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Cover Title: Convention '96: Bluefield and Black Diamonds
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On the Cover: This unusual hand-painted mural appears in Pocohontas, WV, and directs visitors to the Pocahontas Exhibition Mine, where tours are conducted daily. N&WHS members who attended out convention in Bluefield toured this National Historic Landmark, which produced more than 44 million tons of coal in its 73 year career.
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Observation - Jarrell Greever
Mailbag - Jarrell Greever
Q&A - Jarrell Greever
  Photo The photo of locomtive 476, a Virginian MC, shows the modified "sport cab" design preferred by the Virginian, while the diagram below details the "as built" configuration (N&WHS Society photo/Collection of Martin E. Swartz)
  Drawing Mikado Type Locomotive - Class MC (Collection of Martin E. Swartz)
1996 N&WHS Convention / Bluefield and Black Diamonds - Jarrell Greever
  Photo Above: As if to pay tribute to our convention, a long coal train snakes its way through the Bluefield yards. The engine servicing facility (formerly the lubritorium in steam days) is in the background. (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo The "company store" in Pocahontas serves the residents just as it has for over 50 years. The old "Foodline" sign is the only "modern touch" from those busy days. (Ron Davis photo)
  Photo N&WHS members touring the Pocahontas Exhibition Mine receive a working explanation of a cutting machine formerly used to work the face of the coal seam from retired miners who now work as tour guides. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo Our banquet speaker, Dr. Stuart McGhee, gave a fascinating talk on the history of the southern West Virginia coal fields. (Jarrell Greever hoto)
  Photo William Carper, Regional Vice President for Norfolk Southern, presents the deed to the former site of the Bramwell passenger station to Mayor Don Murphy. The deed was a gift from NS, enabling the city to construct a Coal Heritage Museum on the site. (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo George and Laura Hughes present the award for Best Photograph to Gary Rolih, our host for next year's convention, for his photo of Class A 1218 under steam. (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo 1996 Convention Model Winners - Steam Locomotive, Diesel Locomotive, Favorite Train, Display, Structure, Non-Revenue, Caboose, Virginian, Coal Car, Photography (Jarrel Greever photos)
1996 N&WHS Convention / The Mullens Tour - John Munson
1996 N&WHS Convention / The Bramwell Tour - Steve Summers
  Photo On Friday evening, Mr. Bob Barnett, publisher of the Bramwell Aristocrat, enlightened members on the rich history of Bramwell and its connection to the Norfolk and Western. (Jarrell Greever photo)
1996 N&WHS Convention / The Bluefield Tour - James F. Brewer
  Photo N&WHS members prepare to board the refurbished caboose on display in the Bluefield Yard. The cabin car was brought to Bluefield by NS especially for our convention (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Seeing one of the new Dash 9s up-close and personal was a rare treat. The new computer-controlled units are the latest addition to the NS locomotive fleet (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Photo at right shows the cab interior; computer screens relay the status of all operations to the engineer (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Society members inspect former N&W SD40-2 No. 6156 at the former lubritorium in Bluefield Yard. Originally built to maintain the railroad's modern fleet of steam locomotives, members were able to see how the facility has been adapted to service today's diesel fleet (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo The mammoth track board in the Bluefield Dispatching Center is manned 24 hours a day by computer operators who route more than 100 trains a day to their destinations (Jarrell Greever photo)
VGN Bent-Rail Pulpwood Flats - Martin E. Swartz
  Photo A loaded F-7a No. 931, rests in Nutbush, VA in September 1955 (H. Reid photo from the collection of Lloyd Lewis)
  Drawing General Arrangement Drawing of Virginian Class F7A Bent Rail Pulpwood Flat Car (Drawing courtesy of Norfolk Southern Corporation)
  Photo Model of the F-6 Pulpwood Flat Car as built by the author, Photo at right provides a better view of end detail. (Mason Y. Cooper photos)
Book review / Railroad Radio: Hearing and Understanding Railroad Radio Communications and Systems by Vincent Reh - Thomas D. Dressler
Model Review / LifeLike Proto2000 SW 1200 - George Hughes
  Photo LifeLike Proto2000 SW1200 (Photo courtesy LifeLike Products)
View From the Cab / It took 'em 19 years... but they finally got me back - Thomas D. Dressler
The Tennessean / A Convention Postscript: Where were the Models - James Nichols
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo In June, EMD Leasing Corp sold ex-N&W EMD Model SD35 R#'s 1536, 1542, 1554, 1555, 1557, 1558, 1565 and 1569 to Illinois Railway Supply at Cordova, IL for scrap.
Vol. 12, No. 5 September / October 1996  Issue Select