Vol. 11, No. 1 January / February 1995  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Arrow
Cover Subtitle: Official Publication of the Norfolk & Western History Society
On the Cover: N&W Class J No. 611 on an excursion before its first retirement is seen here backing to the train after being serviced. The 611 has again been retired, this time from excursion service, with the end of the Norfolk South steam program. It is due to be returned to the City of Roanoke and placed in the Virginian Musuem of Transportation.
Articles In This Issue
Station Stops / (Table of Contents) - James F. Brewer
"Conductor, Trains 25 & 26...: - James F. Brewer
Sustaining Membership Roster - James F. Brewer
Early Pollution Control - Gary Rolih
  Photo Y-2, #1701, laying over next to the ash pit in October, 1939. The turntable and two stall roundhouse are just to the right of the hopper car. (Kenneth Cooke photo/Dan Finfrock Collection)
  Photo In November, 1953, M2c #1150 is laying over next to the roundhouse. The bonnet can be clearly discerned in the stack. The tie-down chains can be seen wrapped around the hand rail against the side of the smoke box. #1150 spend most of its long career based at Clare. The frame mounted to the roundhouse wall carries the original stationary smokejack deflector which can be seen between the bell and sand dome. (Thomas D. Dressler Collection)
  Photo In the summer of 1955, K-1 #103, with its 16,000 gallon tender on the ready track at Clare with a bonnet mounted. The tie down can be seen against the stack. Just behind its smoke box is a duct and girder for the deflector style seen in the lead photo. The author belives the crane to the left of the tender was used to lift a bonnet into the stack. In the '50s, a K-1 was based at Clare as passenger protection power for trains out of Cincinnati Union Terminal. It also was used as the west end shifter between Sardinia, OH and Clare yard. Note the different size lettering on the sides of the hopper cars on the coal warf. (Dan Finfrock Collection)
  Drawing The bonnet was a welded fabrication made from steel plate probably 1/4 inch thick. One size could fit from M's to Y6b's. (Gary Roth drawing)
Real Life Radio Remote Control - Henry H. Mikus
  Photo GP50 #7016, Alexandria, Va at mid-day on January 13, 1989 tied up at the now non-existent engine facility. Siz antennae (including two at mid-long hood) are visible. (Henry J Mikus photo)
  Photo Train No. 177 (Alexandria-Lynchburg-Roanoke, VA) departing Alexandria on May 21, 1991 at 1 p.m. with mid-train helpers SD40-2 #3289, then brand-new Dash 8-40C #8698, SD60 #6584 and radio control car #905907. The mid-train units were used on Train No. 178 the preceeding evening. (Henry J. Mikus photo)
  Photo Close up views of the "A" end of radio control car #905938. (two photos) (Henry J. Mikus photo)
  Table In service road units with radio equipment. (Henry J. Mikus table)
N&W Highway Marker Stolen/Recovered - Daily News Williamson
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo N&W crane No. 514900 has been restored and is now proudly on display at the Mad River & Nickel Plate Museum, in Bellevue OH. (Howard Ameling photo)
The Tennessean - James Nichols
  Drawing Drawing showing the modification of Athearn "Sante Fe" caboose roof, end and floor parts for rebuilding into N&W caboose. (Jim Nichols drawing)
The View From The Right Side of The Cab / Coal - Thomas D. Dressler
Members Photos - Everett N. Young
  Photo N&W West bound Extra #952-#1306-#326-#786 gains speed through West Williamson as they head into Mingo Tunnel with a Portsmoutn-bound coal drag on November 2. 1975. (Everett N. Young photo)
  Photo N&W westbound train Extra #743-#557-#892-#725-#1362 stopped on a red signal at the improtant Clinch Valley District Junction at Cedar Bluff, Va. on November 7, 1981. (Everrett N. Young)
  Photo N&W SD40-2 #1632-#6111-#861-#538-#2410 with an eastbound train is exiting Laurel Tunnel near Roderfield, WV on May 6, 1979.  (Everett N. Young)
  Photo N&W caboose #530335 (ex-Virginian) and SD35 #1553, power for the Oak Hill Shifter, at Oak Hill, Wv. on November 30, 1975. (Everrett N. Young photo)
Vol. 11, No. 1 January / February 1995  Issue Select