Vol. 9, No. 4 July / August 1993  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: N&W GP-18s
Cover Subtitle: Part 2
On the Cover: The Board of Directors met in Bluefield, WV, the weekend follwing the "storm of the century." NS had suffered a derailment and members of the Board were afforded a unique opportunity to observe the recovery of some of the equipment. SD60 6632 was skidded up the side of Grassy Hollow, slid over to the rails, picked up by the cranes for rerailing and shipment out to repair. This action occurred on March 20, 1993. Three photos also on rear cover
Articles In This Issue
N&W GP-18's - Part Two / Roster and Disposition Information - Chris Toth
  Photo N&W GP-18 i919 is at Portsmouth, OH, on June 26, 1967. This unit, part of N&W's original GP-18 order, was delivered to the railroad in December 1959. It is shown here repainted in the blue scheme with the half-moon heralds. Note the lack of herald end plates (Thomas D. Dressler photo)
  Photo N&W GP-18 2708, shown in Bellevue, OH on September 3, 1966. The front Mars light and lack of dynamic brakes clearly identify this unit's NKP heritage. Also note the spark arrestors and the rerail frog mounted about the rear truck. (Thomas D. Dressler photo)
  Table N&W EMD GP-18 Roster and Disposition Information (Chris R. Toth)
  Table Ex-NKP GP-18 Roster and Disposition Information (Chris R. Toth)
Rogers and His Railroad, Chapter 3 / A History of the Virginian Railway from Conception to Merger - Danny E. Hubbard
Norfolk and Western/Virginian Railway Equipment on Display / Part 2 - Caboose & Passenger Cars (as of May 1992) - Jim Detty
  Table Cabooses (Jim Detty)
  Table Passenger Cars (Jim Detty)
Robert Buckner Claytor / 1922-1993 - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Robert Buckner Claytor, 1922-1993 (N&W photo)
Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
Pocahontas Paint Shop - James Nichols
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Society B&W Print Offering - Thomas D. Dressler
Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
Along the Virginian / (continued) - Roger Nutting
  Photo The town of Elmore, WVa in the summer of 1914, looking south. A class AD sits next to the remains of the partially dismantled coaling trestle, The new concrete coal dock and five stall engine house can be seen in the background. (unknown)
  Photo The electric engine house located in the upper Y next to Mullens, WVa in the fall of 1991 (unknown)
  Photo Slab Fork, WVa in the fall of 1992. This is the same location as the 1950 photo in The Virginian Era (unknown)
  Photo The south portal of the second Jenny's Gap Tunnel in the fall of 1991. Rt. 54 and the original tunnel are off to the left and up. (unknown)
  Photo Jenny's Gap loking south in 1914. The C&O grade is to the right and the VGN grade to the left. This photo shows the work to realign the VGN tracks, which moved the tunnel to the left excavation. The old bore on the right was later buried by the highway improvement for Route 54. (unknown)
  Photo Harper, WVa in summer 1989. This view is looking north with the grade crest just around the bend. The bridge has since been replaced in 1992 with a more modern concrete bridge. The old wooden station once sat to the immediate left (unknown)
  Photo Crews of N&W trains RH-88 and HR-52 turn back units at Ashby, VA on July 18, 1983. During tight motive power periods it was not uncommon to find power taken off northbound trains and returned to Roanoke at Ashby. Located at the top of the climb away from the Shenandoah River, trains could manage with fewer units to Shenandoah Junction. Here additional gtraffic was set off for Chessie System. The remaining power could then handle the balance to Conrail at Hagerstown. The grips are down as the crews prepare to move SD45 1721, the trailing uint on RH-88, to the head end of HR-52 in the siding (Photo by Mason Y. Cooper)
Modeling N&W HSa Hopper Cars - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Class HSa Hopper Cars (Photo by Tony Burgess)
Vol. 9, No. 4 July / August 1993  Issue Select