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Cover Title: The Celanese Pressure Cooker
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On the Cover: Dedication of #1 at the Roanoke Transportation Museum. Names and exact date not known.
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Society News - Unknown Unknown
The Celanese "Pressure Cooker" - John Kinney, Jr.
  Photo Celco #1 at the Narrows plant, in late 1950. Color scheme at the time was basic black with a wide orange band around the entire superstructure with black lettering. Handrails at the corners were bright yellow. Before being donated to the museum, #1 was repainted to her original all black scheme (Celanese photo, John Kinney collection)
  Photo Noted rail historian and photographer, H. Reid, was on a VGN/N&W photo trip in July 1949 and spotted the "Cooker" near Route 460 on the side track at Celco. "H" snapped possibly the best shot of #1 in service, along with his 1939 Ford in the background. (H. Reid photo, John Kinney collection)
  Photo Celco #1 at Narrows, VA late 1950. Left to right are VGN Agent Fred Vest, Celco Brakeman Jim Stevenson, Celco Engineer Lee Shrader and Frank Mann, VGN Clerk (Celanese photo, John Kinney collection)
  Photo A recent photo of #1 at the Roanoke Museum. She is now being restored to operating condition and soon should be making demonstration runs on museum trackage (Dale Pearson photo, Virginia Museum of Transportation collection)
Stationary Boilers - James Nichols
  Photo Boiler being shipped for stationary use, photo taken at Bluefield, WV (Jim Nichols photo)
Tuscan red Invades Middle Tennessee - James Nichols
  Chart Business & Service Cars, Sheet No.7
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo Ex-Norfolk & Western ALCO RS-11 R/N 367, (B/N 82958, O/N SO-21097, Built 11/58), is shown at the W&W shops in Gore, VA (Mason Cooper photo)
  Photo N&W GP9 R/N 857 lays over at Elkton, VA, on Saturday, Oct 1, 1988. Within the month the CW RR would cease beginning the workday here and utilize trackage rights over NS to Shenandoah, VA (Mason Cooper photo)
  Photo The motive power set from Norfolk Southern train #156 runs around its consist at the north end of Front Royal, VA on Nov. 10, 1988. The middle unit in the set is N&W SD45 R/N 1767. Operation of this train had just changed, see news article (Mason Cooper photo)
Free Interchange - Chris Toth
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
250 Ton Depressed Center Flat - Unknown Unknown
  Drawing 250 Ton Depressed Center Flat, Class F34 (NW Mechanical Department 7/7/75)
Vol. 5, No. 1 January / February 1989  Issue Select