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Cover Title: Norfolk and Western's 4-8-0's
Cover Subtitle: Part 2, Class M1
On the Cover: November 2, 1925, and we find the crew of the westbound local, consisting of all Portsmouth area men, posing at Sargents, Ohio. Clockwaise starting with the men on the running board are Brakeman Claude Cook, Fireman Noah Hatten, Brakeman Nelson Hale, Brakeman John H. Spaulding, Engineer George Sampson by the cylinders and Conductor John Adams. Cook was later killed when he fell from the deck of a tender at Waverly. Mr. Hatten's wife still lives in Wheelersburg and John T. Spaulding, son of John H. just recently retired after many years as an Engineer on the Columbus District
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Society News - Unknown Unknown
The Twelve Wheeler or Mastodon Type, Part 2, Class M1 / The Engines with the "Poor Man's Feedwarter Heater" - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo As built by Baldwin, the chunky 1000's, equipped with Walschaerts valve gear were not destined to be one of the best liked class of engines on the N&W roster. Note the frame-mounted air reservoirs, the tiny 10 ton, 6,000 gallon tender and the Russian Iron boiler jacket and cylinder jackets. (N&W photo, Trent Hulbert collection)
  Photo By October 1942, the M's had received electric lighting, cross compound air compressor, low water alarm, power reverse gear, and switching pilots. The larger 9,000 gallon, 16 ton tenders riding on improved archbar trucks carried the mid-1941 style tender-side lettering in Dulux gold. This locomotive was later sold to the Chesapeake Western. Class M1 1091 (N&W photo, Tom Dressler and Trent Hulber collections)
  Photo M1, engineer's side (N&W photo, Tom Dressler and Trent Hulbert collections)
  Photo Number 1051, at Kenova, WV, late in her career. Note the splash plate between the boiler and running board which was in place to prevent water and muck from the drivers being carried onto the running board surface and the cab front windows (August A. Thieme photo, Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo The 94-mile long Winston-Salem Southbound, owned jointly by the N&W and ACL, received four brand new 4-8-0's from Baldwin in January 1911, which were identical to the N&W M1 locomotives. Note the tender side lettering, lack of power reverse and sheet metal plow on the pilot (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo M-1 1059 is turned on the "armstrong" turntable at Hillsboro, Ohio, shortly before the outbreak of World War II. The Hillsboro branch, the 1059 and probably the men shown are all part of history now. Only about the southern five miles of the branch remain in service, albeit with a 5 mph speed limit. We are indebted to Bob Durnell for these views at Hillsboro, which were made from 1940 era B&W slides. (Bob Durnell photo)
  Photo Engineer's view from the cab of 1059 switching at Hillsboro, Ohio, summer of 1941. Note how the check valve is fitted to the side of the "poor man's feedwater" dome of the M1 (Bob Durnell photo)
  Photo Only one engine of the class, the 1092, shown here at Clare Yard, Cincinnati, Ohio in September 1940, received a superheater. Also note the outside steam pipes applied to only a few of the class. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo The rear 3/4 view at Columbus, Ohio, APril 24, 1938, clearly shows just how far back the rear of the boiler extended into the cab thus preventing communication between the Engineer and the Fireman except when the latter was on the deck shoveling coal. Note the upgrade to the larger 9,000 gallon 16 ton tender riding on Andrews trucks still equipped with coil springs (Collection of H. W. Ameling)
Book review / The World's Greatest Mallets, C&O H8 versus N&W Class A, by Eugene L. Huddleston - Rick Stone
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Hugh Griffin; William E. Griffin; Ken Borg
Announcement - Unknown Unknown
Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
Model review / Brass Car Sides N&W Class S2 Pullman Sleeter kit - James Nichols
  Drawing Placement drawing of the major features on the S-2 Pullman underframe. With the short skirts the entire undercarriage is subject to close scruntiny (Jim Nichols drawing)
  Photo Completed Brass Car Sides conversion of an AHM/IHC/Rivarossi car into an HO pullman built N&W Class S-2 sleeper. This view of the aisle side shows some of the change in the window arrangement from the standard AHM model (Model by Jim Nichols. Photo by Rick Stone)
Vol. 6, No. 1 January / February 1990  Issue Select