Vol. 13, No. 2 March / April 1997  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Collision at Kumis
Cover Subtitle: Dueling Railroads: The C&O and N&W in Ohio. History of the South Side RR:4
On the Cover: This aerial photo shows the post-collision damage of two Virginian coal trains on November 20, 1958. One of the lead Virginian electrics lies nose down in the Roanoke River. The story of the wreck, a saga of mistaken train orders, begins on patge four
Articles In This Issue
Observation - Jarrell Greever
Current News / 1996 Locomotive Dispositions - Robert G. Bowers
Mailbag - Gary Price
Collision at Kumis! / A Bad Day on the Virginian - Mason Y. Cooper
  Photo VGN Class EL-C No. 135, one of two locomotives leading extra train No. 135 east, rests in the Roanoke River after colliding with another extra coal train heading west. After major repairs, the engine was returned to service. (Roger Nutting collection)
  Map The topography map of the area just west of Roanoke, where the accident occurred. The circle indicates the site where the two Virginian extras collided. (Mason Y. Cooper collection)
  Photo Virginian EL-C No. 134, one of the three locomotives involved int he 1958 wreck, shows no signs of the damage after her rebuild. She went on to serve the New Haven, and finished her life on Conrail. (Roger Nutting collection)
Pocahontas Spotlight - Tales of Old from N&W's Pocahontas District / Old Iaeger Files and the "Trace Fork Fire Dock" - Robert Harvey
  Photo "The Trace Fork Fire Dock," actually the Trace Fork Viaduct, also known as the Field Trestle. The date is July 11, 1959, and the train is the NRHS railfan special, Passenger Extra 2174 East. (Collect of Robert L. Harvey)
The History of the South DSide Railroad / Part 4, Operation Begins - James Bisbee
Active N&W Locomotive Roster as of 1/1/97 - Robert G. Bowers
  Table Active N&W Locomotive Roster as of 1/1/97 (Bob Bowers)
Dueling Railroads: N&W, C&O and the Columbus District - Gary Rolih
  Photo The C&O Limeville Bridge over the Ohio River hosts a C&O Northern freight northbound over Sciotoville and the N&W tracks. Note the single track on the bridge. The photo was taken around 1920. (Gary Rolih collection)
  Photo The N&W passenger station at Waver, OH, circa 1900 was located one mile west of the junction of the N&W and the DT&I at Glen Jean and the C&O Northern connection. The DT&I and N&W shared interchange tracks on a wye on the old Scioto Valley right of way to the left of the station. Two long middle passing sidings were added at Waverly for the C&ON traffic (Gary Rolih collection)
  Photo Y3a No. 2079 passes SK Tower, en route to the Joyce Avenue Yard in Columbus on July 2, 1939. The Hocking Valley mains cross from left to right. The C&O Northern crossed over from the westbound main to the eastbound main and the connection one quarter mile east of SK and rolled into the Hocking Valley's Parsons Yard to the right of the photo. (Robert W. Richardson photo/Colorado Railroad Museum collection)
View from the Cab / Baptism Under Fire: My first trip as an engineer on the N&W - Thomas D. Dressler
Q&A / Virginian Cattle Cars - Staff Arrow
  Drawing The class diagrams of the S-1 and S-2 VIrginian stock cars. (Martin E. Swartz collection)
  Chart A diagram shwoing the ancestry of these cars (Virginian classes S-1 through S-7) (unknown)
  Photo None - photo shows a Virginian stock car in yards at Princeton, W. VA 4-9-28 (Martin E. Swartz collection)
Classic Photo, Classic Event - Staff Arrow
  Photo This photo, taken September 2, 1891, shows the first Norfolk and Western train to run through and west of the old Elkhorn tunnel on what was then known as the Ohio Extension of the N&W. Members of this party, guests of the construction engineer, were from Bramwell, Pocahontas, and Elkhorn. Powhatan station was the end of the line at that time. (M&W Magazine photo)
The Virginian Local / A New Conductor for the Local - Martin E. Swartz
Model review / Norfolk and Western Standard Combination Station No. 2 - James F. Brewer
  Photo Three photo - The front (track side), aside and rear of the complete model. Mr. Brewer painted the struture in N&W;s traditional green and white. (James F. Brewer photos)
  Drawing For those wishing to model the interior of the station, this diagram, taken from the original blueprints, provides the information you'll need. (Jim Brewer collection)
  Photo This example of the No.2 station, located at Narrows, Va, was built "in reverse", with the freight room located on the opposie side. (N&W photo)
The Tennessean / Joint Passenger Facilities of the N&W - James Nichols
  Drawing This diagram details the railroads which served the Cincinnati Union Terminal in its heyday. While the N&W was a daily visitor, it used the tracks of the PRR and B&O to actually reach the station itself (Jarrell Greever collection)
Advertising Remembered - Staff Arrow
  Photo Our Q&A column in this issued referred to a Virginian ad from 1944, with a yard photo showing a few Virginian stock cars. This is the ad to which the writer referred provided to us through the courtesy of Mr. James Clancier of Beaverton, Oregon. Additional ads from the collection of Mr. Clancier will appear in the future as space permits. (Ad courtesy of James Clancier)
Vol. 13, No. 2 March / April 1997  Issue Select