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Cover Title: Norfolk and Western's 4-8-0's
Cover Subtitle: Part 3, Class M2
On the Cover: From the square head-on angle, an M2c did not show her "pregnant whale" look. In storage at Roanoke, the 1154 would soon be off the roster and scrapped by August 1956. Note the ATC pickup bar just behind the pilot's steps
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The Cavalier Swapper - Unknown Unknown
Class M2, Part 3 / The Pregnant Whales - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Photos taken shortly after the 1148 was equipped with ATC equipment clearly show the apparatus or control box under the running board on the right side just above the #2 driver, additional equipment on the pilot deck, and the pickup bars in from of the engine truck and behind the rear tender truck. The tender in this view is one of the 10,000 gallon, 16 ton USRA design as delivered with the K2's of 1919 but with an added doghouse. (Fireman's side, #1148 (N&W Photo, Trent Hulburt collection)
  Photo Engineer's side #1148 (N&W photo, Trent Hulburt collection)
  Photo The crew of train #38, with M2 #1125, still with the road pilot and pulling an N&W 12,000 gallon, 20 ton tender, await the highball at Durham, NC for the run to Lynchburg, VA. An M2 on the head end indicates a stop will be made to pick up cars of cigarettes on the way north (Bruce Lewis photo)
  Photo In a downpour at Hagerstown, MD on Feb 5, 1957, the 1148 is prepared for a run south. In a few days it will be taken to the Roanoke shops, the ATC removed, and the locomotive sold to the Wise Coal & Coke Company in Virginia. (Photo, Tom Klinger collection)
  Photo Ex-N&W M2 #1148 on the Wise Coal & Coke Company at Dorcester, way down in the "toe" are of Virginia. One of only two M2's sold, Wise had no need for the high number and proceeded to lower the number with a hammer and chisel. Note the silver piston and cylinder head, the drifting valve covers, and broken headlight lens. (Photo, Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo The other M2 sold was #1140 to the Durham and Southern. Seen here in NC, pulling a 10,000 gallon USRA style tender with added coal boards and a doghouse, she served for many years. Note the fancy silver running board and wheel rim decorations and that one the injectors from the right side has been moved to the fireman's side of the engine (Photo, Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo Until the delivery of the class S1a 0-8-0's, M2's were the mainstay switchers at many outlying points over the entire system. Note the dual injectors under the cab and power reverse details. Also in this view we see two different styles of rear tender switching steps. (N&W photo, Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo The 1142 switches an RPO car at Portsmouth as an eastbound empty train rumbles by. Author Dressler threw many a scoop of coal into the 1142 during his early teen years while hanging around the depot at Portsmouth. (Photo, Tom Dressler collection)
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  Photo It was recently brought to the editor's attention that a group photo from the 1989 Convention was never printed. Here is that happy group in fromnt of the ex-Virginian Princeton shops. At the far left is tour guide Lloyd Lewis. (Photographer unknown)
Duplicate Color Slides, N&W Steam / Product Review - Thomas D. Dressler
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Mason Y. Cooper; Thomas D. Dressler; Steve Summers; Jim Detty; Trent Hulbert,; C. L. Hill; Hugh Griffin; William E. Griffin; Ken Borg; John Kenny; Everett N. Young; Robin Shaver; David Jakvblzc
Book review / Norfolk and Western First Generation Diesels, Norfolk and Western Second Generation Diesels - James Nichols
Book Correction Notice / Norfolk and Western railway - Pocahontas Coal Carrier - Thomas D. Dressler
Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
Vol. 6, No. 3 May / June 1990  Issue Select