Vol. 6, No. 4 July / August 1990  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Coal Piers
Cover Subtitle: Part 3
On the Cover: Virginian pier conveyor car #4 is shown atop the pier #1. Note in this photo only one dump door is open
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Society News - James N. Gillum
Coal PIers, Part 3 - Rick Stone
  Drawing Fig. 131 - All-steel 60-ton capacity electrically operated conveyor hopper car for use on Virginian Railway coal wharf. (Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
  Photo This upper quarter photo shows how the larger car was divided into three compartments (Photo from Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
  Photo Group photo of N&W's larger class of coal pier conveyor cars (Dave Spanagel collection)
  Photo Group photo of half of the first order of Virginian cars. (Photo from Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
Virginian Power Plant / A Candidate for "Hot Spots" - John Kinney, Jr.
  Photo A 1970 photo showing the powerhouse shortly before the final demolition took place (John Kinney photo)
  Photo The Narrows powerhouse under construction, most of the ironwork is in place awaiting the masons' touch (John Kinney photo)
  Photo Turbine room of Narrows power plant featured Westinghouse equipment, shown here just after completion (John Kinney photo)
  Photo Highway 460 was just a "trail" as shown in this early view of the power house (Photo collection of John Kinney)
researching Early N&W History - Mason Y. Cooper
  Data Sheet List of Officers of Railroad Companies - Norfolk & Petersburg, South Side, Virginia and Tennessee (unknown)
  Table Table of Comparison, 1860 - Norfolk & Petersburg RR, South Side RR, Virginia & Tennessee RR (unknown)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Pocahontaw Paint Shop - James Nichols
Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
Vol. 6, No. 4 July / August 1990  Issue Select