Vol. 10, No. 3 May / June 1994  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Red Birds
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On the Cover: Five-month old GP9 No. 519, in use as a standby unit at Portsmouth, OH had just been serviced in the Service Building at "PO" and would soon be added to the consist of Train No. 26, The Powhatan Arrow on her run to Williamson, WV and points east.
Articles In This Issue
The Red Birds - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo GP9 #762 shown at Roanoke, VA July 1958, N&W's first unit built specifically for passenger service was pure spartan in appearance - solid black with steam era dulux gold lettering and numbers. (Fred Kern photo/Thomas D. Dressler Collection)
  Photo Following her April 21, 1959 outshopping at Roanoke, the rebuilt #762 has been renumbered as #500 and presents a totally different appearance with her tuscan red carbody paint, new style lettering including black background script monograms, black trucks, underframe and handrails. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo Passenger GP9 #515 was delivered in this configuration in late 1958. About the only external changes showing are the spark arrestors on the stacks, a few dents in the water tank, and while difficult to see in this long hood lead view, the high-mounted, short hood bell. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo "Red Birds" 504, 506 and 507 depart Suffolk, VA on October 18, 1959 with Train No. 3, The Pocahontas. (George Hughes Collection)
Modeling the N&W "Redbird" - George Hughes
  Photo Side view of finished model of N&W "Redbird" #520
  Photo 3/4 view of finished model of N&W "Redbird" #520
  Table "Redbird" parts list
  Drawing Drawing showing cuts to Life-Like model and locations of detail parts.
  Drawing EMD drawing 8268744 Styling and Painting GP9
Setting the Record Straight on the Steam vs. Diesel Tests - Louis M. Newton
  Photo N&W Class A 1239 awaits its next call to service in the company of N&W Class Y5 2118 and an unidentified Class J (James F. Brewer Collection)
Norfolk & Western Railroad History, Part Three - Reprint Railroad Gazette
The Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
A View from the Right Side of the Cab / The Early Society - Thomas D. Dressler
The Tennessean - James Nichols
  Photo HO scale pilot model of N&W Class V1 manufactured by NWSL (Tom Dressler photo)
  Photo HO scale pilot model N&W Class W6 manufactured by NWSL (Tom Dressler photo)
Her Finest, and Final, Hour - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Nearing the end of a magnificent career, N&W Class A #1227 struts her stuff with 121 loads of west bound Lake coal. (Robert McKell photo, Tom Dressler collection)
Vol. 10, No. 3 May / June 1994  Issue Select