Vol. 9, No. 5 September / October 1993  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Where Rails Meet Sails 1993
Cover Subtitle: Convention coverage
On the Cover: The view from the "penthouse" or observation deck of the Control Center for Lambert's Point yard yields a glimpse of the car dumpers and Pier No. 6, during the Norfolk & Western Historical Society convention, on June 25, 1993.
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Where Rails Meet Sails 1993 - James F. Brewer
  Photo The signs on the operations control building say it all! (Jim Brewer photo)
  Photo A mule pushes two loads of coal to the rotary dumper. The cars will be secured in the dumper, turned and unloaded, and then released to travel to the empty yard where they will await another journey to the coal fields. After being loaded at the mines, they will journey back to Lamberts Point, where the entire process will be repeated endlessly (Jim Brewer photo)
  Photo Normally off limits, tours to study former N&W facilities as an advantage of attending Society conventions. In order to more closely study N&W facilities, members were split into three groups to tour Lambert's Point Docks, the coal piers and Norfolk International Terminal. In this photo, 1/2 of the group poses by RP-F6 Slug, built from former VGN FM24-66 R/N 68, at Lambert's Point (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo Some very interesting pieces of MofW equipment were spotted during the tour. Here NW521510 idler car and the Lambert's Point wreck crane await the call to duty that hopefully will not come. (2 photos) (Jim Brewer photos)
  Photo Tom Dressler looks on as Mrs. Virginia Reid is introduced to banquet speaker and former VGN engineer, Mr. Steve Gibson, at the Norfolk & Western Historical Society Convention in Portsmouth, VA on June 26, 1993. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
Door Prize Donors - James F. Brewer
Sustaining Members - James F. Brewer
1993 Model Contest Winnter - Mason Y. Cooper
  Photo 10 photos of 1993 model contest winners (Mason Y. Cooper photos)
Rogers and His Railroad / A History of the Virginian Railway from Conception to Merger, Chapter 4 - Danny E. Hubbard
Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
The Tennessean - James Nichols
  Drawing Covered Hopper, Class HC66 (Jim Nichols)
  Drawing Covered Hopper Class HC16 (Jim Nichols)
Vol. 9, No. 5 September / October 1993  Issue Select