another Virginian model, this outside-braced wood class BX-10 boxcar was built in HO scale and numbered 61550. (Robert L. Hundman, model and photo)
  Photo Besides rolling stock and locomotives, this column will feature a wide range of modeling projects, like this pedestrian bridge in HO scale. Whatever your interests, we'd love to see your modeling projects in the Arrow. (Robert L. Hundman, model and photo)
Product Review: Tangent Models PS-2CD 4740 Covered Hopper - Russ Goodwin
  Photo N&W 176458 photographed on 7/10/2004 (Russ Goodwin photo)
  Photo N&W 176584 photographed on 2/22/2006 (Russ Goodwin photo)
  Photo NW 176418 HO-Scale model (photo and model by Russ Goodwin)
Nuggets From the Archives / Tracks Around JK Tower - Then and Now - Gordon Hamilton
  Photo Recent view of JK Tower and Vicinity (GIS Image courtesy of City of Roanoke)
  Map VGN Map of JK Tower and Vicinity, 3/1/1940 (N&W Historical Society / Archives Document)
  Photo RR&E #44 has a crane looming overhead after being struck by a westbound Virginian freight on 12/6/1941 (Virginia Room of the Roanoke Public Libraries)
  Photo The fire damage to the Virginian's Roanoke passenger station is obvious in this present-day aerial view. (GIS Image courtesy of City of Roanoke)
  Photo Four stranded hopper cars rest on an elevated and disconnected piece of trackage in the scrap yard. Three of these cars are now located in the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke. (GIS Image courtesy of City of Roanoke)
Vol. 24, No. 1 January / March 2008  Issue Select