Vol. 6, No. 5 September / October 1990  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Virginian Railways Eastern End...
Cover Subtitle: ...as it appears today
On the Cover: The VGN watertank to the west of Alberta, VA in August 1990. The tracks were located behind the tank.
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Society News - James N. Gillum
Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
  Photo Victoria, VA looking westward in August 1990. The roundhouse was located to the left, and the depot on the right, between the small white building and the road bridge in the background (Roger Nutting photo)
  Photo Alberta, VA in August 0f 1990. The lower roadbed is the SAL (looking south) with the SAL depot at right. The VGN crossed the SAL on the upper grade. The town of Alberta is to the right, out of the picture. (Roger Nutting photo)
  Photo Looking eastward from the road bridge at the western throat of Victoria yard in August of 1990. The depot was on the left and the roundhouse on the right at about the middle distance. The yard once stretched for three miles from this point into the distance. The town of Victoria is at the immediate left of the photographer (Roger Nutting photo)
  Photo Looking eastward at Jarratt, VA, in August of 1990. This CSX spur track off the old ACL is at left, with the Georgia Pacific plant behind the photographer. The VGN Jarratt depot is at right background, with the roadbed of the VGN mainline running in front and off into the cut in the treeline. (Roger Nutting photo)
  Photo Looking westward at Jarratt, VA in August of 1990. The former crossing of the VGN and the ACL (now CSX) is in the foreground. The VGN depot is at left. The VGN main heads directly away from the photographer and the Georgia Pacific plant is located abot a mile in that direction. (Roger Nutting photo)
Pocahontas Paint Shop - James Nichols
  Data Sheet Decal Set - Norfolk & Western Steam Locos (unknown)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Kitbashing the Abingdon Branch Baggage Car - Jim Cochran
  Drawing Side view of baggage car pieces (unknown)
  Photo Side view of finished baggage car (unknown)
Powhatan Modeler - James F. Brewer; Thomas D. Dressler
Vol. 6, No. 5 September / October 1990  Issue Select