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Cover Title: Class E-3 Pacifics
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On the Cover: The only items left to belie her former Pennsy Class K3s heritage are the wood pilot beam and smokebox front, which would later be changed. E3 No. 504 was run through the Roanoke Shops during February, 1943, and upgraded. The smaller diameter inside air line was the trainline communication signal and was installed on the pilot for use when the locomotive was doubleheading. Note the sheet steel plow at the bottom of the pilot center.
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Norfolk and Western Class E-3 Pacifics - James Nichols; Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo With the larger N&W tender with coal boards, higher cinder deflector, duel generators, new class lamps, but still carrying the Pennsy slat pilot center, the 502 pauses at Petersburg, Va. (John W. Barriger photo)
  Photo An N&W E3 partial backhead view showing the backhead type throttle, Franklin Butterfly Firedoor with power assisted operating lever at the top. The throttle is just above that with the water glass and tri-cock just behind. The shape of the Belpaire firebos is quite evident. (photographer unknown)
  Photo Lynchburg, Va., September, 1946. The 504 now has a new USRA style smokebox front in common with many other classes of retrofitted N&W engines. Note the centered headlight and removal of the tender coal boards. (H. K. Vollrath photo)
  Photo E3 N0. 503, with a new smokebox front but still retaining the high mounted headlight, passes Renick Tower preparing to stop at the Chillicothe, Ohio, Union Depot with Train No. 25, during the summer of 1940. Note the centered, crossways mounted generator behind the stack. The Buckeye Coal Co. in the background is still in business, but under a different name and now seling bottled gas and distributin alcoholic beverages. (Robert McKell photo)
  Table N&W E3 Roster
  Photo No. 502 in this November, 1932 view at Crewe, Va., still has the Pennsy pilot, solid pilot wheels, headlight and generator. Note the Pennsy class lamps, but now on the sides of the smokebox, moved there from the pilot deck. She has not yet been equipped with power reverse and still pulls her USRA 12,00 gallon, 16 ton tender. (H. K. Vollrath photo)
  Photo Dual generators, power reverse with raised running board, dual non-lifting injectors, are the results of the early 1943 updating of E No. 504. The 15,000 gallon tender has added coal boards, which increased coal capacity 4 tons to a total of 24, with the ATC box on the rear deck and pickup shoe at the rear of the front truck. (N&W photo)
  Photo When updated in 1943, the 504 received mechanical lubrication as witnessed by the fitting above the left valve guide, the running board was raised for clearance. Also evident is the Standard HT stoker dual cylinder engine under the cab. The box on the left side of the rear tender deck contained tools for quick repairs out on the road. The small retangular box on the underframe directly behind the rerail frog holder contained the ATC reset switch. (N&W photo)
Modeling the Norfolk & Western Class E-3 - Jim Teese
  Photo With a little work, the Bachman N&W Excursion Auxiliary Water Tender converts very nicely into an N&W Class 15-a 15,000 gallon, 20 ton tank. Nothing difficult, just good old fashioned ingenuity. To many, working with styrene is easier than other materials. (Jim Teese photo)
  Photo The nice size of te N&W E-3 is clearly shown in this high angle view of the rebuilt Bachman Spectrum Pennsy K-4. While not perfect in all dimensions, nevertheless a remarkable model set off by a beautiful paint and lettering job. A welcome addition to you roster. (Jim Teese photo)
  Photo The overall effect is striking. The total dollar investment is much lower than one would need were he to seek and fined one of the older Westside brass imports. Plus, you will realize the personal satisfaction of doing the work yourself. (Jim Teese photo)
The Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
The Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
Pocahontas Paint Shop - James Nichols
  Drawing Stencilling For Cabin Cars, Cupola Type (end view) (N&W Drawing/Charlie Schlotthober collection)
  Drawing Stencilling For Cabin Cars, Cupola Type (side view) (N&W Drawing/Charlie Schlotthober collection)
  Drawing Stencilling For Cabin Car, Bay Window Type (side view) (N&W Drawing/Charlie Schlotthober collection)
Vol. 8, No. 2 March / April 1992  Issue Select