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Cover Title: Return to Splendor
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On the Cover: We are inside the new Conference Center which is now part of the refurbished Hotel Roanoke, looking out at the hotel motor entrance. The story of how this once proud showplace of the Norfolk and Western has been returned to its original opulence has been documented by N&WHS member Ron Davis, and begins on page 4.
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Observation - James F. Brewer
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Mailbag - Staff Arrow
Hotel Roanoke: Return to Splendor - Ron Davis
  Photo Exterior photo of the refurbished Hotel Roanoke, taken from the First Union Tower. The new conference center is on the left; the new walkway across the tracks to downtown is at lower right. (Walter Nelms photo)
  Photo This photo of the regency Dining Room shows that every detail has been designed to provide the ultimate dining experience. (Walter Nelms photo)
  Photo Elegance surrounds you from the moment you enter...as this view of the beautifully refurbished lobby shows (Walter Nelms photo)
  Photo In this view of the registration area, notice the Norfolk Southern thoroughbred stallion on the table...a tribute to one of the main benefactors of the hotel's rebirth. (Walter Nelms photo)
  Photo The Pine Room Pub offers the perfect environment (and the perfect libations) to relax after a day of watching trains roll by next door. (Walter Nelms photo)
  Drawing Floor plan fo Ballroom Level and Conference Level of the remodeled Hotel Roanoke (unknown)
A Tribute to the Pilchers - Louis M. Newton
  Photo Class A 1221 (unknown)
  Photo The experimental "Jawn Henry". Robert Pilcher was the first to take the throttle (unknown)
The Wreck of the New York Flyer - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo The overall view of the needless death and destruction at Rural Retreat, Virginia October 20, 1920 belies the fact that the trackage in this area was located on a 900 foot long, 2 degree left hand curve. The small hill which prevented clear vision can be seen between the engine and tender to the right. By studying the damage to the cars behind the tender, the advantages of all-steel construction becomes evident. (R. H. Snider photo)
  Photo None, cropped portion of larger photo of the wreck (R. H. Snider photo)
N&WHS Development Fund begins its climb - Staff Arrow
Inter-Mountain's B-8 Boxcar / Model Review - Jim Teese
  Photo Photo of model (Jim teese photo)
  Photo N&W No. 53921, Class B8, was built in 1954 as part of the group that received Superior doors. (Jim Brewer collection)
View from the Cab / the C&O Engine that Wasn't - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo N&W photographers quickly caught the relettered K-1 prior to her Hollywood stardom. (Tom Dressler collection)
The History of the South Side Rail Road, 1846-1870 / First in a Series, Origin and Organization - James Bisbee
The Tennessean / Electric Locomotives: The Prototypes - James Nichols
  Photo VGN 108 on eastbound coal train, Princeton, WV, circa 1951. (Jim Nichols photo)
  Photo The new N&W G-1 and Virginian G-5 gondolas from Sunshine Models (Jim Nichols photo)
N&W Locomotive Roster (as of Jan 1, 1996) - Robert G. Bowers
1995 Summary of Diesel Locomotive Dispositions - Robert G. Bowers
Home to Stay - Staff Arrow
  Photo Class J #611 on display at Virginia Museum of Transportation. (Ron Davis photo)
Vol. 12, No. 2 March / April 1996  Issue Select