O. Winston Link: What recordings?
And he appears in what recent movie?

Q: [Ed Johansen asks:]

I was wondering how many 'Sounds of Steam Railroading' records O. Winston Link produced. I have seen four;

Vol 1 'Sounds of Steam Railroading' 1957,
Vol 2 'The Fading Giant' 1958,
Vol 3 'Thunder on Blue Ridge' 1959,
Vol 4 '2nd Pigeon Forge and the Mocking Bird' 1961.

Were there more?

[And also on O. Winston Link, Raymond Ochrym writes:}

I just saw a wonderful movie entitled October Sky. it deals with the son of a coal miner in West Virginia who is fascinated by rockets in the 1950's. There are a small number of steam train scenes which reminded me of the photos of O. Winston Link. I was quite suprised to see a scene of a steam train coming around the bend with the engineer none other than Mr. Link himself; I waited till the final credits to roll by, (we were the only ones left in the theater by then,) and sure enough it was him! I recommend the film to all; it is one of thoses films with a strong message which can be viewed by all of all ages.


YES! Here's the complete list as we know it. Comments from many respondents follow.

Vol 1 'Sounds of Steam Railroading' 1957,
Vol 2 'The Fading Giant' 1958,
Vol 3 'Thunder on Blue Ridge' 1959,
Vol 4 'Second Pigeon and the Mocking Bird' 1961.
Vol 5 "The General' (year?).
Vol 6 "Mainline to Panther' 1977.

[Roger Huber says:]
Link also made a small (7"?) recording of the W&A "General". It was very nice. There's also a small record that was produced for one of his photo "displays". It featured N&W sounds and I think there were some that weren't on his LP's.

[Ken Miller adds:]
There was one more, a 45 rpm or compact 33 (seven inch size) that was recordings of the "General" during its Centennial Tour. Sadly no further N&W. The General was considered as "Sounds of Steam Railroading Volume 5".

[Jim King's comments:]
A 5th record "Mainline to Panther" was released in 1977. It's referred to as Volume 6 since the General's little disc was vol. 5.

Side A is all on board an east bound time freight between Crewe and Blue Ridge, riding the cab roof behind the canteen on A 1238. Great sequencing! Winter, 1958. Typical Link commentary. Side B has various scenes from switchers in Roanoke to Js and a couple Ys in WVa.

Is there any hope of getting all 5 N&W records on CD? I have all 5 records and they are greatly treasured. Sure would like to have CDs though.

[Ed King:]
Second Pigeon referred to the mine run being recorded, the Williamson-based second Pigeon Creek Shifter. It worked on the Scioto Division as far west as Kermit.

[Ron Flanary says:]
There was also "Mainline to Panther" that came out in the '70s I believe. Nice record, too - including some interesting stuff with Link aboard a caboose behind an A on a time freight ("Boy, he's really rollin'---you can see the CTC signals through the smoke, the cadmium yellow---the smoke is layin' straight over the cars-----boy, what smoke!".....or something like that).

[Ed Case:]
Volume No.6 was "Mainline To Panther" It contains the famous run up "Blueridge" with a merchandise train . The wonderful #1238 was "really workin" when the grade got to be to much. She called for a helper and thundered on. Also stared are a "J"and a Y-6, numbers unknown, and switchers #242 and #243.

I hope every one in the society supports Mr.Link in his effort to produce these wonderful sounds on C.D.s, that bring tears to the eyes of old N&W steam lovers.

[Editor:] Nobody could put it better, Ed. And, Mr. Link, are you listening?

[Posted 12-Mar-99]

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