Vol. 10, No. 5 September / October 1994  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The 1994 Roanoke Convention
Cover Subtitle: A decade of progress
On the Cover: Roanoke Shops, birthplace of N&W's modern steam power, and destination of a Norfolk & Western Historical Society tour during the 10th Annual Convention in Roanoke serves as a major shop for Norfolk Southern Corporation. Waiting for a return call to service in the former coach yard, (and former truck interchange yard for SVRR and AM&O), is RP-E6 slug R/N 9951, built from wreck damaged ex-N&W R/N 1530.
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A Decade of Progress - Staff Arrow
  Photo Members of the Norfolk & Western Historical Society inspect locomotives on the line at Shaffers Crossing at 10:03 a.m. on June 17, 1994. The facility performs running repairs on power at Roanoke, VA. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo N&WHS members arriving at Shaffers Crossing and getting fitted with personal protective equipment. The sign reinforces what we heard about the importance of safety on the job. (Clinton Smoke photo)
  Photo Mr. George Gobbel explains filter changing procedures. Each locomotive is equipped with several oil filters like this that are changed during routine maintenance. Air and fuel filters are also changed. (Clinton Smoke photo)
  Photo You can't get much closer that this! Members inspect NS 8614, a C39-8 receiving repairs in Roanoke Shops on June 18, 1994. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo Rick Stone, winner of the "Precision Transportation Award" which was presented to him at the Convention banquet. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo Author and retired N&W employee Louis M. Newton served as speaker for the 10th Annual Convention Banquet. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo Ex-N&W C30-7 8011 is attended to at Roanoke's East End Shops receiving classified repairs. The facility maintains all General Electric locomotives and performs all EMD work requiring prime mover replacement, for Norfolk Southern. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo This is all that is left after the reclaiming process has been completed by a local scrap dealer. The trucks will be removed soon after the car begins its journey on the assembly line. (Clinton Smoke photo)
  Photo These trucks have been reworked and await the re-bodied car to make its way through the shops. (Clinton Smoke photo)
  Photo A 1:1 scale paint drying booth, used to bake paint on new Top Gon gondolas built in the Roanoke Car Shops. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo Mr. Ken Beechum, one of the volunteers at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, explains to a group of N&WHS members, some of the equipment they will see on the tour. (Clinton Smoke photo)
  Photo Ken's tour included the opportunity to see the interior of the Dynamometer Car, normally off-limits to the general public. (Clinton Smoke photo)
Model Contest Winners - Staff Arrow
The 1994 Roanoke Convention - John Snidow
  Photo Hosts of the Tenth Annual Convention of the Norfolk & Western Historical Society, Jeanne and John Snidow (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
Thank you - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo President James N. Gillum presents Thomas "N&W" Dressler with a special plaque acknowledging Tom's dedication to the Norfolk & Western Historical Societies, both past and present. (Clinton Smoke photo)
The Tennessean - James Nichols
  Photo Modifications to an Athern streamliners showing how windows are moved to create an N&W boat-tail observation car. (Jim Nichols photo)
Column: The View from the Right Side of the Cab / My Student Trips as Fireman on the Norfolk & Western Ry. - Thomas D. Dressler
Vol. 10, No. 5 September / October 1994  Issue Select