Vol. 13, No. 3 May / June 1997  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Pickaway County Special
Cover Subtitle: Tribute to a Trackside Physician
On the Cover: Easing its way through the brush, the "Pickaway County Special" carries happy railfans over the old Scioto Valley Traction Line in Ohio on a 1949 excursion. Read about both the excursion and this well-known electric railway in our cover story beginning on page 4
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Observation - Jarrell Greever
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Mailbag - Staff Arrow
The Pickaway County Special / A 1949 excursion Travels Ohio's Scioto Valley Traction Line - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo The "Pickaway County Special" makes a stop at Joyce Avenue Yard, so railfans can get off and photograph the train. This portion of the trip was steam-hauled with an immaculate "J Junior" K2a No. 135. Later an Ohio Midland electric would provide the power (M. D. McCarter photo/Thomas D. Dressler collection)
  Photo Riders of "The Pickaway County Special" disembark at Joyce Avenue Yard in Columbus to tour the facilities and take a close-up look at the equipment there. (David McNile photo)
  Photo On display during the excursion riders' stop at Joyce Avenue Yard was this wreck train. An N&W wreck crane leads the consist. (David McNeil photo)
  Photo At Obetz, Ohio, steeple-cab electrics took over for the excursion's trip over Ohio Midland tracks. The little electric seems dwarfed by the 4 PG coaches behind. Engine No. 511 leads, while sister No. 500 was placed on the opposite end to complete the "push-pull" train. (M. D. McCarter hoto/Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo Built in 1926, the Ohio Midland steeple cab No. 2 served both the Pickaway Generating Station of the SVT and susequently the Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Company. Convention attendees who visit the Ohio Railway Museum in Worthington can see the little unit up close; it has resided there since 1956. (M. D. McCarter photo)
  Photo N&W Class Y5 roars westbound at mile post N-691 in Bradfield, Ohio on July 21, 1940. The track in the foreground is the Scioto Valley Traction line from Obetz to Bradfield. In open areas such as this, power was supplied by the outside third rail. In municipalities, overhead trolley wire was used. Note the cattle guard, erected to keep staying cattle from contact with powered rail. Directly behind the photographer is Lockborn, Ohio. (Robert W. Richardson photo/Colorado Railroad Museum/Thomas D. Dressler collection)
  Sidebar Motive Power for the Pickaway County Special
  Table N&W vs SVT, Columbus to Chillicothe: Which was faster?
  Photo This original letter, dated March 3, 1909, details the arrangements that were underway for the sale of a portion of the SVT's right-of-way near Kinnikinnick. It's especially interesting to note the dirfference in writing styles between then and now. (Thomas D. Dressler collection)
Tribute to a Trackside Physician / Dr. Rolfe L. Hillman and the Norfolk and Western Railway - Rolfe L. Hillman, III
Video Review / Steam Along the Shenandoah - Mason Y. Cooper
Pocahontas Spotlight / Bullets from the Boxcar - Robert Harvey
View From the Cab / 27,000 Tons from Tug Fork - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo SD45 No.1814 was one of three that porved their mettle on the day they hauled an over-tonnage train with the author at the throttle. Here the unit rests in Bellevue, OH on April 8, 1972. (Bob Bowers collection)
Model review / AMB's Nickel Plate Caboose Kit - James F. Brewer
  Photo Built in 1882 as part of the Niclel Plate's program to replace its bobber caboose fleet, this warrior has been in service over 82 years! Assigned Class C11 and renumbered as 559090, it will be used mainly in local service on NKP trackage. This photo shows off its classic lines, It still has its cupola bracing and built-in marker lights (H. W. Rouse photo/James F. Brewer collection)
  Photo The AMB model faithfully reproduces its NKP prototype. I've chosen to include both the built-in marker lights and cupola sway bracing on my model. Refer to a photograph to make certain you duplicate the details for an accurate model. (2 photos) (James F. Brewer photo)
The Tennessean / The Colorful N&W - James Nichols
  Photo Cover photo of Norfolk & Western in Color (Jim Nichols)
Virginian Local / A Pair o'puzzles with Pantographs - Martin E. Swartz
  Photo Things are not always what them seem. The roads on these VGN "Squareheads" really aren't painted. (Jim Shaw photo/Martin Swartz collection)
  Photo That really isn't a fire hose covering the first "I" in "Virginian" (Photo courrtesy Bob'S Photos/Martin Swartz collection)
Vol. 13, No. 3 May / June 1997  Issue Select