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Cover Title: Norfolk and Western's 4-8-0's
Cover Subtitle: Part 1, Class M
On the Cover: M 475, together with 408 and 445, pause to reload railfans during an excursion trip photo stop along the Blacksburg Branch September 5, 1957. 475 is now on display, and may undergo restoration for service, on the Boone and Scenic Valley Railway at Boone, Iowa.
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Society News / Board of Directors Meeting, General Membership Meeting Minutes - Unknown Unknown
The Twelve Wheeler or Mastadon Type / (The MOLLIE on the N&W), Part 1, Class M - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo In this beautifully backlit view of the 422 at Columbus, Ohio, the running board splash shields show clearly. The tender is a USRA 10,000 gallon, 16 ton version. Note the electrical conduit and junction boxes along the added coal boards. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo The M's were acquired to replace the W, W1, and W2 2-8-0's. Brand new W #819 is shown at the Baldwin plant in April 1899. The Russian Iron boiler jacketing material was used quite extensively during that era of locomotive construction. The tiny tender carried 13.8 tons of coal and 6,000 gallons water. (Russian Iron, for those modelers interested in such colors, is very close to Floquil's Gun Metal shade. (N&W photo, Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo For years 0-8-0T W6 number 802 was the shop engine at Portsmouth. When her firebox cracked, and it was deemed uneconomical to make the needed repairs, Class M 444 was selected to complete her career in the back shop there. Still sporting the high level headlight platform, modified with Bake valve gear, with coal boards added to her USRA tender, she was finally scrapped when the Portsmouth shops were shut down. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo M 439, with the older style cab-side numbers and lettering, by the time this view was taken had been improved with Baker valve gear and equipped with outside steam pipes, but note she still does not have power reverse. The angled steel plate between the running board and boiler jacket was to prevent sand and water flying up, acumulating on the window of the front doors. The tender shown here is the 9,000 gallon version carrying 14 tons of coal. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo The 422 on the table at Columbus, Ohio, was used in heavy transfer work between the N&W's Joyce Ave and Watkins yards and Pennsy's Penoir yard and the C&O Parson's Ave yard. With power reverse, Baker valve gear and large tender, she was in service until the newly build Class S1a 0-8-0's arrived from Roanoke. (Wm. Schwartz photo, Schwartz-McCarter collection)
  Photo Leaving Christiansburg, Virginia, in July 1954, and before being all fancied up, outside steam pipe equipped number 475, trailing one of the large 20 ton, 12,000 gallon tenders, leaves the station for a run up the Blackburg Branch with the customary mixed train. Because of the various light traffic branch lines, the M's were in service until very close to the end of steam operations (H. K. Vollrath photo)
  Photo Norfolk & Western Class M #382, one of the few superheated M's which was made famous by the New York photographer O. Winston Link in his photo essays and steam railroading sound recordings, rests on a quiet Sunday afternoon at Bristol, Virginia. The fifty year old girl deserved at least one day a week to rest, as the Abingdon branch on which she served was one of the toughest pieces of railroading on the entire N&W system (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo Early in 1957, to commemorate the establishment of a predecessor road - the Shenandoah Valley - number 475 was dressed up with a ballooon stack, older style headlight, brass boiler bands and stars. The tender was replaced with one of the shorter USRA 10,000 gallon size which was relettered SV, then later relettered back to N&W. The 475 was the lead engine on a railfan 4-8-0 tripleheader which ran to Blacksburg in September of 1957. (Tom Dressler collection)
The Society's Attic - Sam Putney
The Cavalier Swapper - Chris Toth
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; James N. Gillum
Pocahontas Paint Shop - Chris Toth
The Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
N&W Alco S2 (ex-NKP) - John Snidow
  Drawing Atlas S2 modifications (unknown)
  Photo Fireman's side view of the ex-NKP S2 in HO scale from the model. Note the cab sunshades and the protective screen over the radiator (John Snidow photo)
  Photo Engineer's side veiw of John Snidow's ex-NKP S2. Take note of the T6 style sanding pipes, the weather window, and the re-railing frog (John Snidow photo)
Oreton Rail Supply Signal Bridge and Signal Parts - Thomas D. Dressler; John Snidow
  Photo Back side detail view of the Oregon Rail Supply signal bridge and position light heads (John Snidow photo)
  Photo Completed Oregon Rail Supply signal bridge with "Early style N&W signal heads". (John Snidow photo)
Vol. 5, No. 5 September / October 1989  Issue Select