Vol. 13, No. 5 September / October 1997  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: N&WHS Convention '97
Cover Subtitle: Old memories New technology
On the Cover: During out 1997 convention in Columbus, OH, members rememberred the past with a visit to the Ohio railway Museum where Class E2a No. 578 rests in retirement. The next day, a tour of the container facility at Watkins Yard provided a contrasting look at today's railroading
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Observation - Jarrell Greever
Mailbag - Jarrell Greever
  Photo None - 3 photos of live steam 7 1/4 inch gauge Y6b in England (RIchard Hood, and Model Engineer)
  Table Specifications for Live Steam Y6b (Richard Hood)
Colossal Columbus: N&WHS Convention '97 - Staff Arrow
  Photo N&WHS members tour the Watkins Yard container facility in Columbus. It was a rare treat to see the moving and handling of trailers up close and personal (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo The music from Ken Smith's terrific band organ provided entertainment on the patio after dinner Thursday evening. (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo 3 photos - Our visit to the ohio Railway Museum gave us a look at several pieces of classic rolling stock. In the top photo, BPd combine #1155 rests next to Class E2a No. 578 in disappointing condition. The middle photo is of an original Illinois Terminal trolley in much better shape. At bottom is an original heavyweight Pennsylvania observation car. (Jarrell Greever photos)
  Photo This is one of the beautifuly restored homes featured on the German Village Tour at our convention. More than 1600 buildings have been restored since the project began in 1960 (Martin E. Swartz photo)
  Photo Publications Chariman Jim Brewer presents the Golden Arrow Award to Tom Dressler at our closing banquet. Following the awards ceremony, Mr. Dressler entertained us with wonderful tales of his railroading days. (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Jim Gillum's presentation of The Precision Transportation Award, our highest honor, to Warren Middleton, Society office manager at Forest, VA, was a special moment during the after-banquet ceremonies. (Jarrell Greever photo)
Congratulations to our 1997 Model Contest Winners - Staff Arrow
  Photo Virginian Category - HO Scale Alta Vista , VA Depot, Roger Nutting, Jr. (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Caboose Category - HO Scale N&W Transfer Caboose, Chuck Strickler (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Freight Car Category - HO Scale VIrginian Covered Hopper, Dick Argo (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Passenger Car Category - HO Scale N&W NPd Combine, Bob Chapman (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Photo Display Category - 6 HO Scale Virginian Standard Buildings, John Munson (Jarrell Greever photo)
  Table List of models not picture (Arrow Staff)
The Day 1212 Battled a '38 Nash - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Class A No. 1212 rests next to its sparring partner on June 11, 1953. Class 22-C tender, No. 220099, a "dogleg" rebuild, and auxiliary water tender No. 160217 also derailed, but remained coupled. This provides a rare opportunity to study the top of an auxiliary tender as well as the rear deck area of the 22,000 gallon main tank. The Nash 4-door sedan, the impression of the A's pilot clearly evident, would never run again. Luckily, the "happy" occupants were not in the car when it was struck by the huge locomotive (N&W photo/Thomas D. Dressler collection)
  Photo The accident happened at the west switch at Teays Junction, 1 mile east of Piketon, Ohio. By the time this photo was taken, the headlamp has already been removed to prevent damage when the wreck crews place the large lift sling under the smokebox and right the huge engine. (N&W photo/ Thomas D. Dressler collection)
  Photo With the grand stand of the Pike County (OH) Fairgrounds in the background, wreck crews prepare to clean up the mess. Two mangled ammonia-filled tank cars are among the wrecked cars. (N&W photo/Thomas D. Dressler collection)
And 34 Years Later... - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo The photo at right, showing the damage to the truck in this incident, was taken a few days later from the cab of another N&W train. (Thomas D. Dressler photo)
The History of the 1212: A piece of her lives on - Thomas D. Dressler
And in 1951, another "1200" goes on the ground / Taken from The Republican Herald, Piketon, OH - Jim Henry
  Photo Three photos - These photos provide a look at the devastation caused that day in 1951 when yet another "1200" hit the ground. (Rev. Wade Radford photos, Jim Henry collection)
Q&A - Staff Arrow
The Tennessean / Another Tabor Connection - James Nichols
Pocahontas Spotlight / "Confiscated" Coal - Robert Harvey
Pocahontas Spotlight / The Light That Failed - Robert Harvey
Behind the Scenes at the Norfolk and Western / The Norfolk and Western: A History - Staff Arrow
View from the Cab / Handprints - Thomas D. Dressler
The Virginian Local / More on Railroad Research - Martin E. Swartz
  Photo This classic photo of early Virginian steam was found with an article by the company who manufactured the turntable motor. The author found that it pays to look everywhere for anything (Martin E. Swartz)
  Drawing Tracing the "Family Tree" of Railroad Publications (Martin E. Swartz illustration)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo The "official" NS caboose paint scheme, as unveiled in Roanoke, had NS speedlines. (Bob Bowers photo)
  Photo While in Williamson, a scheme similar to the old "NW" lettering from the 60s appeared. (Jeff Hensley photo)
Book Review / New Virginian Diagram Books from TLC flawed, but welcome - Martin E. Swartz
  Photo Cover of Freight Car diagram book
Vol. 13, No. 5 September / October 1997  Issue Select