Vol. 6, No. 2 March / April 1990  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Coal Piers
Cover Subtitle: Part 2
On the Cover: This photo of the car dumper (printed from a damaged negative reportedly taken in 1915) shows Virginian Pier #1 after the installation of the elevator but before the removal of the barney incline. The tube above the conveyor car appears to be coming from the new car dumper. It must have been used to top off the load in the conveyor car, it would have taken too long to load a complete car through an orifice that size
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Society News - Rick Stone
Coal Piers, Part 2 - Rick Stone
  Photo Aerial view of Sewall's Point and Virginian Piers #1 & #2. Note Pier #2 with the single loaded car yard in the middle and the duplicate empty cars one for each dumper. (K.C. Mann photo for the Dave Spanagel collection)
  Photo Photo depicts the coal transfer and storage facility built for the United States Navy at Sewall's Point during the first World War. The traveling transfer crane is very similar to those at ore piers along the southern shore of Lake Erie. (K.C. Mann photo, Dave Spanagel collection)
  Photo This photo, reportedly taken in 1921, shows the loaded end of the twin coal dumpers for N&W Pier #4. The near side cable barney is pushing Gk gondola #100001 into the dumper (K.C. Mann photo, Dave Spanagel collection)
  Photo In this photo taken from the top of the conveyor car elevators shows two conveyor cars beneath the twin dumpers. In the distant center can be seen the loaded car yard for Pier #4. The two curved tracks in the foreground lead to the double switchbacks and the empty yard in the far left of the photo (K.C. Mann photo, Dave Spanagel collection)
  Photo Norfolk & Western Pier #4 at the shore end shows the dual conveyor car lifts to the top of the pier deck. Construction in this photo appears to be incomplete, yet the elevators are in operation (K.C. Mann photo, Dave Spanagel collection)
Convention Information - Stephen Rineair
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Duplicate Color Slides and Prints / American Railroad Photography - Thomas D. Dressler
Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
N&W ex-NKP RSD12 / Atlas HO Scale Conversion - John Snidow
  Drawing Handrail stanshion (John Snidow)
  Drawing Headlights and markers (John Snidow)
  Drawing Platforms (John Snidow)
  Drawing N&W RSD12 (ex-NKP (John Snidow)
  Drawing Horn details (John Snidow)
  Photo This photo of the Atlas RSD12 clearly shows the blanking panel where the dynamic brake grid was removed and the three carbody vents where five vents were originally placed. Also note the added grabs and the unused airhorn mounting platform (John Snidow)
  Drawing Truck details (John Snidow)
  Photo This photo of the short end of the model shows the many, many grab irons that adorned the short end of these engines. The extra headlamp and pilot detail also show up quite nicely. (John Snidow)
  Photo Prototype photogarph of RSD12 #253 shows the truck arrangement and the wealth of end detail with the unusual airhorn modification (John Snidow)
Model Contest - Dean A. Freytag
Vol. 6, No. 2 March / April 1990  Issue Select