Vol. 10, No. 6 November / December 1994  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: N&W Class A #1208
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On the Cover: Impressive from any angle, an N&W Class A was the epitome of the freight steam locomotive. Before modernization with covered sand pipes, smooth pilot and rebuilt tender, No. 1208 awaits the call at Roanoke, VA.
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Welch Memories / A child of Appalachia remembers the N&W - Jarrell Greever
  Photo Downtown Welch, W. Va. - 1950
Modeling HO Scale N&W G-14 and G-55 Gondolas / from Tyco/Mantua 40' Gondolas - Wilson McClung
  Drawing Mechanical Drawing of G-14 gondola (Courtesy NS Corp)
  Drawing Mechanical Drawing of G-55 gondola (Courtesy NS Corp)
  Drawing Mechanical Drawing of G55A gondola (Courtesy NS Corp)
  Photo G-14 gondola in the old freight "half-moon" lettering scheme. The car has been relegated to MofW duty as its original reporting mark and car number have been painted over and newer NW reporting mark and number have been applied. At the time of the photo, 547582 was in storage at NS's South Yard (former Virginian), Roanoke, VA. (W. S. McClung photo, 1990)
  Photo Green painted G-14 gondola MofW service as a locomotive "traction motor car" coupled into an eastbound freight train in the vicinity of "Warehouse Row" in downtown Roanoke, VA in 1992. (W. S. McClung photo)
  Photo Newly rebuilt G-55 gondola fresh from Princeton, WV paint shop, circa 1967. (Norfolk and Western Railway Photograph Collection VPI&SU Libraries)
  Photo Green painted G-55 gondola in MofW service as a "cross-tie only" car, in 1992 at South Yard in Roanoke, VA. (W. S. McClung photo)
  Photo Another version of the green painted G-55 with black "for crosstie loading only" lettering on a yellow rectangle, found in 1992 near Shaffer's Crossing in Roanoke, VA. (W. S. McClung photo)
  Drawing Three(3) major steps in kitbashing G-14 and G-55 gondolas from the TYCO/Mantua 40' 11-panel gondola.
  Photo Completed G-14 models. Upper model is black, renumbered "relegated to MofW service" car. Lower model is the green MofW "traction motor car." (W. S. McClung photo)
  Photo Completed G-55 models. Upper model represents the new rebuilt mid-1960's revenue car (black), while the middle and lower models are the two versions of the green MofW "crossite loading only" car. (W. S. McClung photo)
  Drawing Mid & Late 1960's "half-moon" stenciling diagram for G-14 (revenue service) (Courtesy NS Corp)
  Drawing 1970's "NW" stenciling diagram for G-55 (revenue service). (Courtesy NS Corp)
Norfolk & Western E8 Locomotive / Manufactured by Life-Like Models' Proto 2000 series - Staff Arrow
  Photo the Norfolk and Western Historical Society E8 locomotive. Manufactured by Life-Like Models' Proto 2000 series in a limited run of 100 each of two engine numbers, the model is accurately detailed and is custom painted from official N&W diagrams to reflect the units as they appeared while leased from the RF&P in 1958. (Carl Neustrand photo)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo TC-10 #104 at Kopperston, WV on June 12, 1994. Note the remote control lights on the cab. (Mike Ritschdorff photo)
The Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
The Tennessean - James Nichols
The View from the Right Side of the Cab / Wright's Little Watchman - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Brand new Class A No. 1206 at Schafers Crossing in Roanoke, presents a beautiful low-angle view of the finest steam freight locomotive ever built. Please note the Westinghouse Type-KM Vent Valve mounted on the original type bracket below the headlamp. (Ron Rosenberg Collection)
  Photo A portion of the Wright's Little Watchman actuating frame is visible behind the pilot center cage of a derailed N&W Class Y-5. The pipe between the cage and Watchman frame was piped to the "dump" valve mentioned in the accompanying text. (Scioto Valley Chapter NRHS Collection)
Letters to the Editor - Everett N. Young; Andrew Dow; Gary A. Smith
Vol. 10, No. 6 November / December 1994  Issue Select