Vol. 11, No. 5 September / October 1995  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Convention '95! The N&WHS in Petersburg
Cover Subtitle: Special All Passenger Issue
On the Cover: For many, the highlight of the convention was the tour of Bob Claytor's former private car, the Claytor Lake, generously brought to Crewe by Norfolk Southern for our convention. Details on the J-adorned water tower in the background (it really isn't attached to the car) can be found on page 13.
Articles In This Issue
Observation - James F. Brewer
Station Stops / (Table of Contents) - James F. Brewer
Mailbag - Wilson McClung
Tuscan Blue & Gold - Petersburg '95 / The 1995 N&WHS convention pays tribute to Norfolk and Western passenger service - Unknown Unknown
  Photo (View of N&WHS members off loading from tour buses) (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
  Photo An N&W Original! Class BMf Baggage-Mail #1202 awaits restoration at the Old Dominion NRHS storage yard in Richmond. (Ron Davis Photo)
  Photo The PRECISION TRANSPORATION AWARD, the Society's highest honor, was presented to Jim Brewer (R) by President Jim Gillum for his endeavors as Editor, Author and other duties on behalf of the N&W Historical Society. (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
  Photo Society Director Roger Nutting, Jr. host for the convention, gets things underway at the banquet Friday Night. (Jim Teese Photo)
  Photo Don C. Corbin, currently of Norfolk Southern but with many years of experience with the N&W, served as guest speaker at the banquet. (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
  Photo While some of the conventioneers toured the rail facilities in Richmond, others sailed the James River aboard the Pocahontas II. The tour boat passed City Point, site of the first rails on the N&W system. (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
  Photo With members seated around the old N&W gymnasium in Crewe, former engineers answer questions about operations. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people qualified to run the J's around here! (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
  Photo Gee, I could have SWORN there were 9 rivits there! (Jim Teese Photo)
Ups and Downs in this year's Model/Photo Contest - Laura Hughes
  Photo Disel Locomotive: Chris Dalton, Bluefield, WV - NS 8-40C (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo Steam Locomitive: Thomas Dressler, Portsmouth, OH - J1 4-8-4 (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo Passenger Car: Peter Framson, Littleton, Ma - N&W BMf Baggage-Mail (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo Coal Car: Charlie Schlotthober, Roanoke, VA - N&W HF Wooden Hooper (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo Freight Car: John Snidow, Hardy, VA - N&W HC - 81 Covered Hopper (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo Non Revenue: Sayre Hutchinson, Lakewood, CO - N&W Commissary Car (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo Virginian: Sayre Hutchinson, Golden, CO - Virginia Ditcher (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo Structure: Bruce Miller, Austin, TX - Signal Bridge (Mason Cooper Photo)
Passenger Train Display Covers the World (of N&W) - George Hughes
  Photo If only they were real! The beautiful display of N&W passenger equipment brought back memories and started the annual discussions on the "correct" N&W red. (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
  Photo Of course, things weren't COMPLETELY passenger: With the publication of our Caboose Book, this display attracted a lot of attention. Almost every type of cabin car N&W ever ran was represented. (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
The Passenger Heavyweights / Bachman's Spectrum cars can bring us closer to reality - Steve Summers
  Photo (Photo of Bachman's Spectrum Class Pg coach) (Steve Summers Photo)
  Drawing The new styrene wall arrangement (bulkhead end) of the Pg coach. (Steve Summers Photo)
  Drawing The interior floor plan of the Pg coach. (not listed)
  Photo (Photo of Bachman's Spectrum Class Pg coach) (Steve Summers Photo)
The Tennessean / N&W Interline Equipment - James Nichols
Railfanning in Crewe (photo) / NS tain VC-01 holds at the east end of the yard at Crew, Va on 7/8/95 - Mason Y. Cooper
Now about that water tower... - Unknown Unknown
  Photo (Photo of water tower at Crewe with picture of Class J locomotive painted on tank) (Ron Davis Photo)
Completing the Powhatan Arrow - Jarrell Greever
  Photo (Photo of Class P-1 Coach/Crew Locker Car model) (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Drawing (Drawings illustrating modifications to Class P-1 coach model, side 1 ) (Jarrell Greever)
  Drawing (Drawings illustrating modifications to Class P-1 coach model, side 2 )  (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo (Photo of Class P-2: Divided Coach model)  (Jarrell Greeve Photo)
  Drawing (Drawings illustrating modifications to Class P-2 coach model, side 1 )  (Jerrell Greever)
  Drawing (Drawings illustrating modifications to Class P-2 coach model, side 2 )  (Jerrell Greever)
View from The Cab / Those SD-9 Breathers...and more notes on timetables - Thomas D. Dressler
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo The interior of one the cabooses currently being refurbished in Williamson. (Jeff Hensley Photo)
The Virginian Local / Last day for Virginian Varnish - Roger Nutting
  Map 1941 Route Map of the Virginian Railway. Passenger trains provided service, but coal from those West Virginia branch lines provided the profit. (1941 Route Map of the Virginian Railway)
Vol. 11, No. 5 September / October 1995  Issue Select