Vol. 5, No. 6 November / December 1989  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Coal Piers
Cover Subtitle: Part 1
On the Cover: Car dumper at the Virginian's coal pier #1. A gondola is being dumped and is almost inverted. Note the aprons to guide the coal into the pier conveyor car
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Society News - Rick Stone
Coal Piers, Part 1 - Rick Stone
  Photo This overall view of Virginian coal pier #1 taken from the shore end shows the general relationship between the dumper and the pier. In this one photo both of the barney lifts can be seen (Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
  Drawing Figure 1, Diagram of locomotive incline, kickback and gravity return on coal pier (Rick Stone)
  Photo This view of the Sewall's Point Pier #1 shows the action just before the cover photo. The dumper has just begun its rotation and car #4 is empty awaiting its load of coal. Car #2 is on the gravity return track from the pier (Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
  Drawing Figure 2, Pivot Table plan view nad cross section (Rick Stone)
  Photo Virginian's Pier #1 shows here the barney lift grade to the top of the pier (where the upper conveyor car is seen) and the less steep return grade to ground level (occupied by the lower conveyor car). (Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
  Drawing FIgure 3, diagram of coal pier (Rick Stone)
  Photo The Sewall's Point #1 dumper is viewed here from the opposite end. The gondola in the foreground is being pushed up the short barney lift to the dumper. The other gondola at the left of the photo is on the gravity return track from the far side of the dumper. (Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
  Drawing FIgure 4, diagram of coal pier showing barney lifts, car dumper, pier cars and gravity return (Rick Stone)
  Photo This view of the pier shows the dumper, pier, scale house and the kickback return track from the car dumper (Tom Dixon and the C&OHS)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Mason Y. Cooper; Thomas D. Dressler; Steve Summers; Jim Detty; Trent Hulbert,; C. L. Hill; Hugh Griffin; William E. Griffin; Ken Borg
  Photo N&W J R/N 611 slips as it gets underway for the photo-runby at Singer, VA, Sept 16, 1989 for the 50th anniversary for the Powhatan Arrow. The train was running with[out] canteen or baggage cars recreating the look of the old "Arrow" (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo The first run of United Parcel Service trailier train #233 passes the old N&W station at White Post, VA, Oct 3, 1989. No, this isn't the Conrail Historical Society, but motive power for the initial run was all CR with R/Ns 5064, 3337 and 5006 (with plenty of road foremen and trainmasters onboard). (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
Book Review / Norfolk & Western Railway, Pocahontas Coal Carrier, RIchard E. Prince - Thomas D. Dressler
Video Review / Dan Wilson's Home Videos - Chris Toth
Video review / N&W Steam Locos, Part 1, N&W Y's and Z's - Thomas D. Dressler
Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
Kit Review / Eastern Car Works Streamline Passenger Cars - James Nichols
  Photo Original (top) and modified sides of Eastern Car Works round end observation car kit. Vestibule door recess has been covered with sheet styrene and several windows have been moved (Jim Nichols photo)
Product Review / USRA Single Sheathed Box Car, Tichy Train Group - John Snidow
  Photo Tichy USRA single-sheathed boxcar painted and decaled Norfolk & Western (John Snidow photo)
Product review / Passenger Car Lettering and Strips, Roanoke Rails - James Nichols
Powhatan Arrow HO Scale from Key Imports - Sam Putney
Vol. 5, No. 6 November / December 1989  Issue Select