Locator Hist Soc - HS-U10065 Type Drawing Doc Number 5879
Description N&W Rwy. Map of Bluefield Yard
Notes Shows all tracks and railroad buildings in Bluefield, including wye at Graham, full roundhouse, and industrial sidings, including on south side of tracks on east end, one to a rock crusher and one for Keystone Lumber Co.
Date 10/01/1906 Revision Date 10/01/1920
Author N&W Rwy - Office Chief Engr Accession 2009.001 : NS Corp/Va Tech Collection

N&W Rwy. Map of Bluefield Yard

Size: 24.72ft x 31in (7.5m x 80cm)

Cities Indexes
City State
Bluefield WV
Bluefield VA
Graham VA

Structures Indexes
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Railroads and Companies
Abbreviation Name
N&W Rwy Norfolk & Western Railway

Division Indexes
Road Name Division District/Branch Mile Post
N&W Rwy Pocahontas