Vol. 19, No. 6 November / December 2003  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Rebirth! N&W's Roanoke Station Comes Alive Again
Cover Subtitle: A Progress report on the N&W/O. Winston Link Museum Opening January 2004
On the Cover: The Roanoke Passenger station will soon be alive again as a tribute to the N&W and O. Winston Link. We bring you a progress report on this magnificant project, beginning on page 4.
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Mailbag - Staff Arrow
Lights On for 433 - Mike Pierry
  Photo #433 on display at Abingdon after restoration
  Photo Front details of #433 with lights on.
  Photo Tender marker and back-up light
The O. Winston Link Museum / Progress report - Jarrell Greever; David Helmer
  Photo The Roanoke station in tis original incarnation (N&W Photo/VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo The Roanoke station after the 1947 Loewy re-design (N&W Photo/VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo The N&W station in Roanoke once hosted hundreds of passengers daily. That distinctive logo mounted into the floor tile made sure they knew on what road they were traveling. The logo is being fully restored. (N&W Photo/VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo The large train arrival board in the main lobby is also being restored...and will list all train arrivals and departures accurate for 1955. (N&W Photo/VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo Here we are looking out the front entrance of the station, with the famed Hotel Roanoke in view across Shenandoah Avenue. (Skip Higgins, Raskal Photography)
  Photo The former N&W ticket counter, behind which was once the huge route map (see photo at right), is to become the new welcome desk and information center for visitors (N&W Photo/VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo The floor of the station has been completely refurbished, and the original N&W logo returned to prominence. (Skip Higgins, Raskal Photography)
Local Agents Didn't Like Train-offs Either! - Staff Arrow
Double Dozen, the Virginian's Proposed 2-12-12-2 / (and lesser propositions) - David R. Stephenson
  Drawing Fig.1: Three proposed Virginian steam locomotives: the 2-12-2 (top), the 2-8-8-2 (middle) and the 2-12-12-2 (bottom). (Virginian Sketches, Collection of Gordon Hamilton)
  Table Specification Comparison (David R. Stephenson)
  Drawing The completed detailed elevation as drawn by the author. (Drawing by David R. Stephenson)
N&W Freight Car Roster, Pt. 14 - 1950 - James F. Brewer
  Table Norfolk and Western Freight Car Roster January 1, 1950 (Jim Brewer)
  Photo The G3a gondolas were monsters compared to other gondolas on the N&W freight roster. These cars are very similar to a Pennsylvania Railroad gondola. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo This end shot of the G3a reveals the door locking mechanism, ratchet hand brake, brake step platform and the heavy-duty contruction of the interior. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo All class BI boxcars were off the revenue roster by January 1, 1950. These 40-ton wood cars were built in 1910 and probably lasted through 1949 because of the need for cars during World War II. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo The Class HL hoppers were rebuilt into Class H9 and served the N&W through the late steam era. N&W 80000 is the "class car" of the first group to appear on the freight rosters. (N&WHS Archives photo)
The Tennessean / Pass Rider's Postscript: The Virginian - James Nichols
  Photo The author poses with Virginian #295 at the Princeton Shops in the summer of 1951. Friend Bill Hughes took the photo with Jim's camera (Bill Hughes photo/Jim Nichols Collection)
  Photo Virginian #215, Class PA, with train #4 at the Princeton station, circa 1950. (Jim Nichols photo)
Nuggest from the Archives / A Different Virginian: 2 - Gordon Hamilton
  Letter This letter tells of one disaster and shows evidence of another. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Timetable Timetable No. 13 is a treasure-trove of interesting information. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Map Map of the Virginian in the West VIrginia coal fields, 1930. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
Classic Ad: 1951 - Staff Arrow
Vol. 19, No. 6 November / December 2003  Issue Select